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    Sha of Fear (10N)

    Ok, this fight seems extremely easy from a mechanical point of view, we had our first few 7 real pulls on it last night but killing the stupid pandas on the platform in 90 seconds seems to be an issue. I have looked at the logs:


    (Essential useless as they only capture half the raid, but since I am tanking it does cover whoever goes to the platform with me)

    And am seeing tons of healing from Sha Globe, anywhere from 1.2 mil to 5 mil. So 2 questions:

    1) How are the successful groups dealing with the orbs? I tried splitting the room into 4, but people seem to be running around randomly and eating spray and getting feared. I was trying to emulate the frontallobe vid.

    2) The adds back on the main platform, how do you keep them under control? What we were trying is leave the first set, let cackle go off, if the group goes right, the remaining dps clear off the left side, then when the right group comes back they clear off whatever is on the right side.
    Now we only had one pull where we cleared the first 2 platforms and it was messy so that may work with practice but we don't know yet.

    We probably just need a full night of pulls which we will do Thursday but any suggestion on globe management and add maintenance would be appreciated going in. You guys were extremely helpful on our Tsulong kill btw!

    Edit: We are 2 healing with a monk and holy pally, any class specific suggestions for them would be appreciated.
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    For globes, we just have our tank (usually me) pick up one half of the platform and one of the other dps pick up a quarter of the room. Whoever is healing the platform at the time will pick up ones near them.

    TBH We just ignore the fear from dread spray and let it tick off.

    Regarding the adds, we do exactly that. Dps down one side until cackle goes off, regardless of what side we are sent to. When that group comes back from the platform, they dps down the side that is left up. Most of the time it will work itself out to where we are clearing one side, getting sent to the other and then killing the remaining side when we come back.

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    Hey Slak, the main issue with this fight is not screwing up for 15 minutes.

    The strat that my 10 man were using works really well for us and might so for you, I shall try to explain it as best I can.

    1) Lust off the bat - as i assume you have been. Have dps save a 2-3 minute cooldown at the start.

    2) Once the first cackle goes off the dps that are left on the sha platform pick a side and blow up that add, come back wait for the fear then blow up the other add. Depending on your dps this should mean you have only 2 adds up at a time (sometimes 3). Just get them to keep repeating this.

    3) Now for the group that got cackle'd and are on the panda platform - The dps need to use that 2-3 minute cd they saved and nuke the add (if they didnt save one using a their pot for this first add works as well) the tank and healer should be running around like crazy picking up as many adds as possible. But make sure that range are helping out were they can (hunters and locks are great for it). Once death blossom hits have your tank use a cooldown and stay out for and tank up the orbs he continues to throw out (its really important he doesnt get any heals from these ticks). With this strat it should be dead before 90 seconds and you should be back. P.s - Dont worry about the dread spray you cant really dodge it, if your human u can trinket it thats all you can really do about it.

    4) So once everyone has come back from that cackle they will have the fearless buff and MUST now clear up all the adds that are left on the platform before turning onto the boss.

    5) Just rinse and repeat, at about 16% we stop killing adds except for the group that returns from cackle as they clear it up before tunneling the boss. Also you can lust twice so try and time the 2nd lust for when 1 group returns for a cackle and the other group is about to go - Really helps blow up the panda too.

    Hope that makes some sense and that it helps your group with this boss.

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    Multi dotters are strong but not required, the key is as everyone said is maximizing the fearless buff on the remaining adds and ticking the boss when you can.... the fight is much like the DW fight, in the sense that if you mess up late its a long fight.. but its very rhythmic.

    Minimizing damage taken from bolt helps the healers in general but you should be doing that anyways.

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    1) Orbs - We have everyone on the platform trying ot pick up orbs - most classes don't lose a ton of dps by grabbing orbs and each orb is like a 700k heal on the add if you let it pop. Just have your range and healer filter into a loose spread for far orbs and have tank/melee circling and grabbing the inner orbs. We had infinitely better luck assigning this task to everyone rather than 1 or 2 people. Make sure you have an immune class (bubble, bop, deterence, tank CD, w/e) stay in for death blossum to grab orbs while the rest LoS.

    2) Adds - We always have all dps up top focusing adds until our second lust to just finish the boss off around 10% or so. Just make sure you have all dps upstairs heading to the same adds and tell the people coming back from platforms to kill adds then boss and you should never have more than 3 up - usually only 1 or 2.

    Our dps in't amazing or anything and we kill it with loads of time left on engrage.

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    The only thing you need to do in the fight is kill the panda in time. Our tank picks up most orbs with the healer/ranged dps helping a bit as melee I just tunnel the panda. Shaoffearassist addon helps with the fears. I'm saving my banner+recklessness which is up every time with the 4piece.

    As far as the adds go it doesn't really matter, most of the time I'm killing them but if you fall behind for some reason it's easy to catch up again with the fearless buff. From a certain point you can just ignore them and finish of the boss we do 20% but can do that earlier as well.

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    We had our healers and ranged grabbing most of the orbs on our normal kills. If DPS is an issue, you can have tanks grab them all (that's the strat most use on heroic). Get ShaOfFearAssist to avoid the fears unless you want to memorize a bunch of charts.

    Another thing to note about the platforms: the pandas cast Death Blossom at 25%, but if they're casting Dread Spray, they'll just cast Death Blossom a few seconds after Dread Spray ends. DBM announcements are not very consistent, so have someone call it if people are messing up. Paladins can also BoP a caster and allow them to DPS through it. Your tanks should use a cooldown and continue collecting orbs.

    If your DPS is high enough, you can just ignore all the adds and stay out of the poop. Otherwise, just kill them all the time; don't assign it to just Fearless people. Without ignoring adds, you'll probably have time to pop 2 heros, so use one off the bat and the second as people return with Fearless.

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    - Just ignore the fear and dread spray stuff. There is an AddOn but we tried it with the AddOn and it made everything worth. We split the room into 4 parts and assign one part to every none tank. Tank can also so help so everybody outside has to run a little bit less. Do also tell your people that they should go back to their original spot after picking up a globe and stay in their area.

    - If you have a decent personal CD ready for death blossom don't hide and nuke the boss (I as a mage use greater invisibility e.g.) if you are not low on health when death blossom hits.

    - Save all your personal CDs for the platforms use Lust for Boss.

    - Make sure no globe heals the pandas. This is especially important in the first kill. Once you complete one complete phase with every group went to a platform it's just rinse and repeat till the boss is dead.

    In the end it's nothing more then a DPS check.
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