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    Do you continue to do dailies after exalted?

    I'm just kinda curious to see what the majority of people do. Me personally the minute I hit exalted I stop, whether it be half way through the hub or even the first quest. I'll just drop the rest and stop because I don't see any real purpose in doing them.

    My GF however just does dailies at random, whenever she "feels" like doing them.

    I also have other friends that continue doing dailies after exalted as something to do/for the gold.

    Then there is always the people that just don't do dailies at all :P

    So my question is do you continue doing the dailies after you reach the rep/objective your a seeking? Or do you stop once you get to that point?

    Poll inc as soon as I make it

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    It depends, sometimes yes, sometimes no. I have done some with Shado-Pan and such to try and get achievements, and I have done Golden Lotus to try and get shards for the mount. There are a few here and there I will do sometimes just because I'm bored and thought I'd get a little extra gold.
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    Well if you want the coins then yeah but since my pvE gear is done nope never touching a daily again. ( Til 5.2 )

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    God NO. Even the thought is excruciating.

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    I only continue to do the reps that have achievements after exalted.

    Just finished the achievement Champion of Chi-ji with Augustus Celestials, so wont be doing them ever again,

    Probably start doing Shado-pan again now just to get the achievements I need, and maybe go back to Golden Lotus for Skyshards.

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    Nope, soon as I hit exalted, they're dumped....some even at revered if there's noting worth getting at exalted.

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    i do dailies until im exalted, have all associated achievements, and have seen all story content.

    after that i stop
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    Personally I'm running a main who's mostly capped with the reps I need (ok, there's celestials still but...) but my focus is on an alt that I'll probably be switching to next tier. On this alt my basic aim is to get valor capped ASAP each reset so I get the bonus for my main (which obviously still has gear from raiding I can upgrade). Gives me less I need to do then overall on the 2 chars.

    For that end klaxxi (which with the commendation thing for increased rep is stupidly easy to rep up) dailies give a nice bunch of stuff in one place I can plow through quickly for valor and tokens. You basically hit exalted about 2 days after you clear all quests in the zone with the commendation, the bonus rep is extremely OP with so many standard quests giving rep gains.
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    I do them every day (or at least try to every day) until I reach exalted.

    After that, I'll still do them most days, but I won't beat myself up about it if I don't feel like it.

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    No way. 2 different characters to exalted with the golden lotus and got 1 shard. The rest of them blah, no. I have enough lesser tokens for weeks still, no thanks

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    Once I hit exalted with each Mop rep I stopped. However, now that I'm exalted with them all I'll randomly do them but in order to try to do some of the achievements for them. Or in the case of the golden lotus it's to hopefully get a sky crystal to drop.

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    On my Shaman everything is Exalted.

    On my 4 alts I did Cloud/Tillers to Exalted for the mount/farm. Klaxxi/Lotus to Exalted for the Neck/Ring from the quests. Shieldwall/Shado/August to Revered for VP rewards. Skipped Anglers.

    Now I only do them when I'm helping a friend, or while in queue for LFR/Heroic dungeon. The way I see it, it's time that I'd normally be sitting around doing nothing for. So by doing them, I have something to do, get VP cap quicker, and ensure I always have enough to buy bonus rolls.

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    I keep doing dailies after exalted if I have a good reason (a certain drop, need a certain type of token or whatever for mounts and pets etc.). If I don't have a reason, I stop dailies for that faction, unless I am low on cash.

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    I will do them if I need the lesser charms. Otherwise, why bother?
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    I usually end up stopping before I reach all my goals with dailies.

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    Nope, once Exalted I never do them again.

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    I continue doing the dailies to get enough rep to get whatever my objective is and then mostly stop. There are certain exceptions like the Tiller's dailies. Or, if I just feel like doing some dailies for more gold or whatever.
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    Nope. Get exalted and never go back.

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    I go past exalted if I need achievements. If I already have the achievements, I move on. I'm doing the Anglers and Tillers due to their relation with fishing and cooking, respectively.

    My goal is to get every one of them to exalted and do the related achievements. Sadly, it's just the achievements and professions that have me going back at this point, gold and coins have become a non-issue.

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    No, my PVE gear is completed.

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