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    Balance druid v Protectors herioc, any tips?

    Hello guys, so my guild got to protectors herioc last night and im playing boomkin for them.

    Our best attempt is currently 5.30 into the fight, and im 2nd on the buff (going 3-3-3 ect) and im wondering if it's beneficial to multi dot all three of the protectors for SS procs to use on kaolan or to just tunnel.

    Any other tips, if you have any are very welcome. I'll try and post my armory and the best log attempt for you to analyze.


    (And if my class is benefiting from multi dotting them, will our spriest and ele shaman both benefit from doing so?)
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    There was a huge thread on this forum where they discussed multidotting and single target. I think they ended up concluding single target was better. Just look it up

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    I have always multi-dotted all the protectors with the eclipsed dot for some extra damage on our current kill target. I think that if your dot procs even once it has been a dps increase towards your main target.

    I'm always in the third group to pick up the damage buff, which makes my cooldown usage a bit more comfortable for me. One of the best tricks to increase your dps is to pop three pre-planted mushrooms just as you use CA.

    And, from what i've heard the only class that benefits from multidotting on this fight with moonkins is fire mages just because Living bomd explosion from the other targets damage current kill target. But we dont have any ele shamans, so if i remember correctly they may get a dps increase from fireshock procs for those LBs.

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    I only dot 2 of them up so I can save my GCDs.

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    dot more than main target when you get haste buff.

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    I wish I could make my guild believe multidotting is a singletarget dps increase scumbag dps yolo

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    Multi-dot with haste buff/CA up only I believe the consensus was

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celebrations View Post
    I wish I could make my guild believe multidotting is a singletarget dps increase scumbag dps yolo
    Beat you last night! #meterpaddingwhoreyolo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stommped View Post
    Beat you last night! #meterpaddingwhoreyolo
    haha, epeening ftw there Stommped :P
    Whats heroic Protectors like, not looked into it yet, guild focusing on MGV atm

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    As it was said, this was answered in a very long thread, and this is quickly eroding into an internet meme fest. Closing thread.
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