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    Bartender Help

    I've loved this addon for the longest time and now i'm finding myself having to turn it off. I never get vehicle bars that allow me to press the keyboard to activate abilities on amber-shaper and when doing heroic nef this past weekend I didn't get the buttons to stack the buff and break mind control. I have the latest version of bartender and the only other UI mod I run is pitbull.

    Can anyone help me get bartender working correctly, I don't want to go back to default bars.

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    Action Bar Paging enabled for bar 1?

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    My Settings and it works fine.. , Visibility nothing is checked, State.. enabled and posses bar, but Default Bar Sate is not paged.

    I also have vehicle bar enabled, with the same visibility settings

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    I had this problem when first doing the construct on Amber-Shaper. Double check for updated versions and make sure you don't have clashing addons. (Ex: one that has vehicle bar disabled and one that has it enabled.) I have the bartender vehicle bar disabled... it seemed to be the source of the problem. If you use the Blizzard vehicle bar you should be able to use your key bindings instead of having to click the spells. But if you have blizzard AND bartender enabled it screws it up and doesn't let you use keybinds.
    Hope this helps

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