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    LFR Loot and you..

    Some say the its not the destination but the journey,..I say in video games its the ends not the means. Wow has become another version
    of Diablo 3. Alot of effort but little reward..I dont think im alone in saying not seeing what drops of bosses and getting a bag of fail is very undermining
    after a boss fight...I would atleast like to see what me and my groups efforts paid out. Not just 28 gold and a thankyou,..wheres the epicness in that?.

    Coins are an issue as well to farm 90 coins a week just to get more bags of fail? Its like a cruel joke..Perhaps its just me or the way blizzard wants to
    keep us addicted and paying them to farm for items we have little chance of ever getting.

    This game has always been a put forth effort and get rewarded,..thats how they hooked us,..now since the margain between effort and reward is much
    more vast than it use to be or that there is no clear road besides mindless rep for items.

    MMO,s have always been about the item hunt and becoming bigger and better,..yes they did a good job creating the landscape and story lines but
    how many people can say if this game offered absolutely no Loot no reward to make your toon better would you still play it?

    Just had to vent,..that is all.

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    Rant threads don't create constructive discussion.

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