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    I decided to go to sunwell a few nights ago on my hunter and Thori'dal the Stars' Fury dropped so i am pretty happy with that, also have the eye of sulfuras so in the middle of grinding blood of the mountain on my deathknight. Also trying to get the glaives set but no luck as of yet.

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    Got Thunderfurry, Thori'dal, and Sulfuras atm, before cata was released had my Dk with 15 Shadowfrost shards and never bothered in cata to gether them, now i'm 13 away for Shadowmourne, and started this week on my Monk for the healing mace in Ulduar and i'm at 6/30 Fragments , so far no luck with Glaives in BT.

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    TF, Glaives, FoTF, Benediction are in my collection.

    Still waiting for that vague Thori'dal drop.
    Good amount of kills there but just unlucky as heck with that legendary item.

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    Thunderfury - 6 months for the other binding to drop. Had all the mats waiting, 2 weeks later both bindings dropped during the same run......
    Thori'dal - Was on a mog run on my hunter late CATA, it dropped, won the roll with a 55 (the other 2 hunters and the rogue all rolled under 30).

    Saw both glaives drop but they were reserved for a twink who had the other half, never saw the eye even after a year worth of clears, stuck on the blood infusion (just cant seem to get a group to do it, openraid helps but they either have no interest in doing it or its reserved for someone else.)

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    Just going to remind you guys - back in classic transmuting Arcanite had a 24 hour cooldown attached to it, and you needed 100 arcanite bars (and thus: 100 arcanite crystals) for Thunderfury and 50 for Sulfuras. That, on top of three stacks of dark iron bars, 10 blood of the mountain etc. was a whole load of farming for a single item.
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    Atiesh is my fav legendary I have, but overall the best item to me is Benediction. It still remains one of the best times spent in this game for me.
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    I have all the legendaries that I can wield on my main (minus atiesh). I never really bothered farming the rest.

    Imo Blizzard should have removed the legendaries with the content and also allowed transmuting them.

    Nowadays the old legendaries don't feel rare anymore at all and it makes me sad. I'm always happy when I see the original black battle tank on our server. Of course with account merging you can just buy it nowadays. Sad sad times.

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    Blood Infusion onwards for me to complete my set, should really get on that.

    When did warriors get to start the Dragonwrath quest line or could they always?
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    You are full of shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AeneasBK View Post
    Blood Infusion onwards for me to complete my set, should really get on that.

    When did warriors get to start the Dragonwrath quest line or could they always?
    The achievements are shared. He did dragonwrath on a different character.

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    My DK RNG was soooo bad, took like 30+ to get an off hand glaives, 8 week later to get the main hand. And sulfuras....i had the sulfuron hammer in bank for like 7 month before a fricking eye drop, thunderfury took me 1 month, and baron geddon was like 8/all my run. My monk RNG is much better, first run got geddon binding, took like 5 week to get both glaives, now starting to work on val'anyr first run got me 3 fragments (would have been 4 if a moron didnt ninja it) and will finish shadowmourne on my DK (now on the collecting shards thing) And thoridal? doing it weekly for my gf hunter every week now at 5 week still no drop (and killed it like 4-5 time for transmog before never saw that bow drop) and last part, leveling my warlock (81 now) so he can start to work on dragonwrath. After all those will be completed, i might finish my rogue to get fangs of father and that about it XD

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    I'm working on getting my second glaive atm. Also running ICC HC for the shards, but bad luck is bad

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    On my other war, ive had Thunderfury and Sulfuron Hammer. I got all items needed within 3-4weeks to get those both weapons. I think i were lucky.

    Now on my current warrior.. i started gathering these pieces again. I just got Left binding.. actually it have already dropped twice. Ive done only 4 MC runs this war on war. No sign of Eye yet. I started running BT also. 3 runs so far done and Main hand dropped.

    Going to start Val'anyr running on my shaman.

    I kinda liked vanilla / TBC legendary weapon style. The feeling when you get that kind of loot from boss is nice. Specially when you have done 100x runs there and finally manage to get it.
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    I am currently struggling to get Shadowmourne. My server is not that "medium" anymore (thanks stupid transfers) and most raidmembers in ICC don't give a d*mn about Blood Infusion.

    A few months ago, I got both Sullfuras and Thunderfury in one week.

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    I just had my 3rd OH Glaive drop, while I need the MH. RNG, I hate you.

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    Have Thunderfury, Sulfuras, and both BT glaives on warrior. Fangs of the Father daggers on rogue.

    Need to finish one of the infusion quests and start farming Shadowfrost shards for Shadowmourne. Also, I've wanted to get a Thori'dal, but not completely sure I can still equip it as a warrior. And since you have to equip and "wield" it, might not be possible anymore for me.

    EDIT: Did some quick checking after my post. Looks like a warrior can equip a bow/gun, just can't use it. Guess I'm back to a weekly SW run.
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    Fangs of the Father
    14/30 for Valanyr
    and just started Dragonwrath quest
    Some extra Thoridals/TFs/Sulfuras/Glaives on alts
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    the 500 strenght gem:3 i don't have any legendary weapons on my main since i was a tank in ICC so i had last priority on shadowmourne ( and i was too lazy and poor to get the primordial saronite myself. ) and for my pre wotlk main the legendary bow from sunwell only dropped once and i was outbid by a rogue who had more dkp than i had.

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    My rogue has Thunderfury after I'd say close to 2 years. Baron Geddon did not like me.
    Got the bow, that was the first Farm run after MoP released.
    Gotten 1 glaive, main-hand. No luck yet on off-hand, did drop when I was on my warlock though....ughhhh.

    Don't really care about the Ulduar mace of FL staff, cause my rogue will be the only one I'll use to farm pretty and useless items.

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    I have 2x Thunderfury, 1 Thor'idal and 1 Va'lanyr. Problem is that my priest a female gnome and the legendary mace clips through the ground... grr... and I really wanna stay a gnome! Can't have it all I guess...

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    It took me literally the entirety of t12 to get Dragonwrath (even as first-in-line of my guild to get it). Started the quest the very day the patch dropped, and I finally obtained it the night before the Dragon Soul patch dropped.

    T11 and t12 were huge rollercoasters for my guild. We came dangerously close to falling apart due to member attrition. It was a vicious cycle ... a few people retired from the game, which compromised our ability to progress on 25, which frustrated some more folks who then dropped out, in a feedback loop that eventually got us down to barely being able to put together a single 10-player group.

    We eventually did rebuild during Firelands, to the point where shortly after I obtained our first DTR we were able to pump out a couple more in fairly short order (I did most of the chain on 10-player, finished it up on 25). Then in Dragon Soul we enjoyed the highest rate/level of progression we ever have as a guild for the duration I've been there.

    I was nearly overwhelmed with emotion when I emerged from Grommash Hold to complete the final quest. My whole guild was on vent and in Org cheering me on, a huge crowd (it felt like at least) was in Org watching and congratulating me. I had on my Warlock tier helm that has the demon wings proc. It was just an amazing feeling, putting in so much work to help keep my guild together and build it back up to be as good or better than we've ever been and getting that staff as a symbol of everything we'd all gone through together, watching my giant Warlock wings flap over Org to let everyone know we were back and weren't going anywhere.

    I will never forget it. It was truly a legendary experience.
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