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    Any suggestions for lesser charms?

    I don't know if this topic has been discussed much, but I feel that something should change about the way that you can obtain your lesser charms to turn into elder charms. The problem I see is that I'm now doing dailies with factions I've been exalted with for months now just to get a few coins to turn into elder charms. I Know that when the new daily hubs come out in 5.2 this will be less of an issue since those will be dailies that are worth doing ,if not for gear at least you can enjoy the awesome storyline. My question or suggestion rather is, what if we could get a few lesser charms by doing Looking for Raid bosses(the same amount as from a daily quest per boss I guess). I feel like that would solve the problem of the "better players" not doing LFR anymore, it could possibly lower the que times that people complain about aswell since more people will want to run Looking for Raid. The change wouldn't force you to run LFR either if you didn't want to, it would just be another way to get some coins you may be wanting.

    So that's my suggestion to something that might not actually be a problem. I just thought it might be something to consider for the future.

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    I think the playerbase is all in favour of having more options and more ways of achieving their goals. Especially when it comes to daily rewards (specifically the reputation they reward), players have been asking to get this from dungeons too. Blizzard have chosen to let dailies be the only source of this reputation though so I'm afraid they would take the same stance with your idea.

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    They have said they are planning on letting people get lesser charms from pet battles.

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    Maybe rare spawns dropping them?

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