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    Misweaver advice for 10 man?

    Here is a link to my monk http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...halhoob/simple. I just started healing on this toon about a week ago after getting an okay MW set. For a 10 man healing what is the general consensus in gems, glyphs etc... Also if you guys see that I am missing anything please feel free to point it out. The reason is I might switch from a resto shammy to this toon in 5.2 if it would be better for the raid. Thanks fro any advice.

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    The sticky does a good job outlining stat priorities, as they don't differ very much between 10s and 25s (the only change being mastery going from "meh" to shitty in 10). Just make sure you hit your first haste breakpoint for RM, get spirit to a comfortable level (I'm not sure what content you'll be tackling but you have more than enough for MSV), then dump everything else into crit.

    As for talents, Power Strikes and Chi Brew both come out as better than Ascension. Healing Elixers is, for the most part, junk. Take either CD depending on the encounter. Lastly, RJW is bad since the SCK mana cost increase. I like Xuen for 10s, as its useful on every fight, though Torpedo has uses in fights you can stack a lot.

    Your glyphs are fine.

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    I don't raid 10 mans, but as a MW I don't think there are many differences from 25.

    First thing gems I use are spirit for blue sockets, int/spirit for red sockets, and spirit/crit for yellow sockets mainly because all the socket bonuses are worthwhile imo. glyphs mana tea and renewing mists are musts, third is optionally unless you use spinning crane kick a lot.

    for talents i use 15-celerity 30- chi wave unless i know the raid is going to be stacked for big bursts of damage then i use chi burst 45- ascension, generally, it's not the best in chi generation but it makes mana feel smoother since mana tea gives back 27600 mana glyphed with 2 stacks(28160 if you have 2% mana meta), chi brew if I'm going to need the burst healing at some point when i stack 4 chi, chi burstx2, chi brew, chi burstx2 although power strikes and chi burst are considered to be better with the former being the best for chi generating. 60 and 75 don't really matter as much, 75 talents are nice if you are going to take a lot of magic damage, or big damage 90- Xuen does a lot of damage while he's out (when i had int proc trinkets that's when i tried to use him) which is quite a lot of healing

    stat priority I don't know how effective mastery is for 10m, I assume it's just dependent on if your healing orbs are picked up effectively. haste breakpoint of 3145 rating in tiger stance which gives 4718 in serpent stance then crit for extra mana tea procs and more crit on damage for higher eminence heals again mastery you have to figure out yourself

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