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    New build help. wont reach POST (nothing on screen)


    So recently I made a thread about a new build I was making, had some great help, and ordered most of the bits suggested.

    Having received it all today i have put it together, Ive not made a new system since the days of IDE cables and DDR2 was brand new! so yeah, I'm a little out of touch, but I think I figured it all out.

    I plug it all in, hit power it lights up, hdd light comes up.. but no beeps. and nothing comes up on the screen (plugged in as vga into the mobo at the moment. then after 8-10 seconds the machine power cycles and repeats. I'm at a loss, Ive done the usual googling, but it can be such a myriad of things.

    Anyone got any rough tips of something I might be stupidly overlooking?

    Mobo is a z77-3dh
    16 gig ram
    600w psu
    7950 ATI card.

    128gig SSD
    2tb Seagate hdd

    I have all the drives plugged in at present, Im going to try and boot with just the SSD connected now. any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm out of my depth here.

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    Make sure you have plugged the 24 and the 4 pin power connectors into your MB, that the CPU fan connector is attached. Detach your optical drive/storage units, remove the RAM and try to start the computer. It should start beeping to indicate the missing RAM. If it does beep, insert the RAM and make sure they are in the right place, consult the MB manual, they should be in the slots DDR3_1 and DDR3_3, from what I've seen in the manual. I'm not really sure if the monitor cable has to be connected to the MB in the beginning or if the system will detect the dedicated GPU automatically and start using it instead of the integrated one.
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    Will try the above! Im sure the power ones are correct, although.. Im not certain about the 8pin. Its currently plugged into a 4 pin thing marked ATX.. that could be my critical error :P

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    Yes, 4 pin, I made a mistake there, had something else in my mind reminiscent of an older PC.

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    unless you have lucidx hybrid graphics, all video output should be going through your video card, not the motherboard

    did you put in the motherboard standoffs?
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