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    Post The Serpent’s Accord: A Mistweaver PvE Guide [5.4]

    Updated for patch: 5.4

    5.4 Mistweaver Monk Notes


    • Mana Tea is now consumed at an increased rate of 1 stack per 0.5 seconds (up from 1 stack per 1 second).
    • Revival's healing has been reduced by 30%.


    • Chi Brew now restores 2 Chi, has a 45-second cooldown (down from 1.5 minutes), and generate stacks of Brew/Teas based on the Monk's specialization. (Mistweaver: 2 stacks of Mana Tea)
    • Chi Burst no longer requires a target. It now travels as a 40-yard line in front of the Monk.
    • Healing Elixirs will no longer activate if the Monk is already at full health, and activate automatically when the Monk has less than 35% of their maximum health.
    • Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger now has a pet control bar for Xuen, and the talent is no longer on global cooldown for all Monk specializations.
    • Power Strikes will now activate from the following Chi generating abilities; Jab, Expel Harm, Spinning Crane Kick (when it hits at least 3 targets), Crackling Jade Lightning, and Soothing Mist.
    • Ring of Peace has a new visual effect that properly depicts its area-of-effect, and now disarms both enemies and those attacking allies within the Ring of Peace's area-of-effect for 4 seconds (up from 3 seconds); the silence effect for casting spells remains unchanged at 3 seconds.
    • Rushing Jade Wind: The Monk summons a whirling tornado around them, dealing damage to nearby enemies (heals nearby allies for Mistweavers). Rushing Jade Wind has the same costs, Chi generation, and periodic rate as Spinning Crane kick, but, deals 80% of the periodic damage or healing, lasts 6 seconds, is instant, and not channeled. (Rushing Jade Wind has been redesigned and replaces Spinning Crane Kick.)
    • Zen Sphere's base healing and damage has been increased by 15%.


    • Glyph of Afterlife now increases the chance to summon a Healing Sphere by 100% (up from 25% chance).
    • Glyph of Nimble Brew causes Nimble Brew to heal the Monk when it clears a root, stun, fear, or horror effect. (Glyph of Crackling Jade Lightning has been replaced with Glyph of Nimble Brew.)
    • Glyph of Rapid Rolling makes the next Roll or Chi Torpedo go farther after using a Roll or Chi Torpedo. (Glyph of Expel Harm has been replaced with Glyph of Rapid Rolling.)
    • Glyph of Fortuitous Spheres causes a healing sphere to be summoned near the Monk at no cost when their health falls below 25%. This effect cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds. (Glyph of Retreat has been replaced with Glyph of Fortuitous Spheres.)
    • Glyph of Detox causes Detox to heal the target when it successfully removes a harmful effect. (Glyph of Stoneskin has been replaced with Glyph of Detox.)
    • Glyph of Targeted Expulsion now causes Expel Harm to heal for 50% as much when used on other targets. (Glyph of Uplift has been replaced with Glyph of Targeted Expulsion)
    • Glyph of Transcendence now reduces the cooldown of Transcendence: Transfer by 5 seconds (used to increase the range by 10 yards).


    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Spells
    3. Talents
    4. Glyphs
    5. Stats
    6. Healing Strategies
    7. Set bonuses
    8. Trinkets
    9. Consumables
    10. FAQ
    11. Macros
    12. Appendix

    1. Introduction

    Monks were introduced in Mists of Pandaria as the 11th class of World of Warcraft and to the current date, I have yet to experience lack of enjoyment with the class in general. Monks are capable of performing the 3 basic roles: tanking, healing and damage dealing. As a follower of the great celestial Jade serpent Yu’lon, this guide will focus on the healing specialization, the Mistweaver monk.

    This guide assumes basic knowledge of the game and the monk class. The objective is to have an accessible and updated guide presenting as much information and knowledge as possible into a simple format, aimed at aspiring mistweavers and other players willing to learn from more experienced monks. This guide is written by the monk community, for the monk community. May the Jade Serpent guide you! Now for the good stuff (Note: Feedback, corrections and discussion are more than welcome).

    2. Spells

    As a monk, we use stances, just like warriors, except ours are cool. If you noticed your stance bar during the short period of time where your monk had no specialization, you would notice that Stance of the Fierce Tiger is the monk default stance, and energy being the primary resource system. As a mistweaver however, you receive a new stance:

    Stance of the Wise Serpent
    Increases healing done by 20%, replaces your Energy resource with Mana, grants hit and expertise equal to 50% Spirit gained from items or effects.
    Increases haste from items by 50%. Your attack power is equal to 200% of your spell power, and you no longer benefit from other sources of attack power.

    In addition, you also gain Eminence, causing you to heal the lowest health nearby target within 20 yards for an amount equal to 25% of non-autoattack damage you deal.

    • Required for the usage of most of your healing abilities.
    • It is not worth it to stance dance for three simple reasons. Firstly, your chi is reset to 1, so you can’t pool chi with jab using energy and then switch to the Serpent stance to use the chi on healing abilities. Secondly, your spirit and spell power are converted into hit and expertise rating and attack power respectively, thus the 20% damage gained from the Tiger stance will not compensate for the attack power and the hit and expertise rating you would’ve had. Third, you gain Eminence while under the Serpent stance, which enables 50% of your special damaging abilities to be converted into smart heals. This type of healing is much similar to discipline priest’s atonement healing and will be discussed further on.

    Before going into detail on our specific abilities two important points should be made. First of all, even though we are healers, due to our extensive use of melee abilities as monks we are considered as melee for default raid mechanics. This gives you a higher degree of space occupation during an encounter and you should use this to your advantage. The second point I would like to make is that with the Serpent stance our dual resource system as mistweavers becomes: mana and chi. Thus, our primary spell book abilities will be divided into mana expenditure abilities, chi expenditure abilities and cooldowns, utility spells and passives.

    2.1. Mana expenditure abilities

    Renewing Mist
    5.85% of base mana (17,550 @ lvl 90). 40 yd range. Instant. 8 sec cooldown.
    You surround the target with healing mists, restoring [ 2,266 + 10.7% of Spell Power ] health every 2 sec for 18 sec. Generates 1 Chi.

    Each time Renewing Mist heals, it also travels to the closest nearby injured party or raid member within 20 yards, up to 2 times.

    • Your main HoT as a mistweaver.
    • As means of good practice, it is recommended to use ReM on cooldown. Despite the overhealing done, you need to have as many ReM on the raid as possible so you can be ready to react to raid mechanics which require increased healing. ReM interacts with one of our main chi expending abilities, uplift.
    • Has a base duration of 18 sec which allows you to have 6 – 8 players with the HoT

    Soothing Mist
    1% of Base Mana, plus 1% per sec (3,000 @ lvl 90). 40 yd range. Instant (Channeled).
    Heals the target for [ 22,208 + 17.92% of Spell Power ] over 8 sec.
    When you heal with Soothing Mist, you have a 30% chance to generate 1 Chi.

    • Your main chi generator for most situations.
    • Chance to generate chi increases by an additional 15% for each tick that does not generate 1 chi.

    Surging Mist
    8.8% of Base Mana (26,400 @ lvl 90). 40 yd range. 1.5 sec cast.
    Heals the target for [ 17,242 + 180% of Spell Power ]. Generates 1 Chi.
    If cast while channeling Soothing Mist, Surging Mist will be instant cast and heal that target over all others.

    • Becomes instant when channeling soothing mist, note this as it is an important aspect of our single target healing.
    • Relatively expensive spell for its effective healing, but it’s synergy with soothing mist makes it a high HPS spell.
    • Advice: Avoid using it unless you’re literally out of options for healing your target and you need that chi ASAP

    Crackling Jade Lightning
    1.57% of Base Mana, plus 1.57% per sec (4710 @ lvl 90). 40 yd range. Instant (channeled).
    Channels Jade lightning at the target, causing [ 1,182 + 38.6% of AP ] Nature damage over 6 sec. When dealing damage, you have a 30% chance to generate 1 Chi.

    If the enemy attacks you within melee range while victim to Crackling Jade Lightning, they are knocked back a short distance. This effect has an 8 sec cooldown.

    8% of base mana (24,000 @ lvl 90). Requires Melee range. Instant.
    You Jab the target, dealing [ 202.2% of Mainhand Min DPS + 10.7% of AP – 2 ] to [ 202.2% of Mainhand Max DPS + 10.7% of AP + 2 ] damage and generating 1 Chi.

    • Reliable chi generator at an expensive mana cost, often used to refer to the ‘jab jab uplift’ cycle in patch 5.1 which is no longer a viable playstyle
    • Has 1 sec GCD so ends up as one of the fastest chi generators

    Expel Harm
    2.5% of base mana (7,500 @ lvl 90). Instant. 15 sec cooldown.
    Instantly heals yourself for [ 943.8% of Mainhand Min DPS + 50% of AP – 7 ] to [ 943.8% of Mainhand Max DPS + 50% of AP + 7 ], and causes 50% of the amount healed to instantly be dealt to a nearby enemy as Nature damage within 10 yards. Generates 1 Chi.

    • Use it. Abuse it. Low mana cost and guaranteed 1 chi for 1 gcd, expel harm is our most mana-efficient chi generator.
    • Moderate self-heal, if you can predict a situation where your expel harm’s heal will be effective then don’t risk using it as soon as the cooldown is ready.

    Spinning Crane Kick
    7.15% of base mana (21,450 @ lvl 90). 2.25 sec duration.
    You spin while kicking in the air, dealing [ 236% of Mainhand Min DPS + 12.5% of AP - 2 ] to [ 236% of Mainhand Max DPS + 12.5% of AP + 2 ] damage to all nearby enemies and 2,809 healing to nearby allies every 0.75 sec, within 8 yards. Movement speed is reduced by 30%. Generates 1 Chi, if it hits at least 3 targets. Lasts 2.2 sec.

    • ‘Channeled’ AoE heal with 3 ticks, 1 every 0.75 sec.
    • Scales well with haste relative to other secondary stats since the channel time is reduced.

    Healing Sphere
    2.0% of base mana (6,000 @ lvl 90). 40 yd range. Instant. 0.5 sec cooldown.
    You form a Healing Sphere out of healing mists at the target location for 3 min. If allies walk through it, they consume the sphere, healing themselves for 9,986.

    Maximum of 3 Healing Spheres can be active by the Monk at any given time.

    • 0.5 sec GCD
    • To use the spell you must choose a target location and left-click.
    • For its cost and ability to use repeatedly it is our best heal in terms of healing per mana expended and also single target HPS.
    • Only triggers when injured players walk through it which theoretically means the possibility of low overhealing, however an injured player that runs onto several spheres at once will pick up all the spheres.
    • Problems associated with this spell include the fact that players need to walk on them to trigger the heal and thus the location where these spheres are placed is crucial and occasionally unpredictable, making this spell unreliable at times.

    2.2. Chi expenditure abilities

    Tiger Palm
    1 chi. Melee range. Instant.
    Attack with the palm of your hand, dealing [ 404.5% of Mainhand Min DPS + 21.4% of AP - 3 ] to [ 404.5% of Mainhand Max DPS + 21.4% of AP + 3 ] damage.

    Also grants you Tiger Power, causing your attacks to ignore 30% of enemies' armor for 20 sec.

    • Gives you an awesome buff which allows your melee abilities to ignore 30% of the enemies’ armour.
    • Does approximately 40% damage of a blackout kick.

    Blackout Kick
    2 chi. Melee range. Instant
    Kick with a blast of Chi energy, dealing [ 960% of Mainhand Min DPS + 50.9% of AP - 7 ] to [ 960% of Mainhand Max DPS + 50.9% of AP + 7 ] Physical damage to your target and [ 480% of Mainhand Min DPS + 25.4% of AP - 4 ] to [ 480% of Mainhand Max DPS + 25.4% of AP + 4 ] to up to 4 additional nearby targets.
    Also empowers you with Serpent's Zeal, causing you and your summoned Jade Serpent Statue to heal nearby injured targets equal to 25% of your auto-attack damage.

    • More about the buff “Serpent’s Zeal” under “Teachings of the Monastery”
    • 50% of the damage done to the main target is dealt to a maximum of 4 nearby targets

    2 chi.
    Heals all targets with your Renewing Mist active for [ 7,794 + 68% of Spell Power ].

    • One of your main chi healing abilities.
    • Effectiveness dependent on your Renewing Mist management.

    Enveloping Mist
    3 chi. 40 yd range. 2 sec cast.
    Heals the target for [ 65,688 + 66.5% of Spell Power ] over 6 sec, and increases the healing the target receives from your Soothing Mist by 30%.
    If cast while channeling Soothing Mist, Enveloping Mist will be instant cast.

    • Amazing synergy with soothing mist as it becomes instant and buffs SooM's healing on the player
    • Can be hard cast to avoid spending mana and on certain situations might be more effective such as for a player about to take a considerable amount of damage

    2.3. Cooldowns, utility spells and passives

    7.7% of base mana (23,100 @ lvl 90). 100 yd range. Instant. 3 min cooldown.
    Instantly heals all party and raid members within vision for [ 9579 + 350% of Spell Power ], and clears them of any harmful Magical, Poison and Disease effects.

    • Advantages: It’s instant, allows you to cast a relatively strong raid throughput cooldown on the move.
    • Disadvantages: It’s instant. It’s throughput is similar to that of a tranquility, but since it is instant the likelihood of overhealing some players is tremendous.

    Life Cocoon
    4.95% of base mana (14,850 @ lvl 90). 40 yd range. Instant. 2 min cooldown.
    Encases the target in a cocoon of Chi energy, absorbing [ 550% of Spell Power + 39,958 ] damage and increasing all periodic healing taken by 50%. Lasts for 12 sec.

    • Not exactly your conventional tank external cooldown, but it is unique and has its utility. Quantifiable cooldown which can be more valuable for occasions where your tank will take a hit which could kill him.
    • Doesn’t necessarily need to be used on a tank unless you’re assigned to use it on them.

    Thunder Focus Tea
    1 chi. Instant. 45 sec cooldown.
    You receive a jolt of energy, doubling the healing done by your next Surging Mist or causing your next Uplift to refresh the duration of your Renewing Mists on all targets. Lasts for 30 sec.

    • One of our most effective throughput cooldowns. Mastering its usage is vital for effective raid blanket healing.

    Brewing: Mana Tea
    For each 4 Chi you consume through use of spells and abilities, you gain a charge of Mana Tea. Use Mana Tea to consume the charges.
    You have a chance equal to your crit chance to generate double the Mana Tea charges.
    Mana Tea can stack up to 20 times.

    • Effective usage of your chi is crucial for maximizing your mana tea charges.

    Mana Tea
    Instant (channeled).
    Restores 4% of your maximum mana per stack of Mana Tea active. Mana Tea must be channeled, lasting 1 sec per stack. Cancelling the channel will not waste stacks.

    Summon Jade Serpent Statue
    40 yd range. Instant. 30 sec cooldown.
    Summons a Jade Serpent Statue at the target location. Lasts for 15 min. Only one statue can be active at a time.
    Eminence (Passive)
    When the Monk deals non-autoattack damage, the summoned Jade Serpent Statue will heal the lowest health nearby target within 20 yards equal to 50% of the damage done.
    Serpent's Accord (Passive)
    When you cast Soothing Mist, the Jade Serpent Statue will also cast Soothing Mist on an injured ally within 40 yards.

    • Allows you to perform Eminence healing, more information about this style of healing further on.
    • When you channel soothing mist it replicates your channel on an injured ally.

    2.6% of base mana (7,800 @ lvl 90). 40 yd range. Instant. 8 sec cooldown.
    Eliminates ailments from the friendly target, removing all harmful Magic, Poison and Disease effects.

    • Cooldown is only applied if Detox was successful in removing the harmful effect.
    • With the passive Internal Medicine, Mistweavers can remove magical effects with detox.

    Muscle Memory
    When you successfully Jab or damage at least 3 enemies with Spinning Crane Kick, you gain Muscle Memory, causing your next Tiger Palm or Blackout Kick to deal 150% increased damage and restore 4% mana.

    • Passive added in 5.2 which procs from jab and SCK
    • Understanding this passive is essential for practicing Fistweaving correctly
    • Does NOT stack, therefore casting jab or SCK on 3 + targets while you already have Muscle Memory means a proc is wasted

    Teachings of the Monastery

    Crackling Jade Lightning
    Damage increased by 100%.

    Tiger Palm
    Damage increased by 100%. When you Tiger Palm, you gain Vital Mists, reducing the cast time and mana cost of your next Surging Mist by 20%. Stacks up to 5 times. Lasts 30 sec.

    Blackout Kick
    When you Blackout Kick, you gain Serpent's Zeal causing you to heal nearby injured targets equal to 25% of your auto-attack damage.

    Spinning Crane Kick
    While channeling Spinning Crane Kick, you also heal nearby injured allies for 2,809 every 0.75 sec for 2.2 sec. Healing yourself does not count for Chi generation.

    • Turns your spinning crane kick into an effective AoE heal
    • Using tiger palm as a filler whilst fistweaving allows you to cast an instant and free surging mist every 5th vital mist stack.

    Tiger Strikes
    You have a 8% chance to gain Tiger Strikes when you autoattack, increasing your attack speed by 50% and causing your next 4 autoattacks to cause an extra attack.

    Way of the Monk
    The Monk attunes himself differently depending on the weapon type.
    One-handed weapon
    Autoattack damage increased by 70%.
    Two-handed weapons
    Melee attack speed increased by 40%.

    Zen Meditation
    8 sec cast (channeled). 3 min cooldown.
    Reduces all damage taken by 90% and redirects to you up to 5 harmful spells cast against party and raid members within 30 yards. Lasts 8 sec.
    Being the victim of a melee attack will break your meditation, cancelling the effect.

    • Situational use.

    3. Talents

    Tier 15 – Mobility

    Allowing you to roll more often by reducing the cooldown and increasing the number of charges to 3 will inevitably give you ‘burst movement’. It is the mandatory talent when using chi torpedo.

    Tiger’s Lust
    20 yd range. 30 sec cooldown.
    From a PvE perspective, this talent is interesting because it gives you the option to increase your target’s movement speed so you can give this to someone else. Also, it is the only talent of the 3 available which increases your mobility without resorting to roll, which is valuable in situations where you can’t afford to roll such as Blade Lord Ta’yak’s Stage 2 with ‘Storm Unleashed’ (the torna-doh phase).

    The talent you can pick if none of the others will be useful to you. It also allows you to stack the speed increase buff meaning you can move quite a long distance running with increased speed.

    Solo - Momentum
    Dungeon Party - Tiger's Lust / Momentum
    Raid - Celerity (if Chi Torpedo) / Tiger's Lust

    Tier 30 – The Free cost Healing Abilities

    Chi Wave
    40 yd range. Instant. 15 sec cooldown.
    For most situations, this is the talent you pick if the other 2 won’t be useful to you. Its potential throughput is lower than the other T30 talents, but the advantage of chi wave is that it's a smart heal that jumps to players with highest health deficit, which might make chi wave's effective healing more useful than the other tier talents for any encounter where these would not be very effective.

    Zen Sphere
    40 yd range. Instant. 10 sec cooldown.
    Its HoT component is interesting for some encounters, and its detonate upon expiration of the HoT or the player dropping below 35% health yields similar HPS to Chi Burst given that both are healing effectively. It is slightly more complicated to time the Zen Sphere so it can detonate when needed, and generally if you need the detonate component of Zen Sphere you should probably consider Chi Burst. Given that they have similar HPS values, Zen Sphere needs to be used every 10 seconds for this to be possible, forcing the monk to sacrifice an additional global cooldown on a regular basis for the sake of keeping the rotation. This is opportunity cost, in other words there would be other abilities you could cast besides ZS but because you have it you need to use it often to maximize it's effect.

    Chi Burst
    40 yd range. 1 sec cast. 30 sec cooldown.
    Chi burst is an interesting AoE heal with regard to how it needs to be used. Its cooldown is lengthy, but it's throughput is relatively high, making it a very good talent for most situations where the monk needs to heal several players. The difficulty with this heal is that the monk needs to decide a good point for aiming chi burst, since this ability only heals players standing between its path.

    Solo - Chi Wave
    Dungeon Party - All are viable, however Chi Wave tends to be the better option overall.
    Raid - All are viable, depends on the encounter. Generally, 10 man will consider all 3 talents often whilst 25 man mistweavers will favour chi burst.

    Tier 45 – Chi Generation

    Power Strikes
    20 sec cooldown (internal).
    It’s an interesting talent because it is the best mp5 talent of this tier and because it gives some consistency to your chi generation over the course of a fight. It is a respectable choice for an encounter with even damage to heal constantly such as Garalon, however the monk needs to track the cooldown appropriately to maximize chi gains. It is important to note that it activates upon the first tick of SM and CJL as soon as it is available, it is independent of the actual chi generated by the channeled cast abilities mentioned.

    Increasing your maximum chi to 5 allows for better control of your chi and it allows the monk to pool even more chi for a phase where burst healing would be needed. Even though it increases your mana tea gains per stack and muscle memory mana return by 1,800 mana, with the current cost of generating 1 chi it is considered the bottom tier 45 talent for most situations because it adds nothing to throughput whilst the other 2 talents do in some way by providing additional chi. Its value relative to others increases when you need to fistweave more often during an encounter.

    Chi Brew
    1.5 min cooldown. Instant (no gcd). 2 charges.
    Now the strongest talent for mana regeneration as it grants 2 stacks of mana tea per chi brew charge, this can be considered a viable cooldown and the best throughput talent of the tier. Due to its cooldown it theoretically lines up perfectly with TfT allowing for some effective burst AoE healing thus making it a strong MW talent.

    Depends on playstyle but generally chi brew is the most useful talent in the tier for most situations. Ascension can definitely be picked up for a mistweaver intending to perform pure fistweaving, however that would be suboptimal.

    Tier 60 – Crowd Control

    Ring of Peace
    40 yd range. 45 sec cooldown.
    This talent actually has its uses in PvE, mainly for AoE silencing adds which would otherwise need to be interrupted.

    Charging Ox Wave
    30 yd range. Instant. 30 sec cooldown.
    Might have its uses in PvP but for PvE it is generally not considered because of its short stun and increased difficulty to use effectively, however being able to stun from range has its value depending on the situation.

    Leg Sweep
    5 yd range. Instant. 45 sec cooldown.
    Generally a valuable ability to have as it removes some pressure from your tanks temporarily when tanking several adds that can be stunned.

    Solo - Leg Sweep / Charging Ox Wave
    Dungeon Party - Leg Swep / Ring of Peace
    Raid - Ring of Peace / Leg Sweep

    Tier 75 – Defensive Abilities

    Healing Elixirs
    18 sec cooldown (internal).
    A relatively odd passive that has its value for lvling and for those encounters where you just want to increase your HPS by that tiny percentage.

    Dampen Harm
    Instant. 1.5 min cooldown. 3 charges.
    Should generally be seen as your physical damage mitigation talent. Any encounter where you will take a large hit in the form of physical damage, do not neglect this talent. Use it, it’s free.

    Diffuse Magic
    Instant. 1.5 min cooldown.
    Dispersion 2.0, slightly improved version since you can still use abilities but it only mitigates spell damage. Incredibly useful on several occasions in tier 14 for soaking large amounts of spell damage, I love it.

    Solo - Healing elixirs / Dampen Harm
    Dungeon Party - Dampen Harm / Diffuse Magic
    Raid - Dampen Harm / Diffuse Magic

    Tier 90 – The good, the bad and the ugly

    Rushing Jade Wind
    8 yd range. Instant. Cooldown haste dependent. Replaces Spinning Crane Kick.

    As of patch 5.4 RJW replaces SCK directly, the main differences being that other spells can be cast while RJW is up, its duration is double that of SCK but each tick heals for 80% of an SCK tick. It brings an interesting concept of being able to maintain AoE healing and cast other abilities, which enhances one of mw's main impairments of not being able to carry on both AoE and single target healing / mana tea channeling.

    Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger
    40 yd range. Instant. 3 min cooldown.
    I would rather invoke Chi-Ji or Yu’lon but with respect to the talent in itself, there are two possibilities for which it should be considered. Firstly, Xuen is considered a guardian and as such he benefits from temporary stat increases and general damage increasing mechanics from raid encounters. He does not however, benefit from Tiger Power.

    Although Xuen is considered a DPS cooldown, he interacts with Eminence healing and thus it can be considered a viable healing cooldown over 45 secs. Thus, having increased damage from raid mechanics will also net increased healing from Eminence.
    Even without raid mechanics which directly increase damage done, Xuen should be considered for encounters where RJW or Chi Torpedo will not be of a particularly effective use to the monk.

    Chi Torpedo
    Instant. Replaces Roll.
    With patch 5.1 the value of chi torpedo rose significantly mainly because of a buff to its heal constant and the increased mana cost to most of our abilities as mistweavers, but chi torpedo is literally a free and relatively effective heal and as such it is amazingly efficient. Unless you desperately need your roll for additional mobility, this is one of our main talents and for the moment RJW cannot compete with this talent both in throughput and HPM.

    For an effective use of this healing ability, the monk needs to have sufficient raid awareness to pass through at least 6 players. Important aspects to note: When using chi torpedo it is practically mandatory to use the talent Celerity. Make sure you torpedo to a safe spot (I’ve managed to kill myself by using torpedo on to a Pheromone Trail on Garalon, true story). It is also highly recommended that you make a macro to cancel the Stampeding Roar aura since you can't use this spell while the buff is active. Though, don't consider this macro or avoid using it if you genuinely need the increased run speed.

    Solo - Xuen
    Dungeon Party - Xuen / Chi Torpedo
    Raid - Chi Torpedo / Xuen

    4. Glyphs

    With Mists of Pandaria, Blizzard attempted a new system of glyphs whereby they have a minor impact on performance and can be mostly chosen based on the player’s preference in terms of game style or even cosmetics. Nevertheless, there are a few performance altering major glyphs for mistweavers:

    • [Glyph of Renewing Mist] – It gives your Renewing Mist the ability to spread over greater distances, giving the mistweaver the ability to blanket heal the raid in general assuming melees and ranged are within at least a 40 yd range. However, it removes the ability for the monk to selectively blanket heal specific groups and it is not always the best choice, especially when you realize a sector of your raid will need more healing.

    • [Glyph of Enduring Healing Sphere] - Definitely a glyph to consider, especially for raiding. The amount of spheres that detonate without healing any player justifies the possibility of extending their duration so that they are more likely to be used, generally a slight gain to Gift of the Serpent healing.

    • [Glyph of Surging Mist] – Effective for encounters where you will be constantly fistweaving, allowing your SrM to also become a ‘smart’ heal.

    • [Glyph of Mana Tea] – Used to be an important glyph as it ‘forced’ Mana Tea consumption into our priority list but had the advantage of reducing our mana tea consumption downtime by 50% if used with two stacks. With our mana tea consumption rate decreased to 1 stack per 0.5 seconds it is generally not worth using this glyph unless there is a lot of movement involved.

    • [Glyph of Detox] - Small heal provided after dispelling a player successfully. Can be considered for encounters where a lot of dispels are required but will generally have a very minor impact

    • [Glyph of Fortuitous Spheres] - I don't think it's worth the glyph slot as long as the monk doesn't make any mistake which will cause his HP to drop to drastic levels

    As for minor glyphs, they literally have no impact on our game play. Nevertheless, I feel the need to mention:

    5. Stats

    5.1. The General Stat Priority

    For those reading this guide the TL;DR version recommended depends on your item level and it is given as:

    Spirit until satisfactory mana regen. > Haste (Breakpoint) > Intellect > Crit > Mastery > Haste

    During the initial gearing process, the monk will barely have enough haste to get to 3,145 haste rating, and possibly having to sacrifice a lot of crit and even intellect or spirit to do so. Thus it is recommended that the monk should firstly obtain a satisfactory mana regen. I've personally seen low geared monks gemming +320 haste rating gems to go for 3,145 haste and that's just wrong.

    Reaching the 2nd haste breakpoint on ReM will be beneficial to the monk from the moment he can obtain it without sacrificing any intellect and possibly spirit, and without losing too much crit. Lastly, the 3rd haste breakpoint on ReM should be reached with an average ilvl in between LFR and normal ToT gear, having the 2T15 set bonus makes this breakpoint even more desirable. The reasoning for attaining this breakpoint will be the same as the previous one: Don't make harsh sacrifices for that specific haste amount.

    I dislike including Intellect on a stat priority mainly based around secondary stats since Intellect is valuable to a mistweaver simply because of its increased scarcity to obtain. Since you can’t reforge to it, its value will be higher relative to secondary stats but with the new gemming scheme introduced in MoP, the mistweaver is given the choice to gem for a secondary stat (in particular spirit) over intellect. Now, an explanation is required for the reasoning behind this stat priority, in no particular order.

    5.2. Spirit until satisfactory mana regeneration

    In MoP, Blizzard slightly revamped the significance of intellect in a way which increased the relative value of spirit. This is because intellect used to be a mana regeneration stat, too. However, spirit is now our main stat for increasing our mp5, where 1 Spirit = 0,56435 mp5 in combat.

    The amount of spirit you need cannot be quantified to a fixed value since it is defined by the player and as such you need to decide how much spirit is ‘satisfactory’. This is important because as obvious as it sounds, a healer without mana will not be particularly effective at healing.

    5.3. Intellect and Spell Power

    As mentioned previously, intellect has been altered to simply reflect as a throughput stat, where 1 intellect = 1 spell power and 0.048% crit. Intellect is increased by buffs such as Legacy of the Emperor and mistweaver’s passive Leather Specialization, both increasing your intellect by 5%. As such, the value of intellect will increase over the course of the expansion as your own intellect increases with ilvl upgrades.

    Spell power is very significant since all of our healing abilities scale to some sort of degree with it. Spell power is directly obtained mainly by weapons and trinkets. As intellect cannot be as easily obtained as secondary stats, the moment you consider your spirit excessive for the content you’re aiming to clear then consider replacing spirit gems for intellect gems instead of removing spirit reforges.

    5.4. Haste Rating

    Haste rating reduces your time taken to cast and channel spells. Given that 425 haste rating = 1% haste, it is important to note that haste is additive as haste rating but multiplicative as a percentage. As obvious as it sounds, several calculations are often misguided for forgetting this simple detail.

    As a mistweaver, haste rating reduces our channel time of SM and SCK, reduces the time between auto-attacks and reduces the time between every tick of our HoTs, thus causing our HoTs to have more ticks after certain ‘breakpoints’ of haste.

    The breakpoints for our HoTs are displayed below:

    Note: Zen Sphere doesn’t benefit from haste.

    The number highlighted in green is the haste rating required, before factoring in the 50% bonus to haste rating from Stance of the Wise Serpent (SWS) and including the common 5% spell haste buff to reach the 11th ReM breakpoint. In other words, this is the haste rating that the monk needs to reforge to without having the haste rating bonus from SWS active. If you use an in-game reforge addon such as ReforgeLite it is recommended to switch to Stance of the Fierce Tiger for reforging to 3145 haste rating. Meeting the 3145 haste rating requirement without SWS will mean that with SWS you'll have 3145*1.5 haste rating or 4718. The same method applies for the other breakpoints mentioned, for example the breakpoint highlighted in orange would be the haste required before SWS's effect.

    To check that you have the right amount of haste on your gear, the best way is to switch to Stance of the Fierce Tiger and verify if your haste value is greater than or equal to the one highlighted on the table above.

    Besides the fact that you need haste to meet the haste rating requirement for additional ReM ticks, after which the value of haste becomes slightly lower in our priorities, there is another important aspect to note about the effect of haste on our HoTs, in particular for ReM. As an example of the 11th ReM tick, by getting to the precise point of 4718 haste rating with 5% haste, ReM will have a total duration of 18.85 sec which is almost 1 sec higher than its base duration of 18 sec. This is important since it allows for more leeway for an optimal TfT uplift combo. Every point of haste after 4718 until a subsequent 12th tick of ReM will reduce this leeway, making the 4718 marker especially important to hit on the spot. The following graph provided by Reglitch demonstrates the effect of haste on ReM described above:

    Does this mean that haste actually becomes a negative stat upon reaching a new breakpoint? No, not at all. Haste affects other spells besides ReM, including your chi generation via soothing mist and SCK.

    5.5. Crit Rating

    Crit rating gives your spells the ability to crit, duplicating the value of your heal. With meta gems such as [Revitalizing Primal Diamond] and [Burning Primal Diamond] your crits become 2.06 times the value of your heal, and 600 crit rating = 1% crit.

    For mistweavers in particular, crit rating can also be associated as an mp5 stat. This is because when you spend 4 chi to gain 1 mana tea stack, you have a chance equal to your crit rating to duplicate the amount of mana tea stacks gained.

    Finally, our main healing spells scale better with increases in crit rating relative to haste and mastery making crit rating a more desirable stat for mistweavers.

    5.6. Mastery Rating

    Mastery: Gift of the Serpent
    You have a 9.6% chance when you heal to summon a Healing Sphere nearby an injured ally for 60 sec. Allies who walk through the sphere will be healed for 9,986.

    If the Healing Sphere expires before being used, an ally nearby within 6 yards of the sphere will be healed for 50% of the effect.

    Yeah, green orbs, everywhere. For mistweavers in particular, 480 mastery rating = 1% mastery, and although this guide does not recommend reforging to this stat, it is still a very interesting mechanic to note as a passive. It is unique in the sense that it has two variables to consider. Firstly, it gives your healing abilities a probability to summon a healing sphere. After mentioning this and considering that 1% mastery requires 120 less rating than 1% crit, new players tend to consider mastery as the go-to stat.

    However, the second and most important variable is the interaction with other players. This is because players must physically cross through your orbs in order for the healing sphere to be considered effective, which makes the mechanic overall slightly less appealing. The alternative added with patch 5.2 as an attempt to make healing spheres more effective is that if the duration of the sphere expires, it will heal a player within a maximum of 6 yards by 50% of its original value. Regardless of this addition, our healing abilities scale poorly with mastery and thus better results can generally be seen with prioritizing other secondary stats, mainly crit. Below, just for curiosity are the gift of the serpent proc scalars (values by which your mastery is multiplied for each heal caused by the ability) provided by Ghostcrawler:

    5.7. Enchants

    Generally, enchanting is pretty straightforward. However, as a mistweaver there are some important aspects to consider when enchanting your gear. Firstly, if you decide you want to replace spirit for more intellect, then the first replacement to make is the chest enchant. This is because switching from Mighty Spirit to Glorious Stats has the best tradeoff, because you’re replacing 120 spirit to gain 80 intellect whereas with gemming you would replace spirit for intellect in a 2:1 ratio respectively.

    Secondly, regardless of monk's exceptional mobility Pandaren's Step is the default boot enchant mainly because of the 8% increased run speed. This is because if you have chi torpedo as your lvl 90 talent you immediately have to exclude roll as additional mobility (unless you can or have to use some chi torpedos for mobility). If you aren't going to use chi torpedo (which for several raid encounters is a viable talent), then Greater Haste on boots is a more optimal enchant.

    5.8. Gemming

    * = mp5 regen depends on mana tea usage and Muscle Memory mana gains through fistweaving.

    Gemming changed significantly with MoP where secondary stats have twice the value of primary stats, exclusive for gems. This ‘allows’ players to gem pure secondary stat gems without having to worry about the stat weights of primary stats being better than that of secondary stats per point. Basically, it means that if you’re needing more mp5, then you should first resort to spirit gems.

    If however, you find that you don’t need more spirit gemming due to stable mana regeneration, then consider gemming for throughput. Intellect for example is a lot more scarce than any secondary stat, do not overlook it. An important aspect to note is that in case you feel you want more intellect then gems are the last place to look for more intellect. This is basically because of the ratio of primary to secondary stats provided, where consumables have a 1:1 ratio respectively and thus should be considered first, followed by the chest enchant which has a 1:1.5 ratio respectively and finally the 1:2 ratio of primary to secondary stats on gems.

    Using your LMG proc effectively

    The legendary meta gem (LMG) buffs the player with Lucidity:

    Your spells have their Mana cost reduced by 100%. Lasts 4 sec.

    There are 2 ways of using your legendary meta gem proc, and that is for conserving mana you wouldn't have spent otherwise and actual mana regen. The latter is the most typical use of the LMG simply because as a mistweaver it provides an interesting source of mana regen by using a Jab > TP x2 rotation, resulting in a 24k mana gain, so if you don't stand in melee range this is one more reason to do so whenever possible. The general rule of thumb is that you want to use your proc and prioritize your mana consuming spells that you won't have to use and spend mana on later when you don't have the buff up. Since we're healers there are a lot of exceptions to this rule that are learned with practice. Having an addon such as Weakauras or TellMeWhen is highly recommended to track this buff.

    6. Healing Strategies

    Mistweavers have many possible styles of healing and generally a good mistweaver knows how to identify what kind of healing will be required for the situation presented.

    6.1. Eminence Healing and Fistweaving

    If you can recall the description of Stance of the Wise Serpent, the last paragraph mentioned:

    In addition, you also gain Eminence, causing you to heal the lowest health nearby target within 20 yards for an amount equal to 25% of non-auto attack damage you deal.

    As a melee orientated class, this means our special hits (most of which requiring melee range) will be converted into smart heals. If you notice however, our Jade Serpent Statue included the same description. This means, that when you deal damage your Stance will allow 25% of your non-autoattack damage to be converted into healing, as well as your statue, adding up to 50% of your non-autoattack damage. With a 20% bonus to healing granted by the stance, the monk heals for 60% of non-autoattack damage done.

    You need to control your statue’s position and be aware of it at all times during an encounter. Our damaging abilities which get converted to Eminence healing are basically damaging abilities which do not already contain a healing component. Thus the following damaging abilities cause eminence healing:

    - Blackout Kick
    - Tiger Palm (Provides Tiger Power)
    - Jab
    - Crackling Jade Lightning
    - Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger
    - Auto-attacks (with Serpent’s Zeal)
    - Tiger Strikes (related to Auto-attacks)
    - Touch of Death

    The first aspect to note is Tiger Power:
    Also grants you Tiger Power, causing your attacks to ignore 30% of enemies' armor for 20 sec.

    Keeping this buff up is simple since it is refreshed everytime you use tiger palm, yet it is vital to increase our Eminence healing.

    If you read the tooltip description carefully you would find auto-attacks shouldn’t belong to that list, however thanks to your passive ‘Teachings of the Monastery’, when you cast blackout kick you gain Serpent’s Zeal:

    When you Blackout Kick, you gain Serpent's Zeal causing you to heal nearby injured targets equal to 25% of your auto-attack damage.

    Having auto-attacks heal free of cost is efficient for its mana cost, and knowing when and how you should perform ‘Fistweaving’ is essential to play the specialization to its maximum potential.

    When you should Fistweave:

    Fistweaving is the most unique style of healing available to Mistweavers and is quite different from any other method of healing in the game. It is similar to Atonement in the aspect of doing damage to heal, but the playstyle is a lot different and much more viable in varying degrees depending on the fight. The purpose of this guide is to flesh out some of the more confusing aspects of Fistweaving so that Mistweavers can understand when, why, and how it works.

    Maintaining Serpent's Zeal, Tiger Power, and spending all extra Chi on Tiger Palm or Blackout Kick
    This is the main objective of fistweaving which involves taking on a full DPS rotation (with other things mixed in, more on that later) with the object of translating as much damage as possible into healing while attempting to be mana efficient.

    When and why you should Fistweave:
    This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on several factors with some of the more important ones being the type of role you are attempting to fulfill in your group, your assignment and if you can afford to stop completely healing to provide the group with some dps and some healing. As a healer it should usually be just an extra set in your toolkit for downtime or to help your group beat an enrage timer. The general way of looking at it is the following: if healing is required for which using your typical healing spells would be more effective then you shouldn't dps to cover the healing, and in a similar fashion if there is nothing to heal then there is no reason not to dps. The rule of thumb is to attempt being as useful as you can to the group, whilst fulfilling your role as a healer.

    How to Fistweave:

    Given as a priority queue it would look like:

    • Keep Statue within 20 yards of groups of players if possible
    • Keep Tiger Power up
    • Tiger Palm if Muscle Memory is up and you have 1 chi to spend (or Blackout Kick if there's more than 1 target, Muscle Memory is up and you have at least 2 chi you can spend)
    • Jab to generate chi and Muscle Memory (or SCK if 3 or more targets are up)

    Thus, your rotation for a single target would look something like:

    Place Statue in a good position > Jab > TP > Jab > TP...

    It's as simple as it sounds.

    For a more in-depth guide to fistweaving visit Reglitch's fistweaving guide.

    6.2. Choosing the correct Chi generator

    Encounters will vary, some will allow a mistweaver to take full benefit of its strengths, others will pick on their weaknesses, but we must always adapt to the situation we are given and act accordingly. As with everything, practice makes perfect and through experimenting with different spells on different occasions, you will find which spells best fit to the situation and in particular, what ability you should use to generate chi, our main resource. You should view it as a sort of command list, where you need to meet certain criteria.

    Renewing Mists generates 1 chi. Since mistweavers have a slow ramp-up time to reach their full AoE potential it is mostly recommended to use ReM on cooldown, especially if the player recognizes he will need to be using uplift regularly. This is one of the most important recommendations in the guide since a mistweaver must gain this habit to be ready to heal multiple players when required.

    For 5.2, your main chi generator for the majority of encounters will be soothing mist. Efficiency is the key word and the fact is that it has more sustained and reliable chi generation than in previous patches. Whilst its chi generating component is based on a probability it has been fixed so that the probability increases after each tick that doesn't generate chi. After a tick generates chi, this probability lowers back to its base. Our other single target heal and chi generator is surging mist. It is our most expensive chi generator and generally shouldn't be used "just because you need chi". However, if chi is desperately needed and a player can benefit from the heal then this spell shouldn't be excluded as an option.

    Before patch 5.2, the main chi generator for most encounters which allowed the monk to stay within melee range was jab. As a chi generator it is guaranteed to generate chi making it reliable and since it has no CD it can be used several times. However, its excessive mana cost prevents us from using this ability continuously for a practice called Zealweaving which is no longer viable simply because of the excessive mana cost of jab. This will be your main chi generator when fistweaving as it buffs the mistweaver with Muscle Memory.

    Spinning Crane Kick (SCK) is one of our main AoE healing abilities, and its relatively expensive mana cost for a 4 tick channeled cast AoE prevents monks from using it blindly. Since AoE heals are now limited to healing 6 players at a time, they will heal the 6 most injured players in the group. This makes SCK a powerful chi generator in raid groups as it will have a high chance of being effective healing provided there are enough players to make SCK worth using (typically 4 or more).

    Finally, some players will tell you to use expel harm as soon as its cooldown is ready. Technically, expel harm is our most mana efficient on-demand chi generator but it is also a moderate self-heal. Usually, this can be used on cooldown, but if you can predict incoming damage where the self-heal will be effective, then it is best to delay it a few seconds just to take advantage of the heal.

    6.3. Single-target healing: “The synergy”

    The traditional healing specs of the game have what is usually referred to as the heal triplet. A small, low mana cost heal as a sort of filler (e.g. holy light), a fast, high HPS and mana expensive heal for those ‘oh shit’ moments (e.g. flash of light) and a slow, big and mana efficient heal (divine light). Monks were designed with a similar spell designation but unique in its own way as will be seen further on.

    Basically, it works around channeling soothing mist, your primary chi generator. When you channel soothing mist (SM), your surging mist (SrM) and enveloping mist (EM) become instant and can be cast whilst channeling soothing mist, but both heals mentioned will specifically be directed to the player who you are channeling soothing mist on. Don't try to cast enveloping mist on one player whilst channeling soothing mist on another because it won't work and instead you might just end up wasting your enveloping mist. The key notes to take from this unique style of healing is that you shouldn't be using SrM and EM sporadically on players unless you know only you will be able to heal them. Specifically for EM's case, it is a relatively strong and short HoT thus it is best used on a player who will be taking more damage so in other words; don't spam these abilities, play smart and attempt to reduce overhealing with these. It is often advised that if you do need to cast SrM or EM on a player, then try to channel soothing mist before to make the following SrM or EM instant cast, to continue healing with SM and even generate some additional chi if possible.

    Soothing mist has an interesting feature which is its initial tick upon starting the channel. Due to this characteristic it is possible for the monk to 'spam' SM, resulting in more ticks than a regular non-interrupted channel of SM. This is important not only because of the extra SM healing, but mainly because it is a quicker and more effective way of generating chi with our main chi generator. Below is a graphical illustration of SM spam against a regular non-interrupted SM channel in the same time period:

    As single target healers, mistweavers aren't usually assigned for specific players or even tanks simply because their AoE throughput is often too valuable to miss out on, and since chi is most often used on uplift or enveloping mist but not both simultaneously, then the most common assignment is to have mistweavers as FFA (free for all), covering the party or raid as they so please as long as their throughput can match the damage being taken. In 5 man parties and 10 man raids, there will be a higher tendency for the monk to cover the tank via enveloping mist simply because there will be less tank healing going on with reduced number of healers available.

    The interaction between these 3 healing abilities is awesome, having SrM and EM become instant while channeling SM and the increased healing to the channel while EM is active on the target is an appealing way of tank healing. As of patch 5.2, we don't tend to resort solely to tank healing simply because of the opportunity cost of not covering multiple players which is something we can excel at when prepared. Aside from that, mistweavers are a decent alternative to cover a tank, the only setback really is the mana cost tied to SrM which burns our mana if the player happens to take some spiky damage.

    6.4. Optimal usage of main cooldowns

    Raid wide AoE heal and amount healed per player depends on the raid difficulty (10 or 25). Generally speaking, overhealing with this cooldown is unnecessary and often considered meter padding. It’s a good “oh shit” cooldown, and it’s relatively effective for topping your raid off so make sure its heal will be effective. Revival scales exceptionally well with spell power so it depends on the character but in 10 man it can go up to healing every player for 40% of their total hp, it literally tops the raid. In 25 man it will heal every player for roughly 15 – 20% of their total hp assuming all players are healed.

    Life Cocoon
    Unique in the sense that it absorbs damage, possibly saving the player, shit in the sense that it gets obliterated in 2 hits if used on a tank. The recommended use for this cooldown is to anticipate damage, use it preemptively on a tank for raid mechanics which require external tank cooldowns such as Overwhelming assault on Blade Lord. The second note is that it doesn’t NEED to be used on a tank (unless it’s assigned) so casting it on a player with a damaging debuff will be an effective use, unless the debuff is negligible in which case that’s considered poor use.

    The 50% increased HoT healing associated to the cocoon is also valuable for single target throughput (e.g. healing Tsulong).

    Thunder Focus Tea
    This cooldown allows for 2 separate benefits, depending on which ability is used associated to the cooldown but the main note should go to TfT with uplift. This combo allows the monk to refresh all the ReMs on the raid to their full duration, meaning that you will have double the usual amount of players with ReM on them. It is an amazing cooldown for blanketing the raid with ReM and ‘snipe’ healing with uplift and it is rare to find a raid encounter where you won’t use this combo.

    Assuming the monk uses ReM on cd, the optimal usage of TfT will be with 7 – 8 players with ReM and 1 – 2 seconds immediately after using ReM. This is because 3 sets of ReM will be running when TfT is used, with the first one about to run out. Therefore, using TfT in this way will allow for more ReMs during the cycle following TfT. It is recommended to ‘pool’ at least 2 chi using this method, to be ready to cast an uplift as soon as ReM and TfT is used.

    The other TfT combo is associated to surging mist, and like it or not it does have its utility. Firstly, it is important to note that consuming 1 chi with TfT is not on the gcd, which allows you to do so while channeling soothing mist. Duplicating your SrM heal doesn’t seem very valuable, but if you managed to save a tank with this combo I would say that you’ve used your cooldown effectively, unless you know you will need your TfT for AoE throughput in a close future.

    Situations in which the SrM combo of TfT is worthwhile includes healing on tsulong during the day phase (using it with the Light of Day or Bathed in Light), challenge modes struggling to keep your tank alive, and any situation where it will save the player unless you recognize that another healer will do the job and you will need it for ReM refreshing.

    Chi Brew (Optional via talent)
    It is our best throughput talent for the respective tier primarily because it can lineup beautifully with TfT's CD, so if there is an incoming phase where increased healing throughput is demanded, then delaying the cooldown by a few seconds might be beneficial.

    Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger (Optional via talent)
    Xuen provides moderate eminence healing for no cost over a 45 sec duration and 3 min cooldown. To maximize its use, it should typically be used on cooldown, however it shouldn’t be viewed completely as a DPS cooldown for mistweavers; you’re brought to heal, not to DPS and as such if there’s literally no damage to heal with Xuen’s damage triggering Eminence smart heals, consider its use. It might come handy for a phase where its free smart heals will come to play at the expense of 1 gcd where you have to summon him. As an important note of Xuen's use, the spell is currently used to summon Xuen but not to make him attack your target and as such you must attack your target in any form (auto-attack, crackling jade lightning if at ranged position) to get Xuen to attack that target. Additionally, any time you enter a vehicle Xuen will cease his attack and you must attack your target again. This fixating issue will be fixed soon.

    7. Set bonuses

    T16 Set Bonuses

    Monk T16 Mistweaver 2P Bonus - When Gift of the Serpent spheres heal a player, they gain an absorb for 45% of the amount healed.
    • Decent 2 set that provides players with a moderate absorb which is generally valuable for most encounters

    Monk T16 Mistweaver 4P Bonus - When your Renewing Mist heals a target, you have a 4% chance to cast a Mist Wave healing bolt at a nearby low health friendly target.
    • Despite the low probability of proccing the heal it is a reasonable 4 set as it triggers a moderate smart heal thus it will attempt to heal the party or raid member with lowest health points

    T15 Set Bonuses

    Monk T15 Mistweaver 2P Bonus - Your Renewing Mist heals for 15% more each time it travels to a new target. (Multiplicative)
    • Quite a powerful bonus that buffers one of our most effective heals by an average of approximately 16%, makes further ReM haste breakpoints more desirable.

    Monk T15 Mistweaver 4P Bonus - Reduces the cooldown of your Thunder Focus Tea by 5 sec.
    • Situational, generally you'll have TfT ready to use when it matters on most encounters even with a 45 sec CD but otherwise there's no huge sacrifice in going for this bonus unlike its tier 14 counterpart.

    T14 Set Bonuses

    Monk T14 Mistweaver 2P Bonus - Reduces the mana cost of your Surging Mist spell by 10%.
    • Generally a very lackluster set bonus simply because it's tied to a spell we tend not to use, not worth getting tier just for the bonus.

    Monk T14 Mistweaver 4P Bonus - Increases the healing done by Enveloping Mist by 5%.
    • Same as the the 2P bonus.

    8. Trinkets

    There's a certain leeway when considering trinkets, this is that a different set of trinkets will yield better results for different encounters (e.g. what kind of healing you will be required to do), which simply means that if you want to be optimal you should consider all trinkets within reach and have more than just 2 if there are encounters which indeed require different sets. The following list, courtesy of Reglitch, designates a weight to each stat which allows for the attribution of a "Trinket Score". The trinkets are then given a rank based on their score.

    1 Int = 1, 1 HPS = 0.33, 1 spirit = 0.3, 1 MP5 = 0.54, 1 crit = 0.5, 1 haste = 0.4, 1 mastery = 0.3, Spirit proc = 0.3, Proc haste = 0
    Trinket Score
    Thok's Acid-Grooved Tooth[HW] [2]
    Thok's Acid-Grooved Tooth[H] [2]
    Thok's Acid-Grooved Tooth[N] [2]
    Thok's Acid-Grooved Tooth[FL] [2]
    Nazgrim's Burnished Insignia[HW] [2]
    Nazgrim's Burnished Insignia[H] [2]
    Thok's Acid-Grooved Tooth[L] [2]
    Prismatic Prison of Pride[HW] [2]
    Nazgrim's Burnished Insignia[N] [2]
    Prismatic Prison of Pride[H] [2]
    Prismatic Prison of Pride[N] [2]
    Nazgrim's Burnished Insignia[FL] [2]
    Nazgrim's Burnished Insignia[L] [2]
    Prismatic Prison of Pride[FL] [2]
    Prismatic Prison of Pride[L] [2]
    Dysmorphic Samophlange of Discontinuity[HW] [2]
    Dysmorphic Samophlange of Discontinuity[H] [2]
    Dysmorphic Samophlange of Discontinuity[N] [2]
    Dysmorphic Samophlange of Discontinuity[FL] [2]
    Lightning Imbued Chalice[HT] [2]
    Contemplation of Chi-Ji[ISLE] [2]
    Dysmorphic Samophlange of Discontinuity[L] [2]
    Lightning Imbued Chalice[H] [2]
    Horridon's Last Gasp[HT] [2]
    Lightning Imbued Chalice[H] [1]
    Lightning Imbued Chalice[NT] [2]
    Horridon's Last Gasp[HT] [1]
    Lightning Imbued Chalice[H] [0]
    Horridon's Last Gasp[H] [2]
    Lightning Imbued Chalice[NT] [1]
    Horridon's Last Gasp[HT] [0]
    Lightning Imbued Chalice[N] [2]
    Horridon's Last Gasp[H] [1]
    Lightning Imbued Chalice[NT] [0]
    Lightning Imbued Chalice[N] [1]
    Horridon's Last Gasp[NT] [2]
    Horridon's Last Gasp[H] [0]
    Lightning Imbued Chalice[N] [0]
    Horridon's Last Gasp[NT] [1]
    Horridon's Last Gasp[N] [2]
    Horridon's Last Gasp[NT] [0]
    Horridon's Last Gasp[N] [1]
    Lightning Imbued Chalice[L] [2]
    Soothing Talisman [REP] [2]
    Qin-Xi's [H] [2]
    Horridon's Gasp [N] [0]
    Lightning Imbued [L] [1]
    Soothing Talisman [REP] [1]
    Qin-Xi's [H] [1]
    Lightning Imbued [L] [0]
    Soothing Talisman [REP] [0]
    Qin-Xi's [H] [0]
    Horridon's Gasp [L] [2]
    Qin-Xi's [N] [2]
    Spirits of the Sun [H] [2]
    Horridon's Gasp [L] [1]
    Qin-Xi's [N] [1]
    Spirits of the Sun [H] [1]
    Horridon's Gasp [L] [0]
    Qin-Xi's [N] [0]
    Spirits of the Sun [H] [0]
    Relic of Chi-Ji [2]
    Qin-Xi's [L] [2]
    Spirits of the Sun [N] [2]
    Relic of Chi-Ji [1]
    Qin-Xi's [L] [1]
    Spirits of the Sun [N] [1]
    Relic of Chi-Ji [0]
    Qin-Xi's [L] [0]
    Heartwarmer Medallion [REP] [2]
    Cutstitcher Medallion [REP] [2]
    Spirits of the Sun [N] [0]
    Heartwarmer Medallion [REP] [1]
    Cutstitcher Medallion [REP] [1]
    Spirits of the Sun [L] [2]
    Scroll of Revered Ancestors [REP] [2]
    Jade Courtesan Figurine [N] [2]
    Heartwarmer Medallion [REP] [0]
    Cutstitcher Medallion [REP] [0]
    Spirits of the Sun [L] [1]
    Scroll of Revered Ancestors [REP] [1]
    Jade Courtesan Figurine [N] [1]
    Spirits of the Sun [L] [0]
    Scroll of Revered Ancestors [REP] [0]
    Jade Courtesan Figurine [N] [0]
    Empty Fruit Barrel [0]
    Price of Progress [0]
    Vial of Ichorus Blood [0]
    Thousand-Year Pickled Egg [2]
    Thousand-Year Pickled Egg [1]
    Thousand-Year Pickled Egg [0]
    Inscribed Bag [HT] [2]
    Inscribed Bag [HT] [1]
    Inscribed Bag [H] [2]
    Inscribed Bag [HT] [0]
    Stolen Relic [H] [2]
    Inscribed Bag [H] [1]
    Inscribed Bag [NT] [2]
    Stolen Relic [H] [1]
    Inscribed Bag [H] [0]
    Stolen Relic [NT] [2]
    Inscribed Bag [NT] [1]
    Stolen Relic [H] [0]
    Inscribed Bag [N] [2]
    Stolen Relic [NT] [1]
    Inscribed Bag [NT] [0]
    Stolen Relic [N] [2]
    Inscribed Bag [N] [1]
    Stolen Relic [NT] [0]
    Stolen Relic [N] [1]
    Inscribed Bag [N] [0]
    Stolen Relic [N] [0]
    Inscribed Bag [L] [2]
    Stolen Relic [L] [2]
    Inscribed Bag [L] [1]
    Stolen Relic [L] [1]
    Inscribed Bag [L] [0]
    Stolen Relic [L] [0]

    9. Consumables

    As mentioned previously, spirit is now a more appealing stat for healers since it is generally the only stat which provides a linear increase to mp5 regen. However, choosing the correct consumable might be a tougher option than gemming for instance. This is because the stat ratio of intellect to spirit is 1:1, meaning that you should try and gem for a satisfactory spirit level, so you can use intellect flasks and food. Only use spirit consumables if you really feel your mana regen is not satisfactory.

    The other important note is to food. In MoP, cooking was reworked to become a more interesting profession with 6 available specializations, where a player can learn all 6 and become a Master of the Ways. Each specialization allows the player to cook food with different exceptional stat bonuses, which corresponds to each of the primary stats, spirit and a 6th specialization for making some of the finest brew in Pandaria. As mistweavers, I would recommend you at least reach maximum skill with Way of the Pot (Intellect) and Way of the Steamer (Spirit). Finally, if you become Master in all 6 ways, you gain the right to purchase an apprentice (lol that might not sound right) with Ironpaw Token. When he reaches maximum level (will take a while but totally worth it) he will offer a daily quest with a random reward which can give +300 stat food.


    Flask of the Warm Sun: +1,000 Intellect
    Flask of Falling Leaves: + 1,000 Spirit


    Mogu Fish Stew: +300 Intellect / Steamed Crab Surprise: + 300 Spirit
    Braised Turtle: +275 Intellect / Fire Spirit Salmon: +275 Spirit
    Great Pandaren Banquet: +275 Intellect
    Banquet of the Pot and Great Banquet of the Pot: +275 Intellect / Banquet of the Steamer and Great Banquet of the Steamer: +275 Spirit
    Swirling Mist Soup: +250 Intellect / Shrimp Dumplings: +250 Spirit

    (Note: Stats gained from banquets are increased by 25 if you have the corresponding achievements; for example Master of the Pot grants +25 intellect (275) from Banquet of the Pot)


    Potion of the Jade Serpent: +4,000 Intellect for 25 sec
    Potion of Focus: +45,000 Mana over 10 sec
    Master Mana Potion: +30,000 Mana

    10. FAQ

    Q - "So hold on, do I need 3145 haste rating in serpent stance or without it??? I'm so confused."

    A - I suppose that by this you're aiming for 16.65% haste, which is the 2nd breakpoint on Renewing Mist giving you an 11th tick. If you're in a group with a class that can provide 5% haste such as a shadow priest or balance druid, this requirement gets pushed down to 11.10% haste which you'll need to obtain from your gear since there are no other static raid haste buffs which you can count on. However, you also have Stance of the Wise Serpent's (SWS) effect which increases your haste rating by 50%. This means that without SWS you only need 7.40% haste so that when you do have SWS active this gets buffed to 11.10%. Therefore it is recommended that when reforging you use Stance of the Fierce Tiger. Finally, to get 7.40% haste you'll need 3145 haste rating from your gear.

    Q - "Are you crazy? Gift of the Serpent is usually around 8% of my total healing, it must be good!"

    A - The mechanic behind Gift of the Serpent is absolutely fine, and it's an interesting passive for our healing abilities. However, you could have 0 mastery rating and your Gift of the Serpent would still be around 8% of your total healing. By this I mean that our heals scale poorly with mastery rating.

    When we consider the interaction of our mastery rating with Gift of the Serpent we can truly see how it's not an adequate mastery to have, especially as a healer. As an example If you have 1% mastery as a Restoration Druid, it's as linear as it gets: 1% mastery is a direct 1% increase to single targets heals and harmony. As a mistweaver, 1% mastery increases the probability of summoning a healing sphere by 1% on each heal. However, the number on your Gift of the Serpent tooltip is the base probability. Since on an average 8 min encounter you will literally have thousands of heals, this would yield an insane amount of spheres so individual scalars were given to each of our heals according to their frequency of healing. Just to simplify things I'll use the average scalar for all of our heals (this is incorrect since it assumes equal weight on all of our heals which is wrong, the average would actually tend to a number between ReM and uplift's scalar so between 0.15 and 0.25) which would be approximately 0.2. So if you have 19% mastery your heals will on average have a 3.8% chance to summon a healing sphere. If you get 480 mastery rating to increase it to 20% mastery you'll increase the chance to 4%, meaning you got 480 mastery rating to increase the chance for your heals to summon a healing sphere by 0.2%.

    If you get 500 crit rating instead, you're increasing the chance on all of your heals to be 200% (or 206% with a 3% crit meta gem) of their normal value by 0.83%. This also partly explains why we go for crit rating, because it's the stat our heals scale best with.

    Q - "Do I gem for intellect or crit?"

    A - Both gemming strategies are viable and roughly equal at high ilvls such as heroic ToT gear, except fistweaving tends to be more effective with a crit build. At lower ilvls intellect gemming is superior for throughput.

    Q - "What haste breakpoint do I go for?!"

    A - This will obviously be gear dependent, but the general rule of thumb is that if you're losing around 1.6k crit from reforging or you're gemming yellow haste gems then you probably don't have enough ilvl to support the haste breakpoint you're aiming for.

    11. Macros

    Mouse-over macros

    As healers and especially mistweaver monks these macros are essential to increase our output level as it allows for better reactions since you no longer have to target players to cast a heal and you can continue with other actions, for example auto attacking to heal via Serpent's Zeal.

    #showtooltip Renewing Mist
    /cast [target=mouseover,help] Renewing Mist; [help] Renewing Mist; Renewing Mist
    This macro prioritizes the monk's Renewing Mist cast on a mouseover. If there is no mouseover, the heal will go on your target instead and if there is no target it will be cast on yourself.

    Engineering Macros

    #showtooltip Thunder Focus Tea
    /use 10
    /cast Thunder Focus Tea
    This macro allows you to use Synapse Springs as you TfT + uplift or SrM, where the former will update all the ReMs on the raid with Synapse Spring's intellect buff. Although I don't recommend this macro as your usage of Synapse Springs will depend on the nature of the damage you're preparing for but typically most mistweavers go with this macro to keep it simple.

    12. Appendix


    Term Meaning
    AA Auto-Attack (white hits)
    BoK Blackout Kick
    CB Chi Burst
    CJL Crackling Jade Lightning
    CT Chi Torpedo
    CW Chi Wave
    EM Enveloping Mist
    FW or FWing Fistweaving
    HPM Healing Per Mana
    HPS Healing Per Second
    LC Life Cocoon
    MW Mistweaver
    ReM Renewing Mist
    RJW Rushing Jade Wind
    SZ Serpent's Zeal
    SM Soothing Mist
    SCK Spinning Crane Kick
    SrM Surging Mist
    TfT Thunder Focus Tea
    TP Tiger Palm
    Xuen Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger
    ZS Zen Sphere

    Special Thanks

    - Valen and Suzushiirou for the outstanding theorycrafting presented on several forums and the development of Valen’s Mistweaver Calculations
    - EGTactics for his work done during beta
    - Reglitch and Dumbfoundead for their collaboration and support with the guide
    - Shyama for some outstanding artwork provided for the guide
    - Totaltotemic for his endless discussions on fistweaving
    - All the MMO-Champ users making daily contributions and providing interesting discussions in the monk forum

    Update Log:

    14.09.2013 - Patch 5.4 updates.
    16.01.2013 - Thread created.
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    Oh cool a new guide well done

  3. #3
    Chi Torpedo is off the GCD, and can be weaved inbetween uplifts/ReM casts, making it significantly higher HPS than not taking it (even if you chi gen with SCK instead of jab).

    Also I'm pretty sure RJW is a healing loss (or a very very slight healing gain) comparing to casting another chi burst or uplift, and as such either of the other talents are MASSIVELY superior to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnorrior View Post
    Chi Torpedo is off the GCD, and can be weaved inbetween uplifts/ReM casts, making it significantly higher HPS than not taking it (even if you chi gen with SCK instead of jab).

    Also I'm pretty sure RJW is a healing loss (or a very very slight healing gain) comparing to casting another chi burst or uplift, and as such either of the other talents are MASSIVELY superior to it.
    That's a fair opinion, but there are 2 factors to consider when making the claim that Chi Torpedo will prove "significantly higher HPS"

    1. The assumption is that you will be able to channel SCK for the full duration of the buff, which is particularly situational and mostly not possible.
    2. You will generate more chi using RJW than Chi Torpedo allowing for more uplifts or chi bursts in between, unless you are using jab as for this particular case (mass AoE healing required) it wouldn't net as much HPS as using SCK.

    Additionally, you lose out on an important movement ability, roll. The other 2 talents are indeed usually better choices for most (if not all) encounters in tier 14, but theoretically RJW will provide higher HPS for its duration.

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    For 10 man, the only time I've talented out of Xuen was the first time i saw he was bugged on Garalon. I went Chi Torpedo and don't think I got a single productive use out of it (if it wasn't obvious on that encounter). Every other fight of the tier I've felt RJW was 100% useless (since the nerfs to SCK) and Torpedo was 95% useless.

    25s is obviously a different story, but I just wanted to point this out.

  6. #6
    I did use RJW on our first Feng hc kills. use it on the adds he spawns and SCK helps out wiht killing them in bad gear

  7. #7
    Quote Originally Posted by lebowski View Post
    For 10 man, the only time I've talented out of Xuen was the first time i saw he was bugged on Garalon. I went Chi Torpedo and don't think I got a single productive use out of it (if it wasn't obvious on that encounter). Every other fight of the tier I've felt RJW was 100% useless (since the nerfs to SCK) and Torpedo was 95% useless.

    25s is obviously a different story, but I just wanted to point this out.
    Thanks for pointing this out, I can imagine how in a 10 man setup the value of Xuen's smart heals will increase relative to other T90 talents and in comparison the reduced number of people that can be caught by our AoE heals will devalue Chi Torpedo and RJW. I will add a bit more to the guide with respect to the distinction between 10 man and 25 man (which causes surprisingly different types of healing required).

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    First off, on garalon your ranged should be stacking. Giving a very easy group of people to chi torpedo. Depending on how many ranged you have, you could also travel with the melee group. Chi Torpedo is amazing on vizier, is amazing at healing people after unseen and in p3 on blade lord, is great for rain of blades, is free throughput on amber shaper (though likely less than xuen), and is amazing for every phase of empress.

    Likewise, it's useful for P1 protectors during massive raid damage, p2 during waterbolt splash from derping dps missing interrupts, and p3 during the massive raidwide AoE. ON tsulong, it provides significantly higher throughput than one use of xuen would. (And can mostly be saved to weave into use during high-throughput times, the same use xuen has). On Lei Shi it can be used for get away/hide spot healing (though xuen is generally better for get away). On Sha it helps kill adds and provide AoE throughput, both of which is does better than xuen over long periods (Xuen helps on huddles...but only slightly).

    These are all in terms of heroic 25m. In heroic 10m, they will likely still have the same applications, though slightly weaker depending on how many people are stacking/raid comp.

    Basically, after being too lazy to switch out of chi torpedo for farm I found that it was extremely useful on every fight in HoF/ToES. I don't run through MGV anymore because I take my alts through it for gear, however in theory it's useful on stone guards, feng (CT does strong AoE damage), garajal (random raid damage gogo), elegon ( damage...), and will. So...not really seeing anywhere where torpedo is "useless". Less optimal than Xuen on a few fights? Potentially, such as elegon, lei shi, and wind lord. But in general chi torpedo is better on most fights.

    If you use RJW at 2chi, spend 8s on SCK, 1s on an uplift or chi burst, then 2 more SCK, you will net 11s of SCK buffed by 50%. My SCK sustains 132k HPS, which means around 738k bonus healing if you were to heal using only SCK and one chi dump this entire time. However, taking into account one chi burst (instead of using RJW) lowers this down to 326k bonus healing...which is less than one chi torpedo. Meanwhile, I get 2 chi torpedo's for every possible RJW. So I reiterate, that there is no possibly situation where RJW could beat CT. (Even on feng with the large number of adds, using CT twice would result in more burst healing than the increase in eminence + SCK would).

    Also, SCK generally obtains extremely high overhealing, and as such its slow chi generation means you can obtain similar HPS to SCK chi gen with jab chi gen (this can largely depend on the strength of your other healers, though).

    I'm going to avoid getting any further into the SCK vs. Jab debate because it can largely be chalked up to preference, but in H25m, using chi torpedo is a huge healing gain if used properly regardless of if you use jab or SCK for "filler" chi gain. At some point you will use ReM/TfT/Uplift, and ReM/expel harm come off CD in line with CT (faster actually, since its often optimal to use 2 CT's to return to your original position.)

    By properly I mean: jump backwards, use global, release backwards key, use chi torpedo, and you'll be a few yards forward and have lost around .5s on your global for a free 400k~ healing.

    As for losing it's use as an escape tool, there aren't many mechanics which I trust roll to save me from, and I feel much safer just manually running around and avoiding mechanics myself, which hasn't been particularly hard as of yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zonde View Post
    2. You will generate more chi using RJW than Chi Torpedo
    I have no idea what this means. How do you generate more chi?

    Oh, and on the reliability of Soothing Mist: Sometimes, I've decided to be more or less a dedicated tank healer from range, for whatever reason (experimenting with the playstyle, lack of raid damage aka Lei Shi, etc). And what I've noticed is that it's rare for me to not have enough chi to use Enveloping Mist regularly, to the point where sometimes I have trouble keeping my chi down due to getting back to max chi before Enveloping Mist falls off the target. Between spamming Chi Wave and Enveloping Mist I can drain my chi into lots of heals on the tank, but that's going away in 5.2 with the removal of the Chi Wave cost.

    So is it really that bad, to the point where you drill home over and over again how unreliable the chi gen is? It is enough to get the job done, it seems.
    Last edited by Dreyo; 2013-01-16 at 09:50 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreyo View Post
    I have no idea what this means. How do you generate more chi?
    Because you will be channeling SCK more often than if you have Chi Torpedo specced.

  11. #11
    Once again, you are making those assumptions for 25 man and I was specifically referring to 10s. 10 man is an entirely different beast. I'll agree that CT is nice for Unseen Strike...but if you do it right US isn't really a threat, there is no incoming raid-wide damage that needs to be handled quickly. If you have a decent Disc, no one in your raid is going to take ANY damage from that in a 10.

    Garalon on 10 is the biggest waste of CT there is. I can heal myself and 4 ranged with it (if those you can get the tunnelers to actually stack), or I can heal myself and 2 melee. And that's assuming none of those people is Pheromone kiting. RM + Uplift is plenty in 10s.

    For your other examples:

    Stone Guards: RARELY going to get the maximum targets you can hit, plus Xuen is sick when you get increased damage.
    Feng: I'll give you this, stackfest. Also a snoozefest, CT isn't going to make or break your kill.
    Garajal: Usually will get a decent amount of targets in your CT, but Xuen adds DPS to any group struggling with the enrage. Also it's more about the spike healing in 10s than the overall raid damage.
    Elegon: I'm on the boss most of the time, and CT isn't worth it on the two melee it will heal. Also, more damage buffs for Xuen.
    Will: You can have this one, too.
    Protectors: Personally haven't tried it on this fight, but I can see its usefulness.
    Tsulong: Our raid is WAY too spread in 10's for this to work. Xuen gets me more.
    Lei Shi: Love me some Xuen on Get Away.
    Sha: I use Xuen for the Huddles, as mentioned.

    I agree with almost everything you said, but as a 10 man raider I just don't believe that Chi Torpedo is the go-to talent. For all the healing it does, there are too many positional requirements from your raiders, on top of it moving you to a place you might not want to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zonde View Post
    Because you will be channeling SCK more often than if you have Chi Torpedo specced. do you figure? It's not as if the SCK button stops working if you don't have RJW.

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    thanks for the guide.
    found a little typo in section 5.5 Crit section.
    the Meta increases critical heals by 3% means: a crit = 200% *1.03 = 206% heal not 203%.

  14. #14
    Just finished typing mine up today, excuse me while I go yell at some inanimate objects.

    ---------- Post added 2013-01-16 at 10:41 PM ----------

    What are you using for haste breakpoints? I'm getting 3148 without serpent stance, the only place I've seen otherwise is Valen's calculations and I'm a bit iffy about that because it seems to be rounded incorrectly.

  15. #15
    Quote Originally Posted by Dreyo View Post do you figure? It's not as if the SCK button stops working if you don't have RJW.
    During the 12 sec duration of RJW's 50% increased healing done by SCK, you will channel SCK more often then if you had Chi Torpedo, resulting in more chi gen. This is purely hypothetical and several encounters from a 25 man PoV favor CT instead of RJW.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheTrueM4gg0t View Post
    thanks for the guide.
    found a little typo in section 5.5 Crit section.
    the Meta increases critical heals by 3% means: a crit = 200% *1.03 = 206% heal not 203%.
    You're absolutely correct, thank you for spotting it.

  16. #16
    Great thread! But im a little confused regarding haste, i was under the impression i required 3145 haste WITH SWS, does this mean ive been losing out on the 11th tick? Should i be running with 4718 haste WITH SWS?

  17. #17
    Quote Originally Posted by Dumbfoundead View Post
    Just finished typing mine up today, excuse me while I go yell at some inanimate objects.

    ---------- Post added 2013-01-16 at 10:41 PM ----------

    What are you using for haste breakpoints? I'm getting 3148 without serpent stance, the only place I've seen otherwise is Valen's calculations and I'm a bit iffy about that because it seems to be rounded incorrectly.
    Yeah, rounding sucks for these calculations... I confess that I took most of the % breakpoint values from Valen but if calculate them myself I end up with the same breakpoints as Valen. I simply calculate them by admitting that the 1st breakpoint in % is half of the reciprocal of the base ticks of the respective HoT, and that subsequent ticks come in intervals of the reciprocal of the base ticks.

    EDIT: For the 10th tick on ReM I calculate it to be 5.55%, odd. lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Drakthir90 View Post
    Great thread! But im a little confused regarding haste, i was under the impression i required 3145 haste WITH SWS, does this mean ive been losing out on the 11th tick? Should i be running with 4718 haste WITH SWS?
    The values represented in the HoT haste breakpoint table demonstrate the haste rating required taking into account the haste received by the specified column. Looking at the 11th tick on ReM, you need 4718 haste rating without taking into account the 50% bonus to haste rating from SWS but including 5% haste from your raid. Thus if you have the bonus from SWS you only need 3145 haste rating on your gear, since the stance will push your haste rating to 4718. The table seems self-explanatory to me but I'm more than happy to change it if it is not easy to interpret.

    An easy way of verifying if you will have an 11th tick on ReM is to check how much haste rating you have with SWS, if you have more than or equal to 4718 haste rating you will meet the breakpoint requirement. Another of checking is if you meet 16.66% haste with 5% haste and SWS. If you don't meet those requirements with your current setup then I'm afraid you've been missing out on that 11th tick. Thanks
    Last edited by Luqt; 2013-01-17 at 02:00 AM.

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    Something I think you should include when discussing haste breakpoints is the effect haste has on the duration of a hot, most notable renewing mist.
    This phenomena is caused by how blizzard calculates when to grant the extra tick to a hot or dot. When you start gaining haste the duration of the hot decreases as your ticks become faster. This is because the hot does not account for partial ticks in its duration (ie. always ends on a tick). With renewing mist you'll see this as the duration drops to nearly 17 seconds from the base 18 seconds. Once you gain enough haste to reduce the tick time where it would allow a full half a tick extra under the base duration. ie. once you reach a tick time of 1.9 seconds for the first break point, you gain the extra tick. However because you still dont have a duration that fits into the base duration it still modifies the duration. UP.
    Now this is important because of uplift and tft. A longer duration on your renewing mists means they are up nearly a second longer leaving you more room for uplifting and greater leeway in hitting a good tft.
    This can be seen for other classes that keep dots up to allow for other effects to occur such as an elemental shaman or shadow priest.
    When we talk about a breakpoint to gain a tick this is usually the point we are aiming for however what isn't often explained is that for every haste point over this breakpoint until the next tick is earned you are REDUCING the duration of the hot or dot which can actually negatively impact your performance. It's a complex consideration but something I believe bears explaining due to how we utilise the uptime of renewing mist. Yes the mist will heal faster with more haste over a breakpoint, but it is not gaining any extra healing per mana or global cooldown between ticks.

  19. #19
    Quote Originally Posted by zonde View Post
    During the 12 sec duration of RJW's 50% increased healing done by SCK, you will channel SCK more often then if you had Chi Torpedo, resulting in more chi gen. This is purely hypothetical and several encounters from a 25 man PoV favor CT instead of RJW.
    I still don't understand how having Chi Torpedo prevents me from chaincasting SCK for 12 seconds should I feel like it.

  20. #20
    Assuming optimal use;

    RJW Costs 2 chi and you'll fit 4 SCK into it's duration so you net 2 chi.

    Chi Torpedo takes 3 globals, you could cast 3 more SCKs in the same 12 second time frame.

    3>2, the fact RJW can help towards mana tea is irrelevant considering so much of it's budget is tied to using 88k mana. The only scenario you really would use RJW is when you can depend on a large number of adds being alive every 30 or so seconds as it procs eminence individually off each hit it does.

    This tier though, you're going to either want Xuen or Chi Torpedo.

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