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    Which Class suits my needs?

    Hey, before locking or reporting this thread, hear me out.

    I know asking "Which class should i play topics" are barred, but this isn't one of those exactly.

    I haven't played WoW properly since mid cata, and since then, a lot of changes have happened, mechanic changes, a new class, talent overhauls, and it's left me confused and disorientated, i'm hoping to come back to the game to solely play PvP & Maybe (if i can) join an RBG group, preferably as a DPS or healer, but from what i've gathered, a lot of RBG groups seem to prefer ranged DPS & 1 DK in terms of damage, is this correct?

    If so, what classes are more suited for RBG play? My main was a druid, but seeing the upcoming druid changes in patch 5.2 (Cyclone being 30 sec cd for feral) has really put me off going back to my main, as that is too much of a hit to our survivability i think, and i don't really know anything else about any of the other classes, seeing all the things like "##### now has a # second duration or deals ### less damage" means nothing to me, as i never knew what environment these abilities were used in, in the first place.

    So! With all that said, if someone is looking to come back and actively join an RBG group, what class would most people recommend? I don't really have a set playstyle, which is good, i've seen a lot of groups asking for Boomkins, S Priests & Warlocks, while i'm knowledgable on druids, i'm not so much on Priests & warlocks, but from what i've been reading, it seems holy & Disc are in bad spots, is this correct? And for warlocks, i'm stumped entirely.

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    It's still a thread asking people to help you choose which class to play, and you already know those aren't allowed.

    I suggest visiting the class forums of each class you're thinking about and/or the PvP forum to find out more information.

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