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    Using Bullguard .... never had problems in the 8+ years i have used it .... yes it cost money but it is hassle free and ( so far ) i has never been hit by evil stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiiLoSNK View Post
    I thought kaspersky was pretty retard-proof.. Also, what position is it on your list thing? I'm guessing 1 or 2.
    Not my list, OPs... And yes. Kaspersky is really effective, always has been, just hard to tweak.
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    AVG Free edition, works like a charm

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    Too many people are trying to use using a negative to prove a positive. "I've been using ACME Anti-Virus for 20 years and have never been infected with anything", doesn't say anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twoddle View Post
    Too many people are trying to use using a negative to prove a positive. "I've been using ACME Anti-Virus for 20 years and have never been infected with anything", doesn't say anything.
    I've been having unprotected sex for 20 years and have never had an STD.

    Cause I haven't been checked thoroughly.
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    I can actually recommend AVG Free in all honesty. Checking and recovering other people's PCs is part of my job, and I've found them infected with all kind of things, most of them immediately found by an AVG scan once I brought the machine to my office. So far, it demonstrated it can find stuff that has easily passed through other AV programs, and for what it can't find, Malwarebytes usually can. Using them in conjunction has always gotten me to remove every threat from my clients machines.
    I did run some tests on that as well at first, to make sure it reallu did, using different programs to scan the PC and comparing results and doing manual checks both via stuff like Hijackthis and scanning the registry and the filesystem myself (as I said, I know what to look for in most cases). I have yet to leave a machine still infected with crap after that treatment.

    The only case I've encountered so far where AVG was completely ineffective was a ghost DNS malware a couple years ago, but that fucked every major AV program at the time, Norton, Kaspersky and everybody else as well, so it's not really its own negative point. It was one hell of a pain to remove, had to find a very specific utility since the malware was coded to lock down all known AVs.

    I hope that's a "positive for positive" approach, for once.
    Quote Originally Posted by Qieth
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    This past year, they made some amazing changes that brought them into the market as a true competitor with larger antivirus brands.
    It's extremely light weight(716 KB, background services running on anywhere from 4,000-9,000K) all while being the most effective AV I've used yet.
    In the past, I've utilized just about everything. From free to paid as well as military "provided" applications. Nothing has been able to touch on Webroot from my personal experience.

    Of course anything can work just fine with a bit of common sense. You might just have to sit down with the miss and teach her the basic rules of safe web browsing.
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    I have used Avast! for few years now. It's great. Microsoft Security Essentials (comes already with Win8) is also very good I've heard.

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    I use It is perfect so far, been using it for 3 years now. Doesn't use much memory, prevents all attacks, works silently on background and keeps my pc clean all the time. I highly recommend it. May find it a little expensive but what you pay is what you get. Check it out!

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    Used to have avast, but now Im with Kaspersky (paid)
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