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  • I stop once I get to the rep/objective i'm aiming for

    93 62.84%
  • I continue doing dailies after exalted

    28 18.92%
  • I don't do dailies

    13 8.78%
  • Other (explain please)

    14 9.46%
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    If killing time yes or helping a guildie get them done faster other than that nope.
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    Haha nope! I just go for the rep achievements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barberry View Post
    They give out an alright amt if you're constantly doing them, but you can still probably make way more from professions. I make way more from selling cards and such.
    Depends on a server. I have ~15 stacks of Golden Lotus in bank and no chance to sell it, or flasks, or gems

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    No, have 0 will to do them on other chars either after having to go through that. Would really wish you could get a boa tabard once exalted that you could use on other characters. Instead of having to repeat the daylies.

    Or well the only ones I can get myself doing is the Tiller daylies and thats just due to what you get from it.
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    If I'm bored sure..

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    I guess the only one I'll keep repeating is Golden Lotus, for the amount of lesser charms you get for a full clear. Although I hit exalted yesterday, so I might take a break from it...

    The choice between staying sane and getting moar charms is a hard one..

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    Sure do - I dislike 5 mans too much, especially as tank. Don't so much mind them on my dps / healer.

    My monk does cooking / fishing / Zen Pilgrimmage dailies which reward huge chunks of xp and the nice xp buff, big part of levelling when you have no time and just pop in on a coffee break.

    Oh..did I say that I got the 10 000 dailies completed achieve a while ago? Loving dailies...

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    If I still need achievements (Over their heads, Getting around with the shado pan, champion of Chi-ji, etc)
    To help a friend (that one daily for Klaxxi which requires two people to summon the Warlord at the terrace of Garthan)

    I still do temple of the white tiger dailies when it's the AC set for the day because they are so short.
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    I generally stop at Exalted, unless there's Achievements I still need (a la the Firelands one for doing every daily) or they give a special currency (like Ironpaw dailies) that can only be obtained through doing them. Or if there's a chance for something to drop from them, like the pet from the Firelands bag.
    But generally yeah, I only do it 'til I reach my goal (Exalted) and then I'm done.

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    I have around 600 coins left and i am exalted with all on my main and i don't do dailies. On my dk i am revered (no more benefits since i have the mounts) and i do 45 dailies a week for the charms. It sucks.

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