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    Factions and random BG's

    Are Horde players get long losing streaks in random BG's??? Like 10 in a row, with the worst teammates you ever seen? I know horde have plenty of bots, because they're easy to spot.

    In Cata, my Allaince toons did pretty well, I would say for random BG's I averaged well over 50% win rate. But now in MoP, it feels like Alliance is getting fucked again.

    Trying to gear up an alt so I have been running randoms this week.

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    Lack of facts to back up your claims: Where is the evidence? Do you have screenshots of all these?

    Solutions to your problem:
    1. Have you tried to do premades? Do you use vent so you can communicate what you're doing? Going in with more than one person as an organized group can dramatically increase your win-rate.
    2. Can't find premades? Download the addon oQueue and have lists of premades at your disposal.
    3. Tried to step up and be a leader in your bgs? Sure, people will only listen if they want to, but are you trying this without seeming like a rager?
    4. If you think that horde are so much better roll a horde toon.

    There's no reason to QQ on forums when there are so very many easy solutions out there; it's just wasting time and not solving your problem.

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    Small premades are getting boring now, all they ever meet are bots and more bots. Its too easy to win now. Damn, the bots are taking over this game, its insane but atleast they just die over and over so theres tons of free HKs.

    Maybe you can try the same. Youll get gear fast.

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