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    Question Heroic Empress 10m disc questions

    I am usually DPS and have less than 1 tier raid healing experience, so bare with me.

    I am going disc for this fight because of how OP spirit shell and atonement is.

    My question is this:

    If I am assigned to heal the tank taking the most damage in phase 2(the heavy hitting adds), what are my strongest combination of spells for very high tank damage? As in, what direct healing spells should I be using, if/when.

    I am running 12k spirit and keep rapture on cool down for max mana regen so I should be able to balance burning though a good bit of mana.

    Any help or advice from some more experienced disc priests would be awesome.

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    In my experience with this fight, your first priority would be to co-ordinate a set of cooldowns to run as long as possible. For example, we do: Tank own CD's>PS>Barrier>Stun. (might have a sac in there too if the paladin has bubble available)

    As for healing, don't forget spirit shell might be up again and 100% guaranteed fully effective healing is rather strong. Anyway, typically I keep shield on as weakened soul allows, penance on CD and then simply bomb greater heals with inner focus on CD usually. It's a fairly blunt approach to simply spam GH repeatedly but I rarely need to resort to flash heal, and if not in possession of the 2 set, I'd generally prefer GH.

    The main thing I'd say though, is try things to see what works for you and your raid.

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    What Rec said is pmuch correct, you can't really outheal the damage without defensive cds until they start to fixate. Something worth mentioning is that the set bonuses are really decent for tankhealing, fheal with the 2 set is almost as mana effective as gheal and goes out way quicker (you don't have to worry about the tank dying in a cast), and 6 sec on penance is obviously great. If you don't have the set just pump gheal. If you're struggling heavily with p2 consider reforging into a bit of haste, helps a lot.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Goin' for the kill tonight!! We had a 12 min attempt getting through 2X phase 2s last night.

    Is there a point where I should switch to flash heal or heal instead of greater heal? Flash heal with evangelism or a decent CD should be better if damage gets heavy and spikey, right? Or should I just stick to greater heal with CDs?

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    Which of FH, heal, GH you use is simply a judgement call based on incoming damage and current health deficit taking into account other incoming heals. That said assuming mana allows I tend to keep bombing the greaters until such time the damage is low, or the trap is created (leading to adds attacking the trap)

    If you made it through 2 P2's now, the kill is simply there for the taking. P3 is a joke in comparison to what went before it. We killed the boss the first time we ever get there. Make sure to fear ward yourself and communicate for dispels, or have a set priority based order.

    Good luck!

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    Fheal is more hps than Gheal, so if you for some reason have spare mana feel free to spam that during the high damage intake period. I doubt you'll get the required hps using standard heal for most of it, but towards the end of it you could probably swap to that (or just atonement/time gheals over spamming them).

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    We've gotten to phase 3 I think 3 times now and figured out a way to screw it up. Dispels weren't going out quick enough so I setup Purify in Vuhdo for mouseover dispelling. Then, right after our last phase 3 attempt, my internet went out with an hour left in raid and we had to stop for the night

    I think we're going back Sunday or Monday for the kill.

    I totally forgot about Fear Ward too. I'll make sure to use that.

    Anyways, between GH, Penance, and CDs, tank deaths were completely eliminated. Once the first trap was set I was switching back to atonement and regening mana since tank and raid damage was less. I found that the last part of phase 2 before Empress comes back out is a perfect time for Hymn of Hope as well.

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