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    Compatibility issues...

    Okay, so I've settled on a computer build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/y2af

    There's an small issue with the compatibility of the case and the motherboard. "ASRock B75M-DGS Micro ATX LGA1155 Motherboard has an onboard USB 3.0 header, but the Cooler Master HAF 912 ATX Mid Tower Case does not have front panel USB 3.0 ports."

    Is this a big deal, or is there a work around for this?

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    I would say "not a big deal". All it really means is that the front ports on the case will run at USB2.0 speeds. There are still 2x USB3.0 ports in the back (as well as 4 more USB2.0)

    If you have no USB 3.0 drives (you probably don't) this doesn't affect you at all. If you happen to have an external USB3 drive, you just plug it in back as normal. There's really no point in having USB3 on the front these days just yet. Even if you have a USB3 flash drive, they're still small enough that there's really nothing that having USB3 on the front benefits from. You'd be cutting down a 2 minute transfer to like... 1 minute.

    If it IS a problem for you to have USB3.0 on the front, you can either
    1) Get a different case or
    2) Get a USB3.0 front panel header to go in the floppy or other CD drive slots.

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    Not a deal breaker in my opinion, My case has USB 3.0 ports but my motherboard (P67 Chipset) doesn't have any onboard USB 3.0 motherboard headers, I only have 1 USB 3.0 drive and I just plug it in the back if and when I use it.

    If you like the case you've picked go for it, as already mentioned adding some USB 3.0 headers in a drive bay can be done easily later on.

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    USB 3.0 Aluminum Front Panel

    Cooler Master 2-Port USB 3.0 3.5" Front Panel

    granted for the price of the last one you might as well pay more for a case if of course you care about front USB 3.0.
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    NZXT Tempest 210 Case ~$45

    Should house your components nicely and fits within your budget by the looks of it and includes a front USB 3.0 port.

    You could also consider the Corsair 200R which includes 2 front USB 3.0 ports. Cost is around $50 if you shop around.

    Lastly there is the Antec Gaming Series One case, which also houses 2 front USB 3.0 ports. Hard to find however, but again it should only set you back around $50

    All of these cases would do nicely for your build, since you're buying a CPU with only turbo boost features.

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