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    ZG Mounts

    Wasn't rightly sure where to put this so if it's the wrong spot feel free to move it. Anyway, I was curious if anyone was gotten either mount from the redesigned ZG lately. I've run both bosses everyday for the past two months and still never seen the mounts. I get that RNG is RNG but I just want to make sure they even still drop and I"m not wasting my time. Back when the area was current the mounts dropped quite frequently.

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    had a guildie get the panther a couple weeks ago, just keep farming. i'm still grinding my raptor.

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    I got both, got them in cata though through LFD.

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    Got my raptor right before 5.4.

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    Not lately, I've been trying to run a few times a week on a few toons but I'm not very consistent with it. My buddy did get the raptor when we did a guild run back in Cata.

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    I got the old raptor a week b4 the rework while farming xmorg or twink gear, cant remember, no luck currently with the new mounts but :<

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    Ive been farming them too without any luck. I cant imagine them not being on the loot table anymore though. Just keep it up

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    I can't remember which one it was, but my guild master got one of them 3-4 months ago.
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    I got both since the launch of MoP, probably pre 5.3 but there would be no reason for them to have been removed since.

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    got mah raptor about a week ago

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    Got the old ZG tiger x2, but in new ZG I am still farming.

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    I go there once a day on my MW Monk. She has the easiest time in there.

    Got Swift Zulian Tiger, Hate the fact I never got original raptor or amani bear =(

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    Have had 3 original raptors drop, no tiger in approx 200 kills.

    Got the new panther in LFD after a week or so, still farming for new raptor..

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    Can raptor be solo'd?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Totle View Post
    Can raptor be solo'd?
    i dont think so, doesn't he always one shot one random player? if its only you that would mean reset.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NSrm View Post
    i dont think so, doesn't he always one shot one random player? if its only you that would mean reset.
    They changed that months ago. He doesn't use it on his primary target. If you are the only target he wont do it at all. If you are a pet class make sure you have aggro rather than your pet (turn off growl or just don't use the pet).

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    Yea I was also wondering this. During Cata I ran ZG daily on 2 toons and seen a total of 3 panthers and 1 raptor (won the raptor). But ever since MoP I can't seem to get the panther to drop. For MoP I decided to play my retired main that only did ZG like twice in Cata. He now has a total of 124 kills... and no panther drops.

    So yea it seems that the drop % was nerfed for MoP since you can solo it with ease as oppose to cata when you needed a group or just be a DK lol
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    been so lucky to got both in same run after 1 months of farming !!!

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    I've got both, and both the original ones :P

    The panther I got dual-boxing back in Cataclysm, and the raptor after they changed it to be soloable (without gimics).

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