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    new mage

    hello im a new level 90 mage and i want to start raiding soon ( working on gear now).Just need to know what spec should i play in raid as a frost now, my numbers are not high, but my gear still sucks so...

    Anyway thx in advance for you help
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    I think currently the most potent mage spec for serious raiding is Arcane. However, they'll nerf arcane when 5.2 hits and I'm not sure what the FotM will be after that happens.

    The main thing is... if you're not a real serious progression raider, you should play the spec you enjoy playing. Fire got nerfed to shit recently, but I'm sticking with it as im just a social raider. Not trying to get any realm first heroic kills. If you feel the same way, play the spec you like playing.

    Only if you ever end up holding your team back, or being bottom on the dps tables, start picking a spec you enjoy less with a higher dps.
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