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    Elder Charm In LFR

    Hey guys i have a really simple question im sure you guys know, i just cant find it,

    Can you use the Gold Elder Charm Coins on the same boss in a LFR even though you done the boss already? and if so can you get loot from the boss or it just works the first time?


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    yes. you can run lfr multiple times and use as many coins as you have hoarded up and possibly get loot only from the use of those coins. the normal free loot roll will be locked out.

    one coin per boss kill. you must re-run the LFR instance if you are trying to farm a certain boss.
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    Yes. You can continue to Coin bosses you've already done that week. I did this to get a sha-touched weapon. Got it on my 6th coin on that boss for that week.
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    Beautiful Thanks for the answer guys

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