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    [A] - Sublimity - Turalyon 10 man. 6/6 HC MSV, 4/6 HoF HC, looking for Tank/DPS

    Sublimity is a 10 man raiding guild that was first formed on Aerie Peak (EU) at the end of WotLK, and our focus is clearing newly released content as fast as possible. Our core raiding team is built up around players who have a vast experience of the game and have witnessed end game content since Vanilla, with most of us playing together for many years. Now we're playing on Turalyon trying to mix 3 days of raiding with good progress.

    WotLK achievements:

    Halion 4th 10 Man kill, 79th worldwide (10 and 25 man kills).

    Cataclysm achievements:

    Finished T11 content as 4th EU guild, 14th worldwide (killed Sinestra pre 4.0.6).

    During progress we raid 3 nights per week (Wed, Thurs, Sun) from 20:00 - 23:30/24:00h server time (GMT +1). When content is on farm this turns into 2 days or less.
    We do not raid outside listed raiding hours, so if you're interested in raiding from early mornings on patch days, this is probably not a place to be.

    Since we try to keep relatively small roster, everyone is expected to have extremely high attendance (especially during progress periods). This also means, on top of meeting requirements in terms of performance, you'll have to fit into our small-ish community in order to keep it a functional one.

    Spots in progress raids are always based on performance and possible setup required, rather than pre-set rotation or anything similar. Member status is earned by proving your commitment and skill and players who we feel are underperforming might soon find they have competition from a new recruit.

    We do not have set time frame in which recruits are evaluated. From the moment you join you have almost identical privileges (and responsibilities) as our members, and we'll try to give you as much time as we find appropriate for you to adapt and prove your worth.

    Loot is distributed by loot council, and items are awarded with progress in mind above everything else.

    As our member you can expect:

    - focused raids and competitive players who push each other to the very limit;
    - fast progress (within set raiding hours);
    - access to the best loot, mounts and titles the game has to offer;
    - guild repairs and other perks (flasks, feasts) to lessen your farming hours

    Every member is required to:

    - put the guild first before personal achievement (e.g. even if you pump out high DPS but do not switch to adds and/or ignore encounter mechanics in general, we don't want you)
    - be able to communicate in spoken and written English;
    - keep extremely high raid attendance (especially during new content);
    - be able to play your class (mainspec and offspec) to it's maximum potential:
    - generally know your class inside out and constantly keep up to date with changes;
    - know what it means to raid at a high level, if you're new to raiding this is not the place for you;
    - be completely committed to progress;
    - have mature attitude and understand guild requirements may sometimes need you to sit out, we need team players in order to maintain healthy roster;
    - be focused during raids (nobody wants players who constantly go AFK and slow down trash/boss pulls);
    - be able to listen to instructions on ventrilo/mumble and carry them out (being able to speak is highly preferred);
    - have stable internet connection to support your raiding, as well as solid hardware.

    Current progress:
    6/6 MSV Heroic
    4/6 HoF Heroic
    4/4 ToES Normal


    Tank - Paladin/Guardian/Blood DK or Brewmaster

    Range DPS - Warlock/Mage or Shadow Priest

    Melee DPS - Paladin/Death Knight/Fury Warrior

    To apply, visit our page: sublimity-guild.enjin.com/home

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    Still looking for that Tank and a couple of DPS.

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    Looking for a Tank still and 1 melee with a couple RDPS.

    Plx check sublimity-guild.enjin.com. for more info.

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