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    Are Warriors Unkillable to Anyone Lower Level Than Them?

    Recently I was ganked by a level 90 Warrior, while I was on a level 89 Balance Druid. The Warrior in question was really bad, and I guess thought he could get an easy kill. Anyways long story short I managed to kite him around and get him to around 30% health when he got the Second Wind Buff.... at that point I could not lower his health any further even with all CD's. Is this intended or is Second Wind supposed to make a Warrior invincible to anyone below their level?

    EDIT, Tested this with 2 friends, an 89 Balance Druid and 88 Frost DK, cannot do enough DPS to kill a warrior who is in quest greens, we can get his health down 2-3% with Necrotic Strike but he heals back up again before the DK's runes are back up for more, even with the ability to recharge all his runes, we got him down maybe 10% and then he healed right back up.
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    Working as intended then
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    Second wind has been god-mode since it was the beginning of MoP. Not really news here. In-before the warriors try to defend themselves with QQ of much needed nerfs, second wind just heals for too much, and blizzard still doesn't get in (Read recent patch notes. While this change helps, it still isn't that much of a nerf); I've seen warriors do more healing in bgs than some healers because they just sit in second wind / defensive stance the whole time.

    It's not just lower level. A lot of classes on the same level of warriors have a hard time killing them. If you don't save almost every offencive CD for second wind, you're pretty much screwed, and the warrior could just counter this with a CC or kite.

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    You couldn't kill a Warrior in greens with a DK? Is the DK in item level 400 crap gear? Did he even use Soul Reaper? What type of gear are you wearing?

    I don't buy it that both of you couldn't kill a bad 90 warrior because of Second Wind.
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    It's well known that (as a rogue at least i'm sure its the same with most classes) if you don't save your cd's for after 35 percent vs a geared warrior.... "you will lose." (Rocky 4)

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    Sounds like a case of bad-on-bad violence, tbh.
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    Yup, without cooldowns you won't get that last 35% down, and if the warriors is anything decent he'll safe some cc to screw you over as soon as you try to finish him off with cooldowns.
    A good and geared warrior can pretty much win against almost any class 1v1 without many problems.

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    So, you couldn't do 130k~ damage (including base resi) to kill the last 30% of his HP, whilst he was healing, give or take, about 9k?

    Yeah, it's just you. Sorry OP.

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    So, somehow its my fault that 2 of us using all CD's and Necrotic Strike to prevent his healing cannot kill him when he was just sitting there? The 2nd time, if you read states that I had a friend who has a horde warrior on the same server I play on basically just stood there while 2 of us tried to kill him.

    Even with 3* Necrotic Strike/Soul Reaper/Army of the Dead, and me using treants, + Celestial Alignment/trinkets, Our best attempt was around 10-12% before Necrotic Strikes wore off and he was able to start out healing us again. Also, according to other posts and my friend, its because they have something like 65% reduced damage in Defensive Stance before they have any pvp gear? Also as for our gear both the Death Knight and I are in quest gear since we are not 90 yet and our Warrior friend is in quest gear from Kun Lai Summit, I think he may also have a few pieces of dungeon gear.

    As for our gear, I am in quest gear from Valley of the Four Winds and some from Karasang Wilds + the stuff I got from dungeon quests. The Death Knight is in Jade Forest, Valley of the Four Winds and the dungeon quest gear.
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    Yep, warriors are immune to sub-90 ganking pretty much, working as intended(by Blizzard, not me).
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    It wasn't even a gank, he just stood there for us like a target dummy and we couldn't break through Second Wind ><

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zergin8r View Post
    It wasn't even a gank, he just stood there for us like a target dummy and we couldn't break through Second Wind ><
    You mean the two of you couldn't break 9k DPS between you?

    Second Wind's OP, but there are other issues here.

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    Maybe if the warrior was specced protection, but if the warrior really was as bad geared as you think, beating 3% hp per spec would require only around 9k dps, that is nothing. While leveling my latest char (hunter) I had no issues against warriors, few high damage attacks would bring them down before second wind healed them more than few ticks.
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    hit 90 get gear and have fun

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    According to other peoples DPS meters I can do almost 47k on a single target boss, not sure about my friend though I would assume 4-5k less since he is a level lower. So I guess we do around 80k between us? The main problem we found was he could heal during our down time. When I tried to solo DPS him, he healed between Starfires so I basically did nothing, with the Death Knight it was while waiting for rune regeneraton.

    With both of us his health did go down slowly with our CD's popped but again once they ran out he would heal between casts/rune regen.

    Using the numbers I can put out on him solo, Starfire hits for a little over 12k for a 2.4 sec cast. and Moonfire/Sunfire tick for 2kish. With CD's this is around 15k and 3-3.5k approx. I am not sure about the Death Knights numbers.

    So say I hit for 12k + 4k, or 16k in around 2.5 seconds. He can heal 18 - 22.5k in the same time.

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    hit 90 get gear and have fun
    Well I most likely won't hit 90 for 3-4 more weeks, and gear comes very slowly to casual players since I might be able to one battle ground if the que is short enough. Not sure if I will ever see raids this expansion unless my work hours/location change. Right now I am lucky to play 6 hours in a week. Usually broken up into 20-30 minute segments.
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    It's not unusual that it'll take me beyond defensive CD duration to get an equally geared warrior from 30-0 with double Kill Shot and 56% PvP power as Surv through his Shield Wall, always takes the second cycle of Kill Shots to do it. I'm not really surprised that one of you alone couldn't do it with 0% PvP power, some classes have especially poor DPS in quest items if they scale well with secondary stats, not leveled my DK or Moonkin yet so I don't know if that's the case here but Warriors aren't something you can beat purely with skill, beyond a certain threshhold you will need enough gear to out dps Second Wind. You can out DPS a rogues recuperation by stopping his combo point generation and starving him of stealth, you can interrupt hybrids who don't have passive heals. The only thing you can do against a warrior is hit harder.
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    Nobody is unkillable, PvP just isn't balanced at 89. Your post title is somewhat deceptive, as i assumed a discussion abour Warriors ar level cap wearing PvP gear. However, Warrior nerfs are coming. Do not despair.
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    cannot do enough DPS to kill a warrior who is in quest greens
    It wasn't even a gank, he just stood there for us like a target dummy and we couldn't break through Second Wind ><
    The numbers do not add up. Let's assume he has 340k HP (a LOT more than someone in quest greens would have), that would be 10,200 HPS from Second Wind. Add in Battle Fatigue that's 8,670 HPS. If you want to add base Resi that would be what, 12k HPS?

    If you cannot even do that much damage between you, Second Wind isn't the problem. End of story.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zergin8r View Post
    According to other peoples DPS meters I can do almost 47k on a single target boss...
    The main problem we found was he could heal during our down time.
    What downtime?

    That's not how you calculate dps if you're excluding things like your dk friends rune-regen time. As others have said, SW is overpowered, but something about your story and numbers doesn't seem to add up.

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    warriors are unkillable to most people the same level as it's completely understandable that you'll have trouble even if you kite perfectly.

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