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    [A] Resto/ele shaman 5/6 HC MSV looking for a new home!! (490 ilvl)

    Hello, im a danish shaman, whom is highly capeable in both Elemental and Restoration, i am currently looking for a new home to spread my wings.

    I am looking for a guild that has a small roster 10-12 active raiders.
    That has a somewhat stable guild history.
    That is either English of Danish speaking.
    And that raids within the time frame 19-24 +1 GMT.
    You have a friendly atmosphere, where the philosophy is to have fun while killing dragons.
    You are at a somewhat equal/higher level progression wise as me.

    About me
    I am 20 years old, and have raided on and off since early TBC. I take my role as raider very serious, and always thoerycraft to the furthest possible extent for both my speccs. I have a long history of raid leading, wich i truly think is a great asset to any raid team, as i have a good understanding of all the relevant machanics (both in regards to bosses, and classes.)

    If you have any suggestions please post them in this thread.

    Thank you for your time, kindest regards Alejañdro og Grim Batol
    (PS i can not link at this given point, but i have available logs for both restoration and Elemental if you find Time on Grim Batol in World of logs.)
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