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    Looking for laptop recommendations


    I'm currently looking to get a new Laptop (I want it to be a laptop, don't want a desktop) since mine is nearing 6 years old now and I'm fairly tired of getting horrid FPS and being unable to play new games.

    I would like a laptop on which I can raid 25 man with around 50-60 FPS on decent settings (Ultra particles with good view distance at the very least, I don't plan on using shadows, ultra textures, 8x multisampling while raiding 25 I just want to not have fog 10 yards infront of me due to low view distance and have spell effects stand out properly, which would hopefully mean I'd be able to run decent graphics outside of raids with still 50-60 fps). Preferably around £500-600 price range if it's possible.

    I am rather bad at finding this kind of stuff and what I tend to find is usually quite over-priced so I'd love it if you good people would be able to help me out in finding a few options on what to buy.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.
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