I eventually left a previous position because I was sick & tired of having to suffer the same old bullshit, if head office said something you had to get behind it even if you knew it was a shit idea & good ideas passed up the chain of command were never implemented - because it's not like the guys on the shop floor have a clue what's going on in the day to day world of your business! Problem is that employer has just entered administration this week, numerous poor decisions made over the course of a decade have caused this - I wonder what my manager would say to me if I were infront of him now.

It's all about finding the right balance between fighting your corner & kissing ass, sorry to say it, but that's how corporate politiks (aware I have misspelled it) works unless you happen to be an attractive woman. I was the gobby type who genuinely believed what I was saying & genuinely thought the ideas coming out of HO at the time were bullshit, apparently that's standing up for myself a bit too much, my boss hated me for it but ultimately I'm the kind of person who says what they think, I eventually got tired of being ignored.