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    I have no idea how castsequence macros work - do I have to use the keybind in order to use another skill in sequence or whatever?

    I will not consider using HotW for my DPS boost w/ caster wep. when I'm not tanking. a) I don't have a decent wep b) I dislike it. I know this might improve my performance, but I just find that I'm not going to use something I don't feel comfortable with.

    I'm not aiming for WoL rankings (sure it's nice if I can), but I just want to be competitive with the other tank and other raid members, not tag miles behind.

    Coming back to my rotation, I believe that /castsequence doesn't help to learn to play. Which is the main fact. It simple to press just 1 keybind for different things, but I find that if I want to do that, I go play some other class.

    Thanks for the advice though.
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    The way cast sequences work is that if you keep mashing the macro, it will chain the sequence of spells one after another, which is why I suggested to bind them to mouseup/down - you're easily able to spam a dozen "key presses" a second if you want to make your abilities chain seamlessly.

    I will not consider using HotW for my DPS boost w/ caster wep. when I'm not tanking
    Then HoTW and go cat then, /shrug. It's almost as much dps, and both options still beat the tar out of Nature's Vigil in terms of damage.

    Coming back to my rotation, I believe that /castsequence doesn't help to learn to play.
    No, it's basically like training wheels. Sure, when you're pro at a fight and can flawlessly weave in between dread sprays to pick up orbs, dance through double heroic attenuations without missing a beat, laying down snares on the opposing emperor's courage while powershifting your own impeding thrusts snare off and dodging every devastating strikes, then manually do your rotation. You'll get a bit more dps out of it, not much, but some nonzero value.

    If, on the other hand, you're a mortal and take time to learn the fights and to optimize your strategy, I don't think there's anything wrong, per se, about using a castsequence while you get comfortable with the fight. Lets be honest, the best players in the world take dozens of attempts to nail down heroic attenuation. No one gets through dread spray yet without being feared on an occasional basis. There's human error built into every one of us and the macro is a tool to keep your mind off your rotation while learning the fight, which generally is significantly more valuable than pushing out an additional 5 or 10% damage.

    That, at least, is my point of view coming from a world top 20 guild.

    Thanks for the advice though.
    No prob, and good luck.

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    If u have trouble with your dmg dont use a castsequence makro since u will miss alot of mangle procs. I use HotW only on bosse like heroic garalai or sometimes elegon heroic i find that Nv with Incarnation ist quite nice to plus the little bit of healing might safe someone. Try to maximize your rotation dont know if you are using weakauras or something else but keeping track of dot uptime especially trash ist very important since FF does more direct dmg then trash. Pre pot, use cds when u have enough vengeance. if ur using try to max your maul without loosing to much uptime on SD. Dont beat yourself up cause pala does more dmg on some fights. elegon dont reset stack in phase 2 use trahs to hit boss and the three adds, on sha use cds while tanking sha and use FF and trash while collecting orbs maybe lightningshiled from shami on this fight. everything else should be fine then.

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