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    Seems like the DK sword matches perfectly with the Lost Catacomb set. Well almost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElyPop View Post
    I thought I'd have another look, and there seems to be a few more. A Goblin rogue dagger and a Pandaren monk staff.

    Goblin rogue dagger:

    Pandaren monk staff:

    And still have no idea where they're from/what they're for. But there seems to be at least one for every race, and a specific class associated with each.
    Christ, man. You are the hero we need. These are gooooor~geous.
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    Maybe they are just weapons for generic npcs we will find in SoO? The race-class combination looks suitable and maybe the recolours are there for variety imo.

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    Maybe its the end of the questline legendary/whatever we get? After killing garrosh?

    Would be pretty damn crazy if every race/class combo got a unique weapon.

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    sweet jesus that draenei hammer


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    I haven't played since April, did we ever find out what these are for?
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    A rare Troll on the Isle of Thunder uses the Gnome staff, and some Kor'kron mobs in 5.3 & 5.4 use the Orc Axes. That's pretty much all they've ever been used for.

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    That hammer looks like the Furious Glad 2h mace clashed with the Intellect 2h mace from ToT.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tech614 View Post
    It's obviously a port of Smash 4 with new characters and she was already in Smash 4.

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    Could they be reserved for the Insta-90 starting quest-chain when WoD hits?

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    Too early. WoD beta start haven't been announced yet. Why would they add them now?

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    so? something new?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yig View Post
    Nice try, but no. Glaives aren't a new weapon type. They are one handed swords, with one handed sword animations. Just like the one and only warglaive we have in game which is a legendary already.

    Apply your logic above to fist weapons, and see it dissolve. There are all manner of shapes and sizes for fist weapons, from claws, to glaives, to spikes, to gloves.

    Glaives do not represent a brand new weapon type, nor do they represent too much variety in an issue with wasted gear.
    It is a purely cosmetic item.

    Tauren logs would be 2 handed maces, and share their animations. The problem with Tauren logs is they would look ridiculous with any race that isn't a Tauren.
    Just imagine a gnome with two pink pigtails and titan grip duel wielding two logs!

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    They're probably items for mobs, though I hope that they're not.

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