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    [Frost] Crit cap and Ask Mr. Robot

    So I recently tried out Ask Mr. Robot, and I see he puts my haste from 25,42% Raid buffed, to 28,82% Raid buffed, with sacrificing 1,87% crit rating. I'm wondering if it is better to reforge that haste out over 25% cap, or try to reach 28% crit raid buffed (shatter) which seems pretty impossible to me atm, is it even possible to anyone else?

    http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/gear/e...sper/heviletti Here is link to my Ask mr.robot

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    Haste is better than crit for frost so what askmrrobot has done is right.

    You can't get to the shatter cap this tier without losing dps.
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    You sure about it then? If it's like that, my reforges have been a bit wrong, thanks.

    btw, if I reforge to full haste, should I use glyph of icy veins or not?

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    can you read the Frost guide before asking ?
    Frost is simple : go for Haste, after some point, glyph Icy Veins then go for more haste.

    And you can also add some haste too
    The answers is 42

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    Actually haste is the only valuable 2nd stat for frost at the moment. That is the reason why it scales so... extremely well...

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    Thanks for answers, better go change my reforges then duh :P

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