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    delete thread brother hacked account

    delete brother hacked account
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    If they did, it wouldn't last long. The fact that you created this thread just serves as a means to boost your ego.

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    delete brother hacked account
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    At all these acting classes and guitar classes that you go to, what is the ratio of girls to boys?
    How would you rate yourself against other available men?

    I'm having a feeling at least some of them must have liked you, but no expert here. If the ratio is in your favor, it's even more likely they liked you.

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    Get all their numbers, call them up and tell them to meet up in some field somewhere. Bring weapons and shields. Arm them and tell them to fight to the death and that the winner earns your favour.

    In all seriousness though, yeah probably.

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    Thanks. I just put a "cantaloupe sized" hole in my desk.

    At play rehearsal, a girl backstage asked if I was dating anyone and later got upset over nothing. Was it because I showed no interest in her?
    I mean....REALLY???
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    You can't ever be too sure. Sometimes it's just "being friendly". Sometimes it's even flirting, but not because they like you. I've been in both types of scenarios, where I've been lead to believed someone liked me and been horribly wrong, and also where I've been completely right. No amount of signs can every really point you in the right place. If it's driving you nuts like it did to me, find out definitively by making moves yourself (if you're interested). If you're not willing to take action to find out, you can't worry yourself because you obviously shouldn't care enough. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

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    delete brother hacked account
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    OP, you're coming off very ashamedly ignorant or very sneakily egoistic with this thread. Neither of them are good qualities, so when you do plan to ask one of these girls out, you might want to keep your mind on that. It's more than obvious that one of them likes you according to the things you've said here, so obvious that it'd be silly that someone has to wonder about it.
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