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    I don't remember much of the older games, but I had one difficult/annoying level just a few days ago while playing Catherine on the xbox360. Stage 5 of the nightmare on hardest difficultly.
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    I remember mega man not to be faceroll, my progress were much slower than in any other nintendo games I played back in those days. Dont remember if it was first megaman or second, but I remember it being hard. I dont know how old I was back then, which year did nes have its primetime? I cant have been that many years and that could have been a reason why I considered it difficult =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalliah View Post
    Anything from Takeshi's Challenge.

    Sounds like the most frustrating levels of all time to me and everything else pales in comparison.
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    As a bigtime Battletoads player I need to break it to you and say that Turbo Tunnel is one of the easier stages in the game. That by no means makes it easy, it's still very hard by normal game standards, but there are stages heaps harder than that in the game. Terra Tubes is harder for example, the sharks and fishes are always a kick in the nuts. Volkmire's Inferno is easily a much harder version of Turbo Tunnel. Karnath's Lair (Snake stage) is also a lot harder because of the 4th room. Intruder Excluder is a tad harder too, not by much though. The Revolution is also harder, but maybe that's because you don't get to practice that as much since its the last stage. Clinger Winger, oh fucking hell no, that's quite near impossible.

    However, if we're talking the most frustrating stage, Rat Race takes it. It makes me so stressed it goes beyond being pissed and puts me in a depressive mood for the rest of the day. That's the true turd of Battletoads, while Turbo Tunnel is where most people get stuck, if they ever pass it they'll learn that the game only gets harder from there on. Rat Race is the peak, not necessarily because its the hardest stage, but it is by far the most stressing, one bad turn can cost you the stage. Fuck that stage.

    Oh, and you missed Stage 6 in Ninja Gaiden, that stage is also renowned for being shitly hard, and its at least a lot harder than The Great Maze on Intense, which I didn't find all that hard tbh. What am I saying? Its your list, I shouldn't try and control it. Still, I think that it needed mention in here.
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    the most frustrating map level i've ever played is Mission 9 on Halo 3 - Cortana on legendary
    so. much. everything.

    spent 3 days trying to complete that map ._."

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    Altered Beast makes every other game look easy by comparison.

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    There are some battles in MtG: Tactics that make me want to crush my mouse.
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    Silver Surfer for the NES. Have fun!

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    I know we're all going retro, but I have to put forward Super Meat Boy. Makes the toughest Nintendo vets cry.
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    Dark Souls. No particular area, just the whole thing. Difficult but fecking awesome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by AstroleonShadowflower View Post
    I know we're all going retro, but I have to put forward Super Meat Boy. Makes the toughest Nintendo vets cry.
    Super Meat Boy is a great game, but it doesn't make "the toughest Nintendo vets" cry, sure its up to par with the old broken games, but not up to par with Silver Surfer or Battletoads. The people who made Super Meat Boy knew what they were doing, with old games people didn't know how to tune the difficulty properly, making it become nearly impossible. Still, it definitely deserves a mention.

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    Water Temple? Seriously? Naaaw. Only annoying thing about it was the need to revisit rooms because of changing water levels and the scenery was pretty dull and boring. Places like the Fire Temple offered more to look at and in terms of variation.

    Plus the Water Temple holds one of my favorite encounters: The fight against Shadow Link. I just loved that part, although Nintendo could've made so much more out of this encounter and the general idea of a dark and twisted shadow persona.

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    the last boss in Lagoon

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    i'd have to disagree with all the N64 selections. None of those games took me more than a couple sittings to play through (I was in middle school when the system first dropped). IMO the dark maze in Zelda II was the hardest level I ever played in a game. Hell that whole game was fairly frustrating, especially when it would randomly decide to erase my saved game 80% of the way through.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nailbomb View Post
    the last boss in Lagoon
    Lol a million times AGREED!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deftones View Post
    no Ghosts N' Goblins? hahahahahahahahahaha...
    Some parts of GNG are indeed much harder then Tubular level in SMW.

    And I think the author ment: 10 most frustratingly difficult video game levels of all time (Nintendo version) (where #6 gets replaced by f.e. GNG)

    Megaman also had some painful levels but can't quite recall atm (and at work so can't check even if I wanted to)

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    Veni Vidi Vici in VVVVVV is the last hard "level" I can remember, though I'm sure I've played harder ones already.

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    Only the parrot part was extremely difficult, but the rest was doable. It was difficult because it was easy to die, and you had to restart the level all over again:

    Even if you finished the parrot part... there was still a good change that you die at the spider part >.<

    Took me forever to complete this mission as a child (and emberassingly as a teenager)

    The first half isn't hard, but the second half...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roveredo View Post
    Wheres Contra?
    ^^ Yes to this.

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