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    Should I come back?

    After an extended break I am now wondering if I should make a new subscription.

    I quit because my favorite class was terrible and found the game to be quite boring. I think my class had something to do with it being boring. Now I would like to continue playing that class, but I'm not so sure I should.

    I had a Rogue with some Legendaries, Tfury and the Cata ones, and probably the coolest xmog I've ever seen.

    I also had a Shaman with a Hand of Rag I was quite fond of too.

    I decided to main the Rogue for MoP hoping I could still have fun with the class that recieved little attention. I was hoping they would be the same class I grew to love during Cata... clearly not the case. I found myself grinding dailies at a snail's pace and dabbling into pet battles to keep myself entertained. The raid content did not interest me at the time, and I think we all know the Rogue PvP situation.

    To go along with my favorite classes, Rogue+Shaman, I had other 85s in waiting, Mage+DK+Warrior. I would like an honest and nontrolling perspective about what I should move forward with. My gut tells me not to waste anymore of my money on something I do when I'm bored, but hey I'm bored...
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    This is a personal choice and one that only you can make. Best of luck to you with your decision.

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