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    Mitosis 14/16H 10man - 12 hr/wk - Shadow/healer (Mage okay; others considered)

    Keeping it short and simple:

    (A) - Mitosis on US-Malygos is looking for a shadow priest who can also fill our role as 3rd healer. If you are a 90th percentile shadow priest and suck ass at healing it's okay and we will have our moonkin be the third healer and you can be full time dps so we are flexible on the healing aspect.

    We raid Tues, Wed, Thurs: 8est - 11est. Recently we've added Sunday night raids 8est - 11est as a 16 boss tier makes it challenging to succeed at a high level on 9 hour weeks. So expect 4 nights per week.

    We are looking for someone who is fully geared and capable of jumping in to a 14/16H guild. With 5.2 on the horizon, we don't have a lot of time to gear someone up. That having been said, if your numbers are there we can bend this rule to some extent. Lower gear with proven experience is okay, but lower gear and only 6/16H is not something we are currently looking for.

    Note that this spot is a guaranteed raid position, we are a rather small guild and only run with a 10 player roster. You will never see the bench upon admittance into the guild as the bench does not exist.

    I welcome you to check out our website for more information: mitosisguild.com and encourage you to apply! We are looking for a priest to transfer over immediately.

    IF YOU ARE A MAGE AND INTERESTED: please apply, our comp is reasonably flexible and as mentioned above the healing issue is covered so a true dps class would be okay.


    Tanks: DK, Warrior
    Heals: Pally, Shammy, (PRIEST)
    DPS: Rogue, Warrior, Moonkin, Hunter, Warlock, (PRIEST)

    If you feel you belong with us and are not a priest or a mage, feel free to still apply with an argument for why we would want to either double up on a spec or include something new like ret pally, dps shammy, etc. We believe in player over class but spirit shells and mass dispel became very crucial to us on some encounters and thus it makes the most sense (with gear spread as well) but we are by no means set on our ways/comp so you are encouraged to apply as well.

    Thank you for your time!
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