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    That was really sweet of your guild mate to do, and it really just shows that were not all a bunch of unsocial nerds hiding in the darkness lol. I'm really happy to read all the other stories people have shared on here but also kinda sad that others would say that the person is enabling you and helping your addiction, he was just being a friend and looking out for the guild because obviously it means a lot to some people.
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    He is a god, and should not have to associate with lower class citizens, for his valor points, I mean thats ALL he could be there for, he obviously doesnt need gear, so blizzard should just credit his account with 500 VP a week, for his troubles

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    Similar stories. I've 2 groups of people I know IRL that I've met from WoW: Those who were my dad's friends that I made through him, and those I made when they quit and I went off to raid on my own.

    My dad, our friends and I (the majority living in New York), get together sometimes, just to hang out watch football that sort of thing. We help each other out, like 3 summers ago when a friend hit a rough patch, and I came up (he's a single dad) to watch the kids for a weekend while he went to job interviews 4, 5, maybe 6 hours away. Things like that.

    Last summer, me and a few friends from my newest guild got together with our girlfriends, went on a road trip (was amazing). We had this big bus (kinda like a tour bus, was awesome), picked everyone up, and it was basically the wildest (extended) party I've ever been on. Getting it going was kinda hard (started with 2 of 'em in New Jersey, they went to Mass. picked up another dude, then back to NY and got me, then we headed out to Ohio, and from there to Georgia and Florida). Best road trip ever, and finally meeting them in person was amazing. Of course, all our girlfriends thought we were idiots (hearing that from every single one was awesome xD), but everyone ended up getting along great and we plan on doing it again this summer

    Point is, WoW friendships are really the same as friendships you make anywhere else, and these guys are some of the best I've ever had.

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    My 25man guild have had a guild meet (lasting a handful of days) each summer over the last two years with 10-15 of the core players attending despite only being a regular top 300 25man guild. The simple reason we play in 25man is because of the social factor. Even when people stop raiding they'll stick hang around on guild forums and skype conversations.

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