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    [H] Blue Label - Barthilas 12/16HM LFM

    Hello gals and boys,

    Blue Label is an end game raiding guild that has been around since the burning crusade and has been going strong since wrath and cata. We are now focused on progressing through MoP as fast as we can while trying to have fun. Now to keep up the pace we are required to pick up new members to fill our ranks. We expect people to play their best while having fun.

    What we expect from you;

    Attendance - We expected it to be greater than 90%, 100% is what we are looking for.
    Stable net/Computer - If you dc constantly, you are wasting people's time, yours too. Also it' s mean to make people wait.
    Attitude - I don't like drama and i bet you won't too.
    Knowledge/Skill - Should know how to theorycraft, your class inside out, when to hit your buttons and knowing fire hurts and moving out of it asap.

    And also, what you would expect from us;

    A good social group,
    Criticism to make you a better/stronger player,
    And also fun.

    Now if your still interested, our raid times are,

    7:30pm to 11pm on Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday.

    We believe that shorter times means people can focus longer and we get the job done.

    Right now we currently are in need of,

    1x holy pally/resto shaman/druid/disc/holy priest/mistweaver monk
    1x warlock
    1x hunter
    1x death knight dps
    1x mage
    1x enhancement shaman

    if you class is not there, you app may still be considered. It's all up to skill/experience/gear based.

    Now if you are still interested, feel free to throw an app on blue-label.org


    Pst hanul or naixia in-game for more info

    Cheers for reading

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