So bored on the ptr i decided to test out some builds that incorperate blizzard as it is pretty strong now. Here is what I came up with

1. Diamond skin -bigger shield rune
2. Explosive blast - chain reaction
3. Ice armor - Frozen storm
4 Blizzard - Snowbound
5. Frost Nova - Bone chill
6. Magic weapon - Blood magic (I lack a ls weapon worthy of using so i just run with this, eventually ill get a better one and you can probably opt for the more dmg rune)

Cold blooded, Critical Mass, Glass cannon

Goals of the spec, being able to move more then the usual cm/ww build and something different that isnt get in archon and kill everything in site (While standing still))

How to work the spec, i dont have a lot of gear at my disposal to try out different sets but with what i had it works pretty good.
- Being able to keep explosive blast up while moving around
- The ice armor + rune is just more dmg you can do while moving ( you spam them every ~3 seconds)
- Frost nova is mainly for champion packs just to get more dmg into them quicker via the 15% bonus dmg from being frozen
- Blizzard you put down on your target then move around inside it spamming diamond skin/explosive blast
- Blizzard procs arcane power on crit now (finally!)
I was able to do mp5 with ease, the dmg was amazing (especially on the elites) basicly just laying blizzard down and running around in circles like i was a WW barb or Tempest rush monk.

Special gear i used to do this was just an Apoc oculus
-Things i will try out later on when i copy a character with frostburn gloves possibly even a fragment of destiny (both add cold dmg skill bonus)

Is it the most effiecent build? Certainly not but its not too bad either and its rather fun.

I'll try to get on a friends pc and add a couple youtube videos of it in action (I dont have a good video card and the videos turn out terrible when frapsing)

So try it out if your interested! Let me know if you see any changes that could make it better