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    Dear Blizzard, I play a female Tauren Shaman. This is outrageous!...

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    Troll love, i see.
    Frostwolf clan is best clan!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kralljin View Post
    Still the fact remains that no Shaman race reveres Birds in any special way, i merely pointed out that Troll don't revere Birds at all. thing.
    Um eagle god in zul aman?

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    I can understand the logic behind the art, but personally I think it looks awful.

    Was really hoping for something spectacular for this raid
    Quote Originally Posted by tweekzlol View Post
    but then again, The Coon is obviously unbeatable as he will just manipulate you into being his friend

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    I think it looks great, especially on Tauren

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    Quote Originally Posted by akro View Post
    Um eagle god in zul aman?
    The Amani trolls do indeed worship the birds, the Darkspear/Gurubashi do not. But yes, you did prove him wrong.

    Amazing sig, done by mighty Lokann

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    Quote Originally Posted by akro View Post
    Um eagle god in zul aman?
    Obviously i am speaking only of playable races, with Troll i mean Jungle Trolls.

    "No self-respecting Darkspear troll engages in bird worship. Their spirits are weak, capricious, and best left to the Amani. "

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    Omg people dont say this looks good.. it looks like garbage.. its plain boring and a bad attempt at a voodoo hexxer.

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    I dont get what the HELL is going through the design teams mind.. i mean come on seriously this is so bad.. the only good thing about it is the mask.. and perhaps i can use some of the parts for transmog.. but man this is the worst shaman tier i have ever seen in the game.. it beats tier 11 in the most bland competition.
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    Ugly on anything but troll, looks like I'll be wearing my challenge mode set again for another tier!

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    Ok. That's it. Gearing up Ele for Challenge Modes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyoken View Post
    The day I die I want the shaman class developers to lower me into my grave so they can let me down one last time.......

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    I don't think it looks too bad, but I do think it could have a little more pizazz in it - especially with the troll theme.

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    They missed completely the ball here...

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    My husband said something along the lines that they actually may have had a really badass, super awesome idea for the shaman (and other sets being released late) tiers and just ran out of time and slapped whatever they could together in a crunch to meet the deadline. Probably not the case at all but what I think of when I look at the armor.

    With xmog options though, I'll take the sweet bonuses over sweet-lookin' armor.

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    So fugly, I could make a better looking one in paint.

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    Looks like another tier where I'll have to transmog everything. Really ugly tier.

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    I think I'll stick with my T6+goggles...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zie View Post
    I think I'll stick with my T6+goggles....
    pff wow is a fashion show
    I grew up in the era where you had to go to channel 3 to play video games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angryshammy View Post
    pff wow is a fashion show
    I xmog most of the gear I don't like for the T6 set on my shaman as well. What's wrong with having control over how your character looks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angryshammy View Post
    pff wow is a fashion show
    I spend on average 4-5 hours a day looking at my Shaman. I dont want to be looking at something bland boring and ugly.

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