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    This is just an idea im using as a campaign to get my beloved Ret Paladin into RBG's...

    Would it be so far-fetched to have 1-2 Ret paladins as healer Body guards? I know we cant really peel, but we can counter silences/interrupts and off-heal (better in 5.2). we can make a healers life easier by healing them while they are healing the other DPS.

    I know im just spit-balling and more than likely this will be shot down, but hey! I'm trying.
    It simply wouldn't work. Assuming both Rets had 5 Holy Power and a 3 stacked selfless healer up, they'd be able to put out roughly 150k healing each (max).. Which in an RBG really isn't that much. A Spriest or Warlock who fears 3-4 DPS will stop far more than 150k damage being dealt.

    And as soon as you stopped healer-defending and went for a kill, you wouldn't be much help at all. Rets are easy to kill as soon as they over extend and do literally no spread or splash damage.

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    Only ret I have ever seen do decent is RBGs is Blowfish on EU and Vanguards on US. I HAVE SPOKEN

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    Sadly you play a ret. Ret have no place in RBG at the moment.

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    Yep, ret is so far below other melee why would you take it over them? Plenty of people have joined my group and left simply because we had a ret. I don't mind it if we dont have 2 "defensive" classes but otherwise, not really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delznope View Post
    Get the Addon OQueue from curse.
    Quote Originally Posted by Delznope View Post
    Get banned from WoW.
    Brilliant plan.
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    I'm sorry but ret palas just don't bring anything worthwhile to an rbg team.
    Their damage is crap outside cooldowns, which are...cooldowns, you don't have them up all the time and is very likely you won't have them up when it really matters.
    Their heal is crap as well, they're hybrids after all and were never supposed to have heals that are as good as healer specs.
    They don't have any cc to speak of.
    On top of these too, they are melee and squishy too --> they die anyway.

    I play a ww monk and am in the same situation. Nobody wants me in their rbg because I got dick squat to bring. Nobody wants me in an arena team either, which is why I can't get a damn pvp weapon, as all I have to work with are people needing to cap, which is most cases are just like me: undergeared. At least monks get very nice things next patch and may become more desirable for rbg teams.

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