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    [H]<Phoenix> (Frostmane)10m 3/6 (H) 6/6 4/4

    <Phoenix> is a 10 man raiding group on US-Frostmane Horde side

    We are looking for:
    Healer / Druid or Monk
    Melee DPS Rogue / warr / cat /boom

    *We are currently 2/12 TOT wowprogress.com/guild/us/Frostmane/Phoenix
    *Our raid times are Tuesday-Thursday 745-midnight Central Daylight Time
    *Loot distributed on MS>OS rolls

    *Report absences in advance (email or ingame contact or text message)
    *Come prepared to kill bosses on Heroic: read up on fight mechanics in general
    *Willingness to accept criticism and ability to voice concerns
    *positive attitude during the stressful/frustrating moments
    *Bring your own raid consumables
    *Raid experience at least in normal MoP

    Applicants can visit out website at:
    speak to me at tiregh#1937

    Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you
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    Bump! -> need mt tank any class but pally - we got a amazing raid team just need that special tank :d

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    Why no Pally tank?

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    LF spectacular melee DPS for core team!

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    bump still need a melee

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