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    Quote Originally Posted by omni View Post
    Surely if the new LFR drops 502 then we're just going back to the old "the previous raid tier is completely useless now", which is what they said they didn't want happening?

    They want more linear progression and not tier skipping. It'd have to drop 496 or lower to make Normal Mode guilds ignore it, which was also an intending in MoP.
    There's still the required iLvl of 480 to queue up for ToT LFR, so you'd still need some VP/crafted/LFR gear from the previous tier.
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    Hoping it's 496 so "not doing it" is a viable choice for those choosing to raid heroic content

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    Blizzard said LFR wouldn't provide upgrade for raiders anymore, especially heroic raiders.

    So I'm really expecting 496 LFR, 509 regular and 522 heroic.

    Why? Current LFR needs 470 and drops 486... new LFR has a ilvl requirement of 480.. so.. 496 gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Count Zero View Post
    Yes, and they said they don't want to do that again.

    " While the LFR gear from a new tier will continue to be slightly better than the normal difficulty items from the previous tier, we’ll structure the power level of future tiers’ LFR loot so that it doesn’t replace Heroic gear from the previous raid, and we’re continuing to discuss other solutions internally to limit the pressure for competitive raiders to run LFR."
    Urgh. Guess that answers my question. Guess the new LFR will be 502 then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by omni View Post
    Urgh. Guess that answers my question. Guess the new LFR will be 502 then.
    Unless it's based on MSV's ilvl, which would most likely put it at 496.

    I do hope they make some progress on that last statement about "limit the pressure for competitive raiders to run LFR" - I really don't want to do LFR any more =(

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    There is always a 19 item level difference between every tier. 19 is the magic number. 359 - 378 - 397..

    Assuming HoF/ToeS are considered the t14 standard, which I am 90% sure they will be. Throne of Thunder has the following item levels; LFR: 502, Normal: 515, Heroic: 528.
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    The current paradigm is 3 difficulty levels of gear (LFR, normal, heroic) per tier. 13ilvls between difficulties and 19ilvls between tiers. Sometimes there's a gear step up within a tier (e.g. MV to HoF or Regail Elite or deathwing in DS), then 6/7 ilvls seems to be rule.

    Therefore, as other have said, we can expect 502 LFR, 515 normal and 528 heroic. Accordingly, 5.2LFR would not be an upgrade over any 5.0 heroic item (but equal with MV heroic ilvl).

    There would even be leeway to have a gear step-up within 5.2: e.g. the latter parts of the raid drop +7ilvl gear. Then 5.4 LFR would probably start at 502+7+19=528ilvl, which again would make it equal to but not better than the worst 5.2 heroic ilvl.

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    While my 16/16N cleared on a casual ish schedule semi-casual butt does take some offence that LFR (where 1/4 the raid is afk it seems, or they actually are and are botting (yes, they exist)...) will drop better loot than N T14, between item upgrading things before 5.2 like N weapons/ 496 5.1 VP items/tier or getting more heroics down closer to T15 release, I think this is reasonable or OK. If they made LFR either harder and kept the +19 model or kept it at the current difficulty level and made it +13 (personal preference is +10) I think it would be better. Not making LFR T15 better than T14 N would also encourage people who get 480-485 ilvl after 5.2 releases to run N T14 and see more of the fight mechanics, etc.

    Of course, if it's 502 and my main still has non 496 pieces and my alt still has some 476's/blue offhand, it will be good for filling those last annoying spots of gear, or alt catchup. I don't like the idea of doing all T15 LFR 2x/week but I already did that for a while with T14 so I guess it's not that big a deal. However, if LFR gear is 502, that will mean that Heroic raiders will likely run it for new set bonuses and offspec loot, regardless of Blizzard's intentions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
    Not making LFR T15 better than T14 N would also encourage people who get 480-485 ilvl after 5.2 releases to run N T14 and see more of the fight mechanics, etc.

    This wouldnt encourage anyone cause normal raiding guilds will have their hands full with 5.2 raiding content and total causals who are stuck on 4/16 boss now in normal wont clear it even with 510 itlv to outgear it -_- And for the love of God pls dont answear me with staged progression that guilds will still progress 5.1 raids in 5.2 - they wont they would rather wipe on 1-2 5.2 bosses then progress last tier .
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