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    39 xp-off: forward-march!!!

    this is the latest article i've written on http://twinking.net you can find it at this link http://twinking.net/forward-march/

    39 xp-off battlegrounds have a wonderful balance to the skirmishes. alot of returning players have found that the balance is so enjoyable that they would even say its better than at the 90 level. who knows how the comparisons really are i just know its hell of a lot of fun. We que on Wednesday and Fridays at 8pm eastern. Also this article is intended to bring to light why using http://49pvp.com/qlist/ helps all xp-off brackets. so just in case you dont have time to click on the link i've posted the article below. if you enjoy the read leave a comment!!!


    “Your left
    Your left right left
    My hand aches
    My shoulders too tight
    Who said 39′s are gone
    Cause we’ve been fighting all night long
    Sound off W, S, G
    Sound off VICTORY!!”

    Sun gazes at the sky as he waits for the soldiers to approach. Dusk approaches. Always at dusk the Horde attack. The Alliance will have to leave soon to take the battle to the Horde’s camp as well. No sense in defending the base in Warsong gulch only to be overrun when we could assault the Horde base while they were on the march. Time and time again, it has been this way. Sure, the war stalled at times, but these days the war has escalated to something else. When the call to arms went up so many years ago, people from all over gathered what they could and rushed into battle. Some did not prepare properly; they were dispatched quickly while others spent all of their time preparing. Those that prepared well went into battle wearing the finest equipment that could be acquired. Sure, they were new years ago, but now after hundreds of thousands have been slaughtered are considered……


    Dust swirled then started to settle as the men and women of the Alliance came to a stop. They looked forward, towards where Sun stood. He had news and concerns to share with them this evening. Off in the distance, thunder boomed and shook the land; a storm was on the horizon. It would be here soon. Tonight will be a messy occasion. It will be hard enough to stay focused with all the clanging of metal, the roar of battle cries, and chanting of spell casters. But, rain soaking the earth makes battle even more difficult because it is hard to keep your footing and push the lines forward, or for a priest to maneuver away from a rogue’s poisoned blade. The air feels electric, the intensity is building, as if a volcano were about to erupt. But all are silent, contemplating, wondering what was ahead. Then Sun begins to speak….

    “Gathered here today before me is an army made up of Legends. Battle in the Gulch of Warsong has forged and shaped each and every one of you into the fiercest of weapons. Standing here, I see a group of fighters that stood the test of time, and a reliable group of healers so skilled in their art that Death weeps from loneliness. I have asked you here not to reminisce about days long gone, but to look forward to the days that are ahead. The Horde have resurrected many of their fallen heroes as have the Alliance. The battles used to happen only once a week, but now they occur twice a week. We all know that Wednesdays we can count on an assault from the Horde, but they have bolstered their forces and have now declared Fridays as an additional night of war. I encourage you all to be ready. Prepare yourselves! Help prepare others who have wandered out of the shadows. Help lead them to the mystical places to equip themselves with the proper gear to endure these assaults. The Alliance and Horde will live or die depending upon the actions you take. Will you lay down your weapons? Cast aside your staves? Refuse to hoist your shield? Or, will you, my brethren, look forward, and realize that the time is now. The return is here. You are needed and called upon to ready yourself and others. The seeds have been sown, the harvest is ready, and now is the time to reap the reward!!!”

    Yoube stood there contemplating all that Sun had said. He has questions that still needed answers. “How can we go into the battle prepared if everyone that participates won’t use http://49pvp.com/qlist/.” After all, it’s easy enough right? All you have to do is go to this fantastic site, type in your character name, server that you play on, along with the bracket we are all in, and click join the battleground queue. That’s got to be simple enough; you can look at any warrior stats and see they barely have any intellect, but they manage to use it time after time. Another question pops into Yoube’s thoughts. “When Sun says to be prepared for battle, does he think drinking that pint of ale is part of it?” “Sun is hard enough to keep up with, but then he gets too many pints in him, and he can’t run a straight line.” Yoube then puts his hand on his chest pocket and feels the flask there. ” I guess some things just can’t be helped.”

    With all that has been said and done, moving forward poses the most difficult of tasks. Moving forward is best done thoughtfully while making conscious decisions on what is best for us all. We all need to make sure we are using http://49pvp.com/qlist/ , whether that means you’re doing it for yourself or others. Lets use the tools that help us be successful. In some cases, this will be what causes more people to get interested in what we are doing here. It shows activity and commitment to the bracket. We have no lack of these things, but it is an excellence that we are striving for, something that is second nature as opposed to something that has to be constantly brought up. We all are forming great habits to help the bracket thrive. I feel that this is one of the most important things we can do to keep up the tempo. If at the times we are playing, someone sees all of us on the site, they will know there is something special happening here.

    “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” ~ Aristotle
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