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    I really enjoy reading insight from all of the members of Blizzard. This was a particularly interesting one for me because I've been in those encounters where it just feels like gear and skill won't be enough only to come back the next week and have a nerf make it feel somewhere between perfect and trivial. It is definitely nice to see their view on these situations.

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    Fun Fact: Why is everyone streaming atm playing with a fucking cap on their heads?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Granyala View Post
    WooT Devs watching attempts .. creepy... but I bet they had plenty to laugh.
    I'm not sure they watch average progression very often; but I'm positive the first 2-3 weeks after release of a progression raid are watched and cheered much like a superbowl where you can change the ref's ruling.

    Quote Originally Posted by relentless92 View Post
    Fun Fact: Why is everyone streaming atm playing with a fucking cap on their heads?
    Maybe they're trying to cap their dps?

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    Dear Blizzard,

    Add more boss fights with undispellable stacking healing debuffs, so that restro shamans can be creative with their spirit link.

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    im liking the dev wartercoolers so far, and to know what developers think and how they do it , hope they keep it up for long^^

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    interesting read! refreshing content from blizz. I like the behind the scenes talk

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    Quote Originally Posted by DetectiveJohnKimble View Post
    Yeah, the whole feigning that they didn't know what was causing it was just some bs that ensidia used at the time to maintain face in front of fans who were stupid enough to believe that, and that story exists till today. Of course, blizzard had all the facts with which to make the right call, even if the players don't see them.
    Lost of people twisted that story so much, ive seen people saying "Paragon got banned for using Saronite bombs on Heroic LK" , or people claiming "Ensidia got the real world first on Heroic LK but got banned"

    Nevermind the fact it was Normal.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bahumut5
    I don't want to call Boubouille and wake her up for something like this.

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    Very interesting reading.

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    Always love posts like these... really goes to show you how much they are in control of everything, and its not just random and estimations. This is the reason WoW is on top! Now if only Blizzard could instill that level of intelligence and control into the Diablo dev team...

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    Quote Originally Posted by quras View Post
    So true. At this point in the game you would think blizzard would have designed encounters a little more intelligently vs players than they do.

    Decent read but most of what it boiled down to was players are crafty and if they beat blizzards design through interesting play styles and tactics it has to be "less fun" in most situations cause it's not how we (blizzard) designed it.
    I kind of have to agree with them in regards to the Gara'Jal evadeish bug.

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    always, after reading one of these, no matter which dev posts it.. I realize just how much smarter they are then the average player. One of the reasons I am so negative on PFO is because they are purposefully allowing players to vote on features....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edlarel View Post
    Maybe they're trying to cap their dps?
    Har-dee-har. You so punny.

    Do devs really watch our attempts? That's... interesting.

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    Great read. I still can't fully understand how community managers can hold their grounds with all the shit the playerbase throw at them...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belize View Post
    Har-dee-har. You so punny.

    Do devs really watch our attempts? That's... interesting.
    Definitely not most, but I can imagine they'll be watching the top 10 guilds at least. The information is just so much quicker and better when you see it happen live. Makes total sense they do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moveth View Post
    Read this and Ion really gives players a lot to look up to. He is so open about encounter design and how it effects their decisions.

    EDIT: And yes, you are first because I actually took the time to read this one :P
    Damn dude, you're not gonna melt from not getting your first post vitamins, are you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lemonpartyfan View Post
    I kind of have to agree with them in regards to the Gara'Jal evadeish bug.
    Oh and I agree it was getting by there intent of the encounter but I care little for their intent when they have full control to stop those types of things before they even start. Either way, I got a $1 says it was not, "less fun" when the group beat it except maybe for blizzard who had to watch someone out smart them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trigunflame View Post
    All I got from this is what I already knew - nerf mages every time we can.
    Spell steal is essentially worthless in PvE now, and has been for a while - Thanks!
    Oh, and let's nerf Ring of Frosts target limit while we're at it, can't have that working in say.. BGs.
    Then of course the recent neutering of fire to an virtually noncompetitive state.

    Not sure why I'm still playing this class.
    Wow, just wow!!!

    This should be the definition for Tunnel Vision in Websters!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fayenoor View Post
    Good read.

    Note that mages locking down adds using CC is not unique to Will Heroic or even to the Ring of Frost spell. Back in SSC, using Frost Nova rotations to CC waves of murloc and DPS-ing them down was a similar example (though in that case, the added needed to be killed before the rotation wore off).

    Using creative use of spellsteal isnt new to MoP either. Recall Flower Power buff in Ulduar and Ensidia's smart use of it to kill Hodir Hard Mode. What makes that an exploit and what Vodka did a "creative use of game mechanics"? IIRC Ensidia was banned for using Flower Power although they posted a video of the kill and reported Flower Power right after using it to kill Hodir.
    On a lighter (and somewhat off-topic) note, there was also the hilarious exploit of Spellsteal in AV back during BC.
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