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    Lightbulb Survey - Demographics, Awareness, Demands and Attitudes of WoW users

    Hi everyone,

    For those who find this thread familiar and perhaps recognise me, thanks for stopping by again
    For those who are still wondering what this is all about, I will explain immediately.

    I am a postgraduate student in England and for my final piece of academic work for my degree, I have decided to write about my greatest passion - online gaming - and more specifically WoW. As part of my research, I have constructed a survey which aims to ultimately assess
    (1) the demographics of WoW users
    (2) user awareness of the enormous network market (which has been created and developed in parallel to the game over the past 7 years)
    (3) the demand for the various network services and finally
    (4) user attitude towards these network services.
    By network market/websites/services, I mean the tens of hundreds of websites out there which have been created by individuals and/or companies from all over the world which serve the various needs/wants of WoW users (one of which is MMO-Champion). The game's massive success as well as complex and multi functional nature is the reason WHY this network of complementary websites/services is so large and has been so successful.

    For those who are still thinking "...Hmm...this really does sound familiar", this is probably why:

    I constructed a survey and had it running for 7 days during the Christmas/New Years period. The survey was a massive success with over 350 participants (for which I am utterly grateful). However, despite the initial idea of regarding that survey as the main survey for my dissertation, following much consideration and also feedback, I have decided to take a slightly different approach to my entire dissertation by including a demographic focus to my work. For that reason, I had to amend the original survey and have now created a second/follow-up (and definitely final this time) survey. The differences between the two surveys lie in the questions. Some questions were found to be ambiguous, not very concise and less relevant and have therefore been replaced with questions which will derive more substantial data for greater and more diverse analysis.

    Although the second version is fairly similar to the first, it is definitely better-suited for my new focus. Having said that, I would have been incapable of identifying my preferred topic of focus AND ascertaining the knowledge on how to make the second survey 'better' had I not conducted the first survey. The first survey has been vital stepping stone in my own personal learning curve and the data from it has been stored and will be used in conjunction with the data of the new survey. So, for all those who have taken part in the first survey, I genuinely Thank You for aiding me in this struggle.

    The survey is made up of 15 questions and should not take more than 5 minutes.

    So, if you are still interested in taking part in my survey, you can find the survey in the link below. I strongly welcome the participation of all users.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or send me a PM and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

    Oh and please do pass the word =]

    I thank you all for taking time to read this and greatly appreciate your cooperation
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    I'll take part.

    And good luck with your dissertation.

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    @iWolfBanei - cheers buddy

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    Done, good luck.
    Moderator of Heroes of the Storm, come say hi!

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    @Nerraw - thank you

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    Done for you.

    Karma always has the last laugh.

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    @Honeyprime - thanks =]
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    Done my brother from another mother

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    @andrius - you're the man. thanks bud. spread the word

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    Best of luck with your research.

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    Done - nice questions.

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    @Rivellana - thank you so much. have a good one

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    @Vaelorian - positive feedback is always welcome. much appreciated my friend

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    Filling it out now.

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    @Eruionmel - thanks for taking part. you have some real nice stuff on your deviant page, keep it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelofdeath View Post
    @Eruionmel - thanks for taking part. you have some real nice stuff on your deviant page, keep it up.

    Incidentally, you should try to get some people in-game to go to the page to fill it out, if you haven't already. If most of your surveyors come from MMO-champ, that skews your demographic towards people who utilize and appreciate the news/forums section of your demographic. I'm guessing you know all that already, since you're post-grad, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

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    i did it

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    @Eruionmel - I praise you on your solid understanding of successful (or at least fair) research methods. You're absolutely right in both your suggestion and your assumption The survey is currently posted on 2 sites and I try as much as I can (since no-one really likes spammers) to get the survey out there in-game. Either way, this kind of feedback great and is (in most cases) essential to researchers. I greatly appreciate you pointing that out, thanks.

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    Completed - nice to see the focus of a survey on something other than how many hours spent in a game and how social/anti-social players are!
    Best of luck with your dissertation.
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    Done! For some odd reason I really enjoy answering surveys, and so I try to always contribute when I see one. This was a nice change from "how often do you play/do you talk to people?"
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    @xindykawai - thank you

    @Kerath @Badhairday - it's great and really motivating when participants with 'experience' in the field feel that you are contributing to something new. thank you so much for your contribution

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