Before I make up my mind about which GPU to go for, I'd like to know a couple of things.

Approximately how long will the Intel system last if I go with, considering I can't overclock it? Will the Intel system with an overclocked be able to outlive the other option (I assume there's no point in going with, as it probably can't be overclocked either? Or can it?)?

The reason I'm wondering about this is because the difference in performance between the 7850 and the GTX 660 don't seem to be very big, according to Anandtech that n0cturnal linked to (that comparison is however with 7850 having 2GB memory instead of 1GB), and on the offchance that I might try overclocking it sometime in the future, I'd rather go with the GPU that I can actually overclock. It depends a little on how long each system will last, though.

Edit: Hm, according to the page it seems like actually has a decent cooling solution, but I know way too little about all of this to determine this by myself, so any help would be very appreciated. I need to place the order today.