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    Enhancement Trinket Issue

    So I recently picked up Jade Bandit Figurine from normal MsV (389). My current trinkets are Bottle of Infinite Stars (LFR) and Relic of Xuen. Im just having a hard time chosing between the Bottle of Stars and the Jade Bandit Figurine.

    my current Layout is Mastery > haste. but i know the figurine ties into all of my Cd's very well

    Im an enhancement shammy, looking to really squeeze out every single drop of DPS as my Guild has recently lost most of our other strongest DPS.

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    Have you tried simming your character with each trinket in turn?

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    Bottle wins by far, checking a couple of my logs fast Bottle has 40%-46% uptime in those fights which gives it about 1.2k average agility and the mastery too much higher than the average haste from Jade Bandit Figurine.
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    As Liquid said, Sim, sim and sim again.

    I'd guess that the bottle is superior though, everything I've simmed personally on my character says to replace the bottle with it's higher equivalent only, and it's heroic version is currently BiS.

    However, this may be different to you.
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