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    Quote Originally Posted by the0o View Post
    Got the Main hand on my monk, going to see if the off hands drops tonight.

    15ish kills so far and no leather helm.

    33 kills so far, got about 9 CV drops, 7 main hands, no off hand as yet.

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    I got Thunderfury and Sulfuras. I love vanilla and I like to run MC every week. I might even make a 60 twink and farm Thunderfury and Sulfuras again

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    ~20 siphons or less from my legendary staff
    ~5-6 aly runs or ~1 full clear
    Probably choose the aly runs since I still want the mount either way

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    Quote Originally Posted by smegmage View Post
    It's not a Legendary, but it may as well have been given the questline I did for it. Runesword of the Red from the AQ opening event quest chain. Same skin as the BWL blade, but far more epic and as rare if not more than any legendary other than perhaps atiesh.
    Ravencrest's Legacy my friend. I do not agree tho, the only Atiesh-like legendary item in the game would be Corrupted Ashbringer. Better than any other legenday, can be used at transmog item. Nothing comes close.

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    I've got 2 legendaries - Shadowmourne which I got during Icc progression and Thunderfury which I finally managed to get at the dusk of Cataclysm (rng never favored me).

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    Had been farming Molten Core weekly for about 9 months on my main (paladin), decided to run it with my newly dinged 90 shaman alt with a friend...and the Eye drops. Thinking I'll never see it drop again, I run it just after on my paladin, and it drops again.

    Also have a Thunderfury and the MoP cloaks, and working on Shadowmourne and Dragonwrath.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quh View Post
    My warrior has Thunderfury, Sulfuras and both Warglaives. Warglaives are the "easy" legendaries imo since the actual weapon just drops. Matter of time.
    Easy? I was in a guild that only ever got a 3 in total 1 Set and 1 MH, bare in mind that warriors/rogues were up for it and there was no 10man raiding you would also unlike now typically have 2-3 rogues in your raid group, you raided 4-5 times a week (guild depending) to clear content and it was a 2 part very low drop chance item.

    People are still farming to try and get them despite the numerous people now having them back in the day they were the most annoying and one of the hardest legendarys to get. (Still don't know why they went away from the "splitting" idea of glaives)
    Quote Originally Posted by Equim View Post
    I really don't see anything wrong with playing what you enjoy. Be it Frost, Fire, Arcane or Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

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    Thunder Fury, got Garr binding in like 3 runs but then it took me a couple of 100 more or so and all of a sudden the Garr binding drops again me raging but Barron dropped the other part

    Glaives took ages got both of them in 2 weeks afther I transfered + 1 Glaive and Legendary bow in one evening

    But the one I am most found off is Shadowmourne had the best time DPSing with that weapon ^^

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    Thunderfury... got Left and Right Binding in one Run, lucky me... but no Eye of Sulfuras *grml*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salystra View Post
    People are still farming to try and get them despite the numerous people now having them back in the day they were the most annoying and one of the hardest legendarys to get. (Still don't know why they went away from the "splitting" idea of glaives)
    It took me about 6 years to get the both Bindings. RNG is RNG, the difference is that the Glaives only have to drop, while the Bindings also require you to gather a lot of other stuff.
    The same is true for the Eye of Sulfuras.

    Apart from the "guaranteed" Legendaries which you eventually will get after a while, I don't know why you would consider the glaives to be the most annoying.
    Even back when they were actual content, they weren't harder to obtain than the previous ones. The drop rates weren't even lower.

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    Just started farming up the Shards for Shadowmourne. I had a hard time recruiting anyone for ICC25man as no one is interested unless its an achievement run... (and god I know half of my realm is full of R-tards, so no thanks on doing that every week).
    So I thought "stuff it, I will solo the damn Raid myself".
    So I spent a good few hours learning on how to solo most fights (a couple are unsoloable, and had to bring in a mate with me on a couple of them) and downed all the bosses, in which I happily got myself 5 Shards. So now I'm soloing it as a Blood DK every week with the small help of my mate
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    So far I've completed three on my shaman: Sulfuras, Thunderfury, and Val'anyr. Sulfuras was my first, got the Eye on my third Rag kill way back in Wrath, worked to get the parts and finished it within a couple months. Thunderfury was my second, finished it a few months ago after finally getting the other binding to drop. Val'anyr was my longest in the making; I got my first fragments back in Wrath and didn't get around to finishing it until a couple months ago. Nobody ever organized Ulduar runs and I didn't want to try and lead when I didn't know some of the mechanics. Luckily, it's a lot easier to zerg things with fewer people now. Of course I also have the cloak, but that's probably not relevant to the discussion.

    I'm on my final Dragonwrath phase, only 205 siphons to go and I'll have that finished. I also have the offhand Warglaive just for the hell of it, on the off-chance that shaman will get to wield swords someday. Might try to farm the main hand while I'm at it. Eventually I'll level a warrior and my rogue to get the remaining legendaries I can't wield; I'd like to get a "full" collection of legendaries on a warrior (Sulfuras, Thunderfury, Warglaives, Thori'dal, Shadowmourne), seems fitting to me.

    Legendaries are fun to collect, definitely. My bank's full of epic weapons I've collected, and only a couple legendaries. Those little spots of orange make me feel proud of my accomplishments, even if I got them long after their relevance.

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    I have all the legendaries but the Warglaives / Shadowmourne / Fangs of the Father & obviously Atiesh..
    My favourite legendaries are probably Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings, Warglaives of Azzinoth (lore-wise) & Thori'dal the Stars Fury (look-wise).

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    Only actually got the Thori'dal. Working on a Warglaive set, Thunderfury and Sulfuras.
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    I just got the legendary cloak on my main, the first legendary I've gotten in my 7 years in WoW and it feels awesome. I might go for the older ones, I guess Dragonwraith and the mace from WotLK are the "best" ones, since I can do those on my Priest, while Thunderfury/Sulfuras would have to be on an alt.

    Is it possible to solo your way to get the mace from WotLK? Not that dislike playing in group, but often the shards/quest items needed are restricted when you look for groups.

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    Started 2-manning Sunwell.

    My brother brought his hunter, I was on my pally.

    We didn't have enough DPS for Felmyst. He switched to his DK.

    Felmyst goes down, faceroll the rest of the place.

    Thoridal drops.

    Nerd rage everywhere.

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    Getting the legendary daggers next week, that'll be my last legendary I can get atm. ^^

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    40 or so kills and my monk is a happy panda with both glaives, so now I have 2 chars with both glaives, and one on my mage , 2 TF, Thoridal still needs to drop for my hunter :<

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    My warrior got Sulfuras and Thunderfury, just cause i got both bindings and the eye on the same friggin run to MC Was totally crazy and i thought I owed it to myself to complete them.

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