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    Ret/prot Brawler's guild

    Can anyone gives ret/prot specific tactics on the round 6, 7, & 8 fights.

    I just downed the bird boss as prot and just using his enrage to power me to kill him, was actually quite easy.

    I haven't made any attempts on Akama or the other level 6 guys but reading about them they don't sound too difficult.

    I hear round 7 and especially 8 are major gear checks though..

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    Rank 8 as ret, did it a few weeks ago in maybe 487-490ish ilvl. Ret is an offspec, and the only one that gave me any kind of "gear check" issue was Battletron.

    Prot will not make the enrage timers past rank 5-6ish, name of the game is burst. I ran HA and just Wings/GoAK/HA/Pot and melted things (cept for Battletron, which I had to go SW and wings glyph on to keep up the self heals). If you have specific questions, we can help answer them, but as you said, most are pretty easy even into rank 8 (Meatball says hi). Dark summoner is kinda a PITA as melee but if you get some good RNG on ghost spawns you can steamroll him.

    There is/was a thread about the Guild on here somewhere but I think it fell off the front page. Also there is a good ret pal video series of some of the r7-8 bosses on Youtube if you cant figure something out.
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    Rank 8 are the epic bosses. Rank 7 consists of GG Engineering, Dark Summoner, Battletron and Meatball.

    He is correct that you won't beat the enrage timers on a lot of the bosses mid rank 4 or 5 on up.

    GG Engineering you sit on Bo Bobble and let Max do most of the work for you.
    Dark Summoner sucks ass as a melee so prepare for a lot of wiping.
    Battletron is easy if you can sustain about 70k dps
    Meatball is a pushover. If you get past the first 3, you finished rank 7.

    Rank 8 bosses I have no idea because I have not beaten a single one on my warrior or paladin yet. To be fair to myself, I haven't put much time and effort into it. I figured I would have to wait till I am at or over ilvl 500.

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    You should make it to Rank 7 with relatively no problem if you're a decently geared Ret. Insta-flash of light or sacred shield yourself, use defensive cooldowns when necessary, Lay on Hands if needed. Damage wise, pre-pot with a strength potion and pop everything and nuke and it should be dead or close to it. Adhere to the mechanics of certain fights of course, for the Murderaffe or whatever it was called I spec'd into Burden of Guilt and just kited it around the arena and used ranged attacks.

    Scinder has it right for the most part, although I will say Dark Summoner as Ret is not so bad because of our ranged attacks, other melees have no choice but to get into melee range.

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