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    [A] 517 ilvl 3/13 HM Hunter looking for a guild

    Like the title says.

    My raid history:

    Vanilla: MC, BWL, Ony (original), AQ20/40, Naxx40.... good ole hair-pulling days of terrible 40mans.
    TBC: Kara, Gruul, Mag, ZA (original bear!), SSC, TK, Hyjal, BT, Sunwell (server 1st Thori'dal)
    WLK: Naxx revisited, OS, VoA, Ulduar hardmodes (this is where things go interesting), ToGC hm, ICC hm
    Cata: BH, BoT, To4W, BD, Firelands, DS
    MoP: MV: 6/6 HM HoF: 4/6 HM TeS: 3/4 HM ToT: 3/3 HM

    Looking for a mature raiding guild that raids Sunday - Thursday (cant raid weekends). If interested, please leave your Battletag.

    Alliance medium - high pop servers only. Looking for guild with SOME heroic progression.

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    Thirteen Thirty Seven - US Lightbringer is currently 3/13H in Throne of Thunder.

    Raid times (PST):

    Tuesday 7:00p - 10:30p
    Wednesday 7:00p - 10:30p
    Thursday 7:00p - 10:30p
    Monday 7:00p - 10:30p

    Thirteen finished up the final raid night with 14/16H with a super close attempt on Tsulong (49m with adds hitting...derp). We started 25's in early November and obtained our first 25 man progression kill on November 30th. This means progression team only had 3 1/2 months for progression in T14 and considering everything we did we still almost reached top 100 US. We are looking to push 5.2 hard!

    We are recruiting the following classes / specs:


    Holy Paladin
    Frost Death Knight
    Resto Druid
    Shadow Priest
    Disc/Holy Priest


    Mistweaver Monk
    Feral Druid


    Anything else not listed above. This includes healers and tanks not listed above.

    Although these are considered what we need now, we are accepting applicants whom we consider amazing. We usually do on the day replies and interviews for all applicants (Unless its really late or during the raid times).

    Loot Distribution:
    Loot is done in a loot council format.

    What we expect from you:
    Make 95% of raids, know all heroic fights, provide amazing performance (interrupts should be flawless, environment should be flawless, dps/hps should be very high). We understand RL situations come up. Please notify us via our forums or in game for late or missed raids. 100% enchants, gems, strategies and tactics known.

    Apply at :

    Realid Contacts:
    GM: tibiron#1639

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    Could use a hunter!

    The Squirrel Mafia - Alliance - US Shadowmoon (PvP)

    Tier 15 25 Man Progression: 1/12H
    Tier 14 25 Man Progression: 14/16H
    Tier 13 25 Man Progression: 8/8H 63 US
    Tier 12 25 Man Progression: 7/7H 74 US
    TBC Sunwell Progression: 6/6 56 US (pre-nerf M'uru)
    Vanilla Naxx Progression: 15/15 ~50 US

    Raid Times - 12 Hours - 3 Nights - Tues-Thurs

    8-12 EST Tuesday
    8-12 EST Wednesday
    8-12 EST Thursday

    Be able to show up 10-15 minutes prior to the raid. 100% attendance is a MUST, but we do not raid extra hours.

    About TSM:

    The Squirrel Mafia is a raiding guild that aims for top-flight progression while raiding a minimal schedule. We believe that while raiding demands commitment and responsibility, it does not need to demand it on a life-consuming level. We have been a 3 night guild since mid-WoTLK and have no plans to change our schedule anytime soon.

    However, a casual schedule does not mean casual goals. Competitive progression is something that we take very seriously. TSM was formed the day WoW was first launched and has competitively cleared every boss in every expansion Blizzard has ever released. If you're looking for a strong tradition of PvE success, TSM can offer it and more.

    Lastly, TSM is a group of real people where personality is welcome. This is not a faceless dragonslaying collective that just exists to kill bosses, acquire loot, and get bigger numbers on meters or smaller numbers on progression lists. We are people that enjoy the entire raiding process, the frustrations as well as the triumphs. If you genuinely want to raid, to see and work on content, I have absolutely no reservations recommending TSM to you.

    Those were our founding principles, and ones that we have kept to for over 8 years.

    Final Words:

    You can find more information as well as file an application on our site at http://www.tsmguild.net.

    If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to talk to you and answer them. Message me on Shadowmoon-US!

    Thank you for your interest in TSM,


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    Hey Cnile, we are in need of a hunter right now

    Huge in Japan is currently US 20th 25 man, 6/13 HM, and we're looking for competent players to join our ranks.

    We raid
    Sunday-Thursday 6-11 PST (currently start at 630)

    If you'd like to talk to one of our officers contact Martencar, Zlanis, Yetibear, Joanuh, or Kurotori, or if you just want to chat for a few minutes feel free to add me to battletag: JaceDK#1316

    Apply at http://www.huge-guild.net/index.php?board=3.0

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    Stood in the Fire Paloro's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    Panama City Beach
    [H][Arthas] <Static> 25m (Wed/Thur/Mon 8:30-12:30 EST)

    4/13 Heroic

    16/16 Heroic
    US #47 H:Sha of Fear


    [email protected]
    [email protected]

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    Not sure how set you are on Alliance, but other than that, I think we're what you're looking for. Currently 5/13H (last phase of Iron Qon is a bit frustrating), we were US 47th 10man Sha of Fear last tier.

    Guild: Void - Horde - 10 Man
    Server: US PvP - Laughing Skull (CST)
    Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Monday - 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM CST/CDT

    Website: www.voidls.com
    WoWProgress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/laughing-skull/Void , US #21 10man if you care about that stuff
    WoL (all public): http://worldoflogs.com/guilds/2234/
    Youtube (with voice chat to give some idea of our raiding environment): http://www.youtube.com/casavoid

    Currently seeking a skilled, geared, experienced hunter for an immediate, full-time raid spot. We run a 10 player roster with no bench, and stick to our 12-hour schedule as tightly as possible. Strong raiding history (which you definitely have) and WoL required. Videos of you in action are a plus.

    Contact Casa (Casa#1991), Outcold (Outcold#1174), Shaeck (ShaeckVoid#1597), Blz, or Bubleheart for more information.

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    2/13 Heroic, working on Tortos.

    US 54 16/16 Heroic 25 T14 - www sacrificeguild org
    Mon-Thurs 8:00 - 11:30 PM CST

    BattleTag - Thezdin#1647

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    The Church is an Alliance 25 man heroic progression guild on Darkspear. We love World of Warcraft, and we aim to offer a vibrant raiding community for PvE raiding. We are a 25-Man progression raiding guild and our #1 focus is killing bosses, but we offer a great community outside of raiding as well. We are always recruiting exceptional players!

    Raid schedule:
    T|W|Th (+Fridays during the first week or two of progression)
    8:00-11:30PM MST

    Church members must exhibit a thorough understanding of their class and how to use it to the benefit of their groups. We like people who can work well with others in stressful situations, who can analyze challenges and offer solutions while accepting the ideas of others, and above all, we look for members who have that rare, but treasured combination of fun-loving maturity.

    We've cleared all content that's been released since the open of BC and have a few accomplishments under our belt:

    Server first Eredar Twins (pre-3.0)
    Server first Algalon 25 man (The Celestial Defender)
    Server first Yogg 0 25 man (Death's Demise)
    Tribute to Insanity 25
    Only guild on Darkspear with Dedicated Insanity
    Server first Heroic Gara'jal the Spiritbinder
    Server first Heroic Spirit Kings 25 man
    Server first Heroic Will of the Emperor 25 man (Delver of the Vaults)

    You can read more about us and apply online at www.churchguild.org . Please note, some kind of combat log such as WWS/WMO/WOL will greatly improve your chances of being accepted. First impressions are key.

    P.S: Contrary to our name, we are not a religious guild in any way.

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    <Something Wicked> - 4/13HMs *US41* 25m
    Wed, Thurs, Sun 8-12CST
    Battletag: Moshne#1962 (GM)

    Check out our recruitment thread for more information.: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6863526512

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    Hey Cnile-
    Seriously Casual of Sargeras (high pop, one of the highest ranked progression servers in the US) is looking for a Hunter for a core spot in our 25 man raid group. We are 2/13 HM (and Tortos to 1% on our last raid night), with a strong history of raiding progression. We raid Mon-Thurs 8-12 EST.
    We'd be very interested in speaking with you, so please add Ashex#1540 to battletag, or visit our website at seriouslycasual.org.

    For more information, you can see our guild info thread here:

    I hope to be raiding with you soon!

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    <Riot> is recruiting for 25-man heroic raiding.
    Server: Gorefiend (PVE-EST)

    About us:
    <Riot> has existed since the launch of vanilla WoW. Originally hailing from the Warsong server, we made our move to Gorefiend in the middle of The Burning Crusade, eventually becoming one of the longest standing 25-man raiding guilds on Gorefiend. Our primary goal is to clear the most current content as it becomes available on both normal and heroic 25-man difficulties.

    <Riot> is a hard-casual guild. We have a focused, but fun and friendly raiding environment. We also have a very dedicated leadership and we do our best to maintain a good reputation on our server.

    MoP Progression:
    Tier 15:
    Throne of the Thunder King 9/12 (25N)

    Tier 14:
    Mogu'shan Vaults 4/6 (25 heroic), 6/6 (25N)
    Terrace of Endless Springs 4/4 (25 norm)
    Heart of Fear 2/6 (25 heroic), 6/6 (25N)

    Dragon Soul: 8/8 Heroic 25. Savior of Azeroth. Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider (25). (Many dragons)
    Firelands: 7/7 Heroic 25. Firelord.

    Other 25 Heroic: Sinestra, Nefarian, Al'Akir.

    Recruitment Needs:
    We will consider exceptional applicants but are currently focused on recruiting the following classes :
    • 1 Warlock
    • 1 Mage
    • 1 Elemental Shaman
    • 1 Healer (Priest, shaman, druid or MW Monk)

    Evening Raiding Times (Eastern US):
    • Wednesday 8 - 12
    • Thursday 8 - 12
    • Sunday 8 - 12

    • The guild's focus is 25-man endgame content. We do not care about 10-man content when a 25-man version exists.
    • Must be able to meet the above raid times. 100% attendance is not required, but you must have a compatible schedule. That includes all raiding days. We need dependable raiders.
    • Must be a team player. We recruit enough to ensure that we can keep raiding even if someone has to miss a night, so candidates must be okay with the possibility of sitting out on occasion. Mains only. No second raid lockout for your alt. And please don't ask to bring your alts to farm content on primary raiding nights.
    • No drama queens. Can't emphasize this enough. We like Gorefiend and we don't want drama with other guilds. Don't bring it here.
    • We are not a hardcore guild. Yes, we're committed to 3 nights of 25-man heroic content, and we are serious when raiding. We do what we can in that time. We do not add extra days to push content. We do well enough, but we do not stress about server firsts. If this is a problem for you, do not apply.
    • Decent 25-person endgame raiding experience required. This includes pre-Mists of Pandaria. Decent internet connection required.
    • We use EPGP for loot. ( http://code.google.com/p/epgp/ ) We use Mumble rather then Ventrilo for raid communication. (http://mumble.sourceforge.net/ ) Please install prior to any tryout.
    If you're interested, please register and complete an application at: http://www.iloveriot.com. Any questions can be directed via website or in-game PM to Zpriten, Blindeye, Lannistur, Mogster, Shibumi, Grindewald, Miasma, or Warmlettuce.

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    Drow is a 25 man raiding guild that's been around since WoW-Beta with a long history of top 15-30 US kills. We were 16/16 heroic 25 man (US 20th) in 5.0 content and we are looking for skilled players to fit into our roster.
    This is a full time spot.
    raid times are 7pm to 11 pm PST Sunday - Thursday.

    Currently 4/13Heroic Battletag: Johnish#1698

    Our website/more details: http://www.drow.org/forums/showthread.php?t=43103

    Good luck!
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