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    Hello there. After my pc crashd I am downloading my addons, but there is one I just can not find.
    It was an addon that showed me the number of unread mails I had in my mailbox (even above 50, so if I had 127 mails it showed 127 unread mails).

    Thanks for your help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hotsforyou View Post
    Postal? /10chars
    I downloaded this, but how do I see how many mails I got in my mailbox. It only shows me that I got 50 mails in my mailbox, but I know I got about 70 (I even sent more to be sure I had more mail then 50).

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    The mailbox caps at 50 pieces of mail. Once you get rid of some and wait approximately 30 seconds (or reload the UI), information for others is made available. It's a client limitation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tordenflesk View Post
    MailOpener does this.
    This is the addon I was looking for, thank you

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    I stand corrected - seems there's a recently introduced second return to GetInboxNumItems.
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