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    which trinket ? :P

    hey just need some help deciding which 2 trinkets i should be using for optimal dps the choices are:

    SkullRender Medallion - ilvl 496
    Darkmist Vortex (HC) - ilvl 509
    Relic of Xuen - ilvl 476
    Lei shin's final orders - ilvl489

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    Lei Shin
    Skullrender(if non engi)
    Relic(if engineer)

    Haste is real garbage. So that drop would've been much better if a ret or dk got it.

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    well yeh i was using skullrender/lei shin atm, but the darkmist vortex hc dropped from my coin, but it's 1300 base strength which i wasn't sure if it was an upgrade or not :/

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