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    Planning a Cruise need some help

    Never been on a cruise before so just wondering what is a good cruise line? Im planning on taking one some time most likely in mid March. I have tried looking through cruise forums but they werent really helpful and a lot of them have no recent activity. What I am looking for:

    *Caribbean out of either Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Prefer not to do the Cozmel, Grand Cayman one been to those places before
    *Good food and must have a Sushi bar
    *Kick ass night life. Best bars and clubs that stay open until I cant see straight. Dont want lame Jazz or Old people bars though. I want a high energy, fist pumping atmosphere
    *Decent amount of people age 20-30. I dont wanna get stuck on a cruise with a bunch of families and kids or old people.
    *Best Suites. Jacuzzi would be great as well as multi floored and balcony and also a full bar if thats possible

    Been looking at Carnival and Royal Caribbean but they have so many damn ships its just confusing. So if anyone has experience cruising help me out.

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    I went on a Disney cruise in 2006 or 2007, it was my first cruise and I was impressed. Despite what people say Disney is not just for kids.

    A Disney cruise on average is about 2-3 times as expensive as Carnival/Royal Caribbean, though for the price more things are included. On a carnival cruise for instance soft drinks are sold by the can or you can purchase a drink card for around $50 once on board the ship. Disney cruises include drinks in the cruise rate. Carnival also charges extra for odds and ins during the cruise whereas Disney is pretty much all inclusive except for the Spa and up scale restaurant for newlyweds/couples. The Disney Cruise I was on did have areas for adults only, and the night clubs went all night. Finally Disney just built two new ships, I could be wrong but I think they are the newest, largest cruise ships available (and among the priciest). Oh and really finally, Disney has its own private island that you spend a day on during each cruise, the island is complete with all you can eat buffet open most of the day, and several bars, the buffet is included in your cruise fare of course.

    I actually just got back from a Carnival cruise in August, having only sailed Disney I was skeptical but wanted a cruise and couldn't afford Disney. I was very pleasantly surprised. Like I said, since carnival is cheaper you have to pay extra for a lot of things so if you go carnival bring a lot of spending money. I sailed on the Carnival Imagination, I think it is one of the smaller ships but it was more than big enough for me. The night clubs were open early into the morning, and the casino ran until it fell below a certain number of guests per hour, usually closing at like 3 AM I think. Where Disney's deck parties of course included characters and kids Carnivals of course had no characters and few children, most people at deck parties were 20-30.

    I cant tell you about Royal Caribbean since I haven't sailed with them. Whichever line you decide to book though it is hard to be disappointed in a cruise their is nothing like being surrounded by nothing but open water on a floating island of paradise lol. PM me if you want more info about either line, enjoy the cruise

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    Were there a lot of women or were they sausage fests?

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    We have this cruise booked you are welcome to join us

    “Open Bar Cruise” Carnival Freedom on Jun 1 2013 out of Fort Lauderdale going to Grand Turk, Aruba, La Romana Dominican Republic, and Curacao.

    Based on two people per cabin, including all taxes, gratuities and the open bar card: includes unlimited alcohol, water, soda, and juice.

    Cruise must be paid in full at the time of booking as we are only 77 days from sailing.

    The details are:
    4A Inside Gaurantee: $2898
    6A Oceanview: $3198
    8A Balcony: $3898

    We love Carnival. We have also been Royal Caribbean and it is a very nice cruise but Carnival is a "Fun" cruise, so it depends on what type of cruise you are looking for.

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    I'd advise you to phone a company up and discuss the options. Specialists in the field are more likely to give you the right info in case you hate it and never cruise with them again; so it's their priority to give you the best info they can.

    If anyone knows anything about cruising, it's the people that need to know it so they can sell you stuff; talk to someone about any cruise deals you can get or look through their endless amounts of reviews if you want some inspiration or guidance...

    Obviously this link is a UK business, but they may well phone you back if you seem interested enough which should save you moneys. Look for a business that you can phone up and discuss stuff with.

    I've cruised with Cruise.co.uk before and talked about what I wanted out of it etc and felt like they gave me solid advice ^^ They've got a cruise forum as well that seems to be active [Cruises.co.uk] if you're interested.

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