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    @chaussette - i'm expecting to have it done over the next month. i've also made a note of your request, thanks

    @Mancowski - thanks buddy

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    Done. Have fun!

    Warender - Orc Enhancement Shaman - Mal'Ganis US

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    For gold selling does that mean Im doing the actual selling of excess gold to a 3rd party website? I put yes assuming thats what it meant cause I have sold about 500k worth since I started playing. Gold is far too easy to make to assume it meant websites that sell gold to people.

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    @Aberration - thank you

    @Lilly32 - Well actually, no. What I meant by gold selling is .... gold selling websites. Perhaps I should have been more explicit in my explanation of Third-Party Services on Page 4. The description on that page identifies the various network websites/services which are being examined. Gold selling/Item selling/Power levelling sites all fall under the category of Third-Party Services. Although you may be right in saying that gold is far too easy to make, a vast number of people actually spend a lot of money buying gold from such websites. Either way, I appreciate your contribution and your comment above as it can be considered a limitation to my survey design due to 'question ambiguity'.

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